Wednesday th 8th of October 2008

Learning how not to be afraid - 11:52

New invention that could change design of future memory storage devices - 09:38

Climate change will affect public health -- a call to action - 09:37

Major research project highlights the changing face of nurses in films over the last 100 years - 09:37

Medical data 'Internet' goes live, boosts research - 09:36

EU scientists launch new, 'unbreakable' encryption system - 09:36

Alternative fossil fuels have economic potential, but uncertain environmental consequences - 09:36

A new material could act as a nanofridge for microchips - 09:35

Born from the wind -- unique multi-wavelength portrait of star birth - 09:35

Turf wars: Sand and corals don't mix - 09:15

Arctic soil reveals climate change clues - 09:14

Deep biosphere research points to new methods for recovering petroleum - 09:14

Population growth puts dent in natural resources - 09:14

Using living cells as nanotechnology factories - 09:14

Protection for stressed-out bacteria identified - 09:14

Study: Tropical wetlands hold more carbon than temperate marshes - 09:14

EU proposes increased rights for Internet shoppers - 08:49

German doing well after double arm transplant - 08:49

Italian should have shared Nobel physics prize: colleagues - 08:49

Trio win prize for fluorescent jellyfish protein - 06:14

China sets melamine levels for milk products - 06:14

Future MP3 players may eat sugar to recharge - 05:28

Japan ready to host new 'Big-Bang' project - 03:35

Hundreds of new marine species discovered: Australian scientists - 03:35

Bad breath? Mouthrinses work, but some cause temporary staining - 03:35

Can stem cells heal damaged hearts? No easy answers, but some signs of hope - 03:35

St. John's wort relieves symptoms of major depression - 03:35

Study suggests LF elimination program is 'best buy in public health' - 03:35

Probiotic bacteria don't make eczema better -- and may have side effects - 03:14

DNA could reveal your surname - 03:14

Belt and braces approach may prevent deep vein thromboses - 03:14

Groundbreaking, lifesaving TB vaccine a step closer - 03:14

BlackBerry Storm has touch screen you can feel - 03:14

Google gets into video games -- with ads - 03:14

University: Stem-cell study used falsified data - 03:14

Siren voice means she's fertile - 03:14

Tuesday th 7th of October 2008

Low voltage current to stimulate growth of coral off South Florida coast - 17:07

5 things you didn't know about... buying medication online - 17:07

Scientists simulate gut reaction to arsenic exposure - 16:43

Protein shown to play a key role in normal development of nervous system - 16:43

Overweight men face higher risk of dying of prostate cancer - 16:43

Economists: Tough measures needed to cure economic ills - 16:42

Largest review of its kind associates anti-inflammatory drugs with reduced breast cancer risk - 16:42

Use of medication for enlarged prostate not associated with increased risk of hip fracture - 16:42

As Colorado Heats Up, Water Supply Expected to Be at Risk, Says New Study - 16:42

Older renal cancer patients appear to benefit from sorafenib treatment - 16:42

End-of-life discussions with physicians may have benefits for patients and caregivers - 16:42

YouTube flips switch on new sales channel - 16:42

Future of flagship Mars mission up in the air - 16:42

Scientists go chatting to hear kids' drug concerns - 16:42