Tuesday th 24th of February 2009

Peptides-on-demand: Researcher's radical new green chemistry makes the impossible possible - 14:49

Vibrio bacteria found in Norwegian seafood and seawater - 14:49

In the Palace of the Naked Mole-Rat - 14:28

Scientists identify stem-cell genes that help form plant organs - 14:28

Watching Venus glow in the dark - 14:07

A mathematical method helps to select human embryos - 14:07

Japan may force utilities to buy surplus domestic solar power - 13:42

PSA levels accurately predict prostate cancer risk in African-American men - 13:42

Physical fitness improves spatial memory, increases size of brain structure - 13:42

LLNL signs agreement with Siemens to improve wind energy efficiency - 13:42

Adjustable Fluidic Lenses for Eyesight Correction Applications - 13:42

Determining risk for pancreatic cancer - 13:17

Nokia seeks 1,000 voluntary layoffs - 13:17

Microsoft reaffirms grim outlook for year - 13:17

Flash maker Spansion cuts workforce by 35 percent - 13:17

Gestures lend a hand in learning mathematics - 12:49

Researchers generate functional neurons from somatic cells - 12:07

Team develops new metamaterial device - 12:07

NanoTube Contest Brings Out the Hollywood Side of Nano Things - 11:42

Desperately seeking... - 11:42

In-store video ads a boon to retailers, a peril for traditional media - 11:21

Researchers studying spiny dogfish, Gulf of Maine's mini shark - 11:21

In battle against teacher turnover, MSU mentoring program proves effective - 11:21

Camera trap survey snaps cheetahs in Algeria - 11:21

Children with hypertension have trouble with thinking, memory - 11:21

New study finds confidence in food safety plunges in wake of peanut butter contamination - 11:21

Magnets might dissuade crocodiles from settling in neighborhoods - 11:21

Kentucky a model for broadband expansion - 11:21

Gmail breakdown affects users worldwide - 10:56

Triple threat to health: Lifelong abuse creates serious consequences for older African-American women - 10:56

Cards on the table: Low-cost tool spots software security flaws during development process - 10:56

Updated formula measures kidney function more accurately - 10:56

Living wills have an impact on pre-hospital lifesaving care - 10:56

Transcendental Meditation Buffers Students Against College Stress (Video) - 08:35

New tool improves productivity, quality when translating software - 08:35

Babies born during high pollen and mold seasons have greater odds of wheezing by age two - 08:14

Shape-shifting coral evade identification - 08:14

Study finds brain hub that links music, memory and emotion - 07:49

Sexual lyrics in popular songs linked to early sexual experiences - 07:49

Researchers identify molecule that helps the sleep-deprived to mentally rebound - 07:49

Waiting for biopsy results may adversely affect health - 07:49

Superconductivity: the new high critical temperature superconductors - 07:28

Plasminogen activator inhibitor type-1 -- a potential link between heart failure and diabetes - 07:28

Re-shaping the family: What happens when parents seek siblings of their donor-conceived children - 07:28

Chili peppers help to unravel the mechanism of pain - 07:07

Houseplant pest gives clue to potential new anthrax treatment - 07:07

North Korea says it is preparing satellite launch - 06:21

Satellite mission to monitor carbon dioxide fails: NASA - 06:21

Yahoo! executive leaves for Hearst amid shakeup reports - 06:21

Mental fatigue can affect physical endurance - 06:21