Monday th 6th of April 2009

Obesity rates differ among racial/ethnic groups in kids as young as four - 15:49

You wear me out: Thinking of others causes lapses in our self-control - 15:43

Substituting water for sugar-sweetened beverages can reduce excess calorie consumption - 15:37

Is there a seat of wisdom in the brain? - 15:37

Swift`s Comet Tally - 14:49

Vitamin D Deficiency Related to Increased Inflammation in Healthy Women - 14:49

Nokia E75 begins shipping - 14:49

Supercomputing gets its own superhero - 14:28

A 'hands-on' approach to computers - 14:28

Solar car aims to put rivals in the shade - 14:07

Europe's biggest wind farm planned in Sweden - 13:42

A potential new target for treatment of hormone refractory prostate cancer - 13:42

New risk variant for atopic dermatitis identified - 13:42

Avastin effective at delaying brain tumor progression in recurrent disease - 13:42

Teacher-designed performance pay programs offer smaller incentives to more teachers - 13:21

The fragility of the world's coral is revealed through a study of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands - 13:21

Biomarker associated with poor outcome in aggressive childhood cancer - 13:21

A molecular ripcord for chemical reactions - 13:21

Game theory study: Cooperative behavior meshes with evolutionary theory - 13:21

Sexual behavior at work still a problem, study - 13:21

Researchers develop new way to see single RNA molecules inside living cells - 13:21

When should Alzheimer's patients stop driving? - 13:21

AT&T and union continue negotiating - 13:21

T-Mobile plans Android-based home devices: Times - 13:21

Gene helps protect tumor suppressor in breast cancer - 12:56

Novel lung cancer vaccine shows promise in fighting early-stage lung cancer - 12:56

Report shows mid-Atlantic has high potential for wind energy - 11:28

Was a 'mistress of the lionesses' a king in ancient Canaan? - 11:07

New Arctic satellite data shows Arctic literally on thin ice - 11:07

GOCE's electric ion propulsion engine switched on - 11:07

Scientists create fuel from African crop waste (w/Video) - 11:07

French hospital performs face, hand transplants - 10:42

Relief from itch seen in nerves; may aid treatment - 10:42

Mountain spine is a quake hotspot - 10:42

Team to develop nanosensors for HIV diagnosis and monitoring - 10:22

Archaeological discovery in Jordan valley: Enormous 'foot-shaped' enclosures - 10:22

Most powerful computer of its kind in western N.Y. available worldwide - 10:21

Stem cell therapy grows new blood vessels - 10:21

Can organic cropping systems be as profitable as conventional systems? - 10:21

UGA licenses invention that kills food-borne pathogens in minutes - 10:21

Subterranean oceans on Saturn's moon Titan - 10:21

The biochemical buzz on career changes in bees - 10:21

'Magic potion' in fly spit may shoo away blinding eye disease - 10:21

Hollow mask illusion fails to fool schizophrenia patients - 09:56

States that vote early can reap big bucks if they pick a winner - 09:56

Stem cell innovation at risk in UK: studies - 09:56

Scientists develop a unique approach for splitting water into hydrogen and oxygen - 09:56

Electrosmog on the circuit board - 09:35

Keeping the heat down - 08:22

3-year-olds get the point - 08:22