Monday th 8th of September 2008

Vitamin B12 may protect the brain in old age - 16:49

Air pollution can hinder heart's electrical functioning - 16:49

Marijuana ingredients show promise in battling superbugs - 16:49

Toward improved antibiotics using proteins from marine diatoms - 16:49

Enzyme Detectives Uncover New Reactions, Products - 16:28

Researchers advance cellulosic ethanol production - 16:28

Diet may eliminate spasms for infants with epilepsy - 16:28

Infovell's 'research engine' finds deep Web pages that Google, Yahoo miss - 16:07

Got a fat gene? Get active for 3-4 hours a day - 15:42

RealNetworks releasing DVD copying software - 15:42

Scientists point to forests for carbon storage solutions - 15:42

How Small is Too Small? Researchers Find that Polarization Changes at the Nanoscale - 15:21

HP Breaks the 24-hour Battery Life Barrier - 14:56

Researchers showcase automated bus that uses magnets to steer through city streets - 14:14

Valley networks on Mars formed during long period of episodic flooding - 14:14

New paper sheds light on bacterial cell wall recycling - 14:14

Safety study indicates gene therapy for blindness improves vision - 14:14

Infidelity dissected: New research on why people cheat - 14:14

Arctic shipping set to explode in legal vacuum, experts warn - 14:14

Wilmington, NC becomes the first to go digital - 14:14

Hubble shuttle flight faces higher space junk risk - 14:14

More flu vaccine aimed at key flu spreaders -- kids - 14:14

59-year-old in France gives birth to triplets - 14:14

Judge rejects plea deal for Broadcom's Samueli - 14:14

A new addiction: Internet junkies - 13:49

Psychiatry research: When the mirror becomes an enemy - 13:49

Fathers need their children - 13:49

NXP introduces world's first fully integrated HDMI 1.3 Interface Conditioning chips - 13:49

Rare frog caught on film during Manchester rainforest expedition - 13:49

'Omnivorous engine' hopes to run on many fuels - 13:28

Intel Introduces Solid-State Drives for Notebook and Desktop Computers - 13:28

Google bringing more old newspaper stories online - 13:07

Global warming wiped out the first rainforests - 13:07

Real-life robots obey Asimov`s laws - 13:07

Human trials of universal flu vaccine begin - 13:07

NASA to Explore 'Secret Layer' of the Sun - 13:07

The groan says it all -- dominant male deer have the deepest calls - 13:07

Genetic variants associated with vitamin B12 - 12:42

Study finds previously deported immigrants more likely to be rearrested after leaving jail - 12:42

As Andean glacier retreats, tiny life forms swiftly move in, study shows - 12:42

Protein 'switch' suppresses skin cancer development - 12:42

An advance on new generations of chemotherapy and antiviral drugs - 11:56

Apples and oranges: Tumor blood vessel cells are remarkably atypical - 11:35

Antiangiogenic drugs impede chemotherapy-stimulated tumor recovery - 11:35

Space: The not-so-final frontier - 11:35

The truth about cats and dogs - 11:35

Mind the gap: VLT instrument hints at the presence of planets in young gas discs - 11:35

Using neutron-computed tomography techniques, scientist measure in-situ water content - 11:35

Hotline to the cowshed - 11:35

Walk this way? Masculine motion seems to come at you, while females walk away - 11:35