Monday th 13th of April 2009

HIV pays a price for invisibility - 07:56

Scientists demonstrate laser with controlled polarization - 03:07

Sunday th 12th of April 2009

Startup embeds Web photos with shopping links - 17:21

Conficker worm hits University of Utah computers - 16:56

New insights into progressive hearing loss - 15:28

New alternative to biopsy detects subtle changes in cancer cells - 15:28

UCSF team closer to creating safe embryonic-like stem cells - 15:07

For cancer cells, genetics alone is poor indicator for drug response (w/Video) - 15:07

New orangutan population found in Indonesia - 02:07

Galapagos volcano erupts, could threaten wildlife - 02:07

Most koalas in Japan carry leukemia virus: report - 02:07

Saturday th 11th of April 2009

Uni-flipper turtle gets it straight with swimsuit - 15:49

7th surgery shows face transplants gaining ground - 15:49

Madoff's tickets bid to $2,375 on eBay - 15:49

NASA to announce module name on 'Colbert Report' - 15:49

Student warned over Facebook site wooing prospect - 15:49

Low-tech tools take out phones in Silicon Valley - 15:49

Bad mood, better recall, researchers find - 15:49

Skype founders looking to buy back company - 15:49

Scientists model 3D structures of proteins that control human clock - 05:35

Friday th 10th of April 2009

In Memoriam: Martin J. Klein, Historian of Modern Physics, Edited Einstein Papers - 14:14

Poverty can physically impair brain, reducing children's ability to learn - 14:14

Life Sticks: Bioengineer Publishes Sticky Insights in journal Science - 14:14

It pays to compare: Comparison helps children grasp math concepts - 14:14

Biochemists to study how crops can increase protein production - 14:14

Taking the Resistance Out of Drug-Resistant Infections - 14:14

German regulators fine Microsoft for price-fixing - 13:49

Uproar over 'news story' ad on front page of LA Times - 13:49

Microsoft, Yahoo! in search, ad talks - 13:49

Research defines neurons that control sociability in worms - 13:49

Climate Change and Atmospheric Circulation Will Make for Uneven Ozone Recovery - 13:28

Darwin egg from Beagle voyage found by museum volunteer - 13:07

Carrot or bribe? Rewards for healthier lifestyle stir debate - 12:21

I, robot -- and gardener: MIT droids tend plants - 12:21

NYC church tweeting the Passion of Christ - 12:21

Transparent Carbon Nanotube Films Likely Successor to ITO for Commercial Applications - 12:21

Parenting skills for workers - 12:21

Happy US-Russian crew deny 'divorce in space' - 11:56

Second face transplant in US performed - 11:56

Molecule prompts damaged heart cells to repair themselves after a heart attack - 11:35

Scientists identify key decision-point at which cells with broken DNA repair themselves or die - 11:35

In the ICU, use of benzodiazepines, other factors may predict severity of post-stay depression - 11:35

Discovery poses challenge to galaxy formation theories - 11:35

Leading-edge data analytics and visualization enable breakthrough science - 11:35

On gravel roads, people drive at speed they are comfortable with, regardless of posted limit - 11:14

Can downloads predict impact for scientific articles? - 11:14

Bluetooth 3.0 Launches April 21 - 11:14

Hispanics appear to face poorer quality nursing home care - 11:14

Omega-3 fatty acids may benefit cancer patients undergoing major operations - 11:14

Cloud computing brings cost of protein research down to Earth - 11:14