Monday th 13th of April 2009

Gene targeting discovery opens door for vaccines and drugs - 16:42

Fish researcher demonstrates first 'non-visual feeding' by African cichlids - 16:42

Erectile dysfunction treatments do not appear to damage vision over 6 months - 16:42

Working to eradicate dengue fever - 16:21

Marijuana smoking increases risk of COPD for tobacco smokers - 16:21

Many clinicians unaware of federally funded research on alternative therapies - 16:21

Screening to help prevent stroke in kids increases, but limited access a problem - 16:21

Baby's first dreams: Research reveals sleep cycles in early fetus - 16:21

Biosphere 2 experiment shows how fast heat could kill drought-stressed trees - 16:21

Experts say cap and trade not enough - 16:21

Measuring the Immeasurable: New Study Links Heat Transfer, Bond Strength of Materials - 15:56

Researchers Explore Magnetic Properties of Iron-Based Superconductors - 15:56

Mimicry at the molecular level protects genome integrity - 15:35

'Taco shell' protein: Orientation of middle man in photosynthetic bacteria described - 15:35

DNA 'tricked' to act as nano-building blocks - 15:35

Study: Don't be in the dark about effects of leaving others out of the loop - 15:35

Study Finds Link Between Facebook Use, Lower Grades in College - 15:14

High-tech speed bump detects damage to army vehicles - 15:14

University of Toronto chemists uncover green catalysts - 15:14

Twitter tormented by nettlesome computer program - 15:14

Be on the lookout for new police tool, aka Twitter - 15:14

Plant Gene Mapping May Lead to Better Biofuel Production - 15:14

Scientist to 'refine' size of Universe with Kepler - 15:14

The new 'epigenetics:' Poor nutrition in the womb causes permanent genetic changes in the offspring - 14:49

Family ties provide protection against young adult sucidal behavior - 14:28

A dirty job but ... - 13:42

Faced with global warming, can wilderness remain natural? - 13:42

10,000 aftershocks follow Italy quake - 13:42

India's Tech Mahindra trumps rivals to win Satyam - 13:42

Creating ideal neural cells for clinical use - 13:21

New DNA sensors could identify cancer using graphene - 13:21

Internet of things plays with hand of ACEs - 12:56

Removing Hot Air from Nuclear Power Plants; Scientists Convert Nuclear Energy to Power without Steam - 12:56

Colon cancer shuts down receptor that could shut it down - 12:56

NASA Heads up Mt. Everest - 12:56

Survey research looks at attitudes, obstacles to walking and biking to work - 12:56

New Florida City To Run On Solar Power - 12:35

Do zoo programs help save endangered species? - 10:36

Earthquake waves: How do they spread? - 10:36

Experiment Stirs Up Hope for Forecasting Deadliest Cyclones - 10:36

New radiation therapy promises relief for overheating laptops - 10:14

Congress joins Twitter craze - 10:14

Modern life's pressures may be hastening human evolution - 10:14

Spring into action against allergies - 10:14

Motorola's green phone has a great price - 10:14

Racial disparities persist in the treatment of lung cancer - 09:07

SIRT1 takes down tumors - 09:07

Study of neighborhoods points to modifiable factors, not race, in cancer disparities - 09:07

Mathematics and climate change: Gaining insights into the nature of sea ice - 09:07

When cancer cells can't let go - 07:56