Tuesday th 7th of October 2008

Wheezing and asthma in young children - 13:21

Electricity supply: Sustainable sources remain expensive - 13:21

Study shows how fatty foods curb hunger - 11:28

Extinction by asteroid a rarity: 'Sick Earth' extinctions more likely - 11:07

Stars stop forming when big galaxies collide - 11:07

Hack-a-vote: Students learn how vulnerable electronic voting really is - 11:07

Study: Even occasional smoking can impair arteries - 11:07

Researchers turn cancer friend into cancer foe - 11:07

Study provides insight on a common heart rhythm disorder - 11:07

Robot suit for rent in Japan to help people walk - 10:42

Japanese duo, US scientist win Nobel for particle physics - 10:42

Taiwan's Asustek adds new member to low-priced mini laptop family - 10:42

Drug companies: No cold medicines for kids under 4 - 10:42

Get moving: Guidelines set healthy activity levels - 10:42

Tracking Down the Cause of Mad Cow Disease - 10:42

2008 ozone hole larger than last year - 10:42

Facebook co-founder leaves for new venture - 03:35

Cutting HIV: male circumcision booms in Uganda - 03:35

Ford feature will let parents set limits for teens - 03:14

Judge orders RealNetworks to pull copying software - 03:14

Latest warning highlights dangers of microwaving - 03:14

Bad connection caused atom smasher shutdown - 03:14

Small asteroid headed for light show over Africa - 03:14

Dark matter, new planets could bring physics Nobel - 03:14

Penguins ride air force jet to South Atlantic - 03:14

Deadlines set for designating polar bear habitat - 03:14

Report: AMD to spin off its manufacturing units - 03:14

C. difficile and antibiotics not necessarily linked - 02:28

New study examines effectiveness of colorectal cancer screening tests - 02:28

New prenatal test for down syndrome less risky than amniocentesis - 02:28

Researchers discover that SLC2A9 is a high-capacity urate transporter in humans - 02:28

New blood test for Down syndrome - 02:28

Children's experts say doctors and parents can sort out symptoms with a checklist - 02:28

Study shows stool DNA testing for colorectal cancer has potential, but challenges remain - 02:28

Pneumococcal vaccine associated with 50 percent lower risk of heart attacks - 02:28

Red wine decreases the risk of lung cancer - 02:07

New gene that helps plants beat the heat - 02:07

Anti-cancer drug prevents, reverses cardiovascular damage in mouse model of premature aging disorder - 02:07

Cassini flyby of Saturn moon offers insight into solar system history - 02:07

Withdrawal of life support often an imperfect compromise - 02:07

New light on link between snoring and cognitive deficits in children - 02:07

Monday th 6th of October 2008

ADHD stimulant treatment may decrease risk of substance abuse in adolescent girls - 16:21

Racial differences for brain bleeds suggest stroke risk greater than thought for blacks - 16:21

Occasional memory loss tied to lower brain volume - 16:21

Individuals with social phobia see themselves differently - 16:21

Flu vaccine not associated with reduced hospitalizations or outpatient visits among young children - 16:21

Health care and the US presidential election - 15:56

Mayo researchers explore issues related to multiple myeloma treatment - 15:56

NASA study finds rising Arctic storm activity sways sea ice, climate - 15:56

Microwave ovens need added safety controls - 15:56