Thursday th 29th of January 2009

Analysis shows exposure to ash from TVA spill could have 'severe health implications' - 16:14

Surgical Implants Coated with One of "Nature's Antibiotics" Could Prevent Infection - 16:14

Watching Catalytic Reactions from Within - 16:14

Report: Online retail could reach $156B in 2009 - 15:49

Novel Technology Could Produce Biofuel for Around $0.65 a Liter - 15:28

Exercise Underutilized for Chronic Back and Neck Pain - 15:28

New Single-Element Compound Discovered - 15:28

Study: Public Perceptions and the Salmonella Outbreak of 2008 - 15:28

Genes may predict vascular malformation - 15:28

NASA Mission to Help Unravel Key Carbon, Climate Mysteries - 15:07

Riding -- and reading -- the Earth tide - 15:07

Scientists ID genes linked to Parkinson's side effects - 15:07

Heating from carbon dioxide will increase five-fold over next millennia - 15:07

Report: Use 'brownfields' as energy parks - 15:07

Scientists examine effect of wolves' absence and see an ecosystem 'unraveling' - 15:07

Worm provides clues about preventing damage caused by low-oxygen during stroke, heart attack - 14:42

How a brain chemical changes locusts from harmless grasshoppers to swarming pests - 14:42

Research links seismic slip and tremor, with implications for subduction zone - 14:42

Study: Learning science facts doesn't boost science reasoning - 14:42

Scientists identify key component in cell replication - 14:42

New Pathway is a Common Thread in Age-Related Neurodegenerative Diseases - 14:42

Chondroitin slows progression and relieves symptoms of knee osteoarthritis - 14:42

Rooftop wind turbine invention seeks support in Google contest - 14:21

How your body clock avoids hitting the snooze button - 14:21

Youths rule Internet, but elderly making gains: study - 13:56

Japanese researchers develop all-round flu vaccine - 13:56

Birds' strategic mobbing fends off parasitic invaders - 13:56

Process found to play role in rheumatoid arthritis could lead to new treatment - 13:56

What we don`t know still hurts us, environmental researchers warn - 13:56

Skin color studies on tadpoles lead to cancer advance - 13:56

Perceptions and experiences of homeless youth vary by race, study shows - 13:56

Hospital: Calif. octuplets doing 'amazingly well' - 13:35

Report to detail, address coastal pollution in NY - 13:35

SKorean firm claims advance in dog cloning - 13:35

Shy fish inspire boldness in mate: study - 13:35

Hollywood studio alliance to deliver online films on demand - 13:35

Language performance and differences in brain activity possibly affected by sex - 13:14

Success for first outdoor, large-scale algae-to-biofuel research project in Nevada - 13:14

A supercharged metal-ion generator: Higher-quality coatings through 'runaway' self-sputtering - 13:14

The Power of Light: Moving Macroscopic Amounts of Matter - 13:14

Alaska volcano has geologists on alert - 13:14

New data show periodontal treatment doesn't reduce preterm birth risk - 12:49

New animated films challenge false representation of Native Americans in the media - 12:49

Water lilies inspire scientists to create large-scale graphene films - 12:49

Human DNA repair process recorded in action (Video) - 12:28

Tom Cruise smile comes with a sunburn price - 12:28

Capture of nanomagnetic 'fingerprints' a boost for next-generation information storage media - 12:28

Research uncovers surprising lion stronghold in war-torn central Africa - 12:07

Global glacier melt continues - 12:07

Study finds 'rescue course' of antenatal steroids improves outcome in premature babies - 08:42