Tuesday th 27th of January 2009

Pupils' performances deteriorate during summer holiday - 15:07

E-Paper Technology Has New Possibilities in Japan - 15:07

Twin study: Diabetes significantly increases risk for Alzheimer's disease and other dementia - 14:42

A re-review of peer review: Leading journal looks to end the 'review nightmare' - 13:56

Hackers steal online details from job seekers - 13:56

New Limits on the Origin of Dark Matter - 13:35

Nuclear fusion-fission hybrid could contribute to carbon-free energy future - 13:35

Dog owners more likely to share germs with pets by not washing hands than by sleeping with dog - 13:35

DNA component can stimulate and suppress the immune response - 13:35

The secretive immune system of the salmon - 12:28

Assessing the real risk of heart disease in young people with low short-term risks - 12:28

'Fishy' clue helps establish how proteins evolve - 12:07

Easing regulations does not mean lower quality of cardiac care - 12:07

Most inactive physicians retain licenses, return to practice without competency review - 12:07

New generation of orthopedic, dental and cardiovascular prostheses - 12:07

Ethical evaluations of nanotechnology - 12:07

Magnetic-anchor-guided endoscopic submucosal dissection shows promise for gastric cancer - 12:07

Exercise no danger for joints - 12:07

New twist on old medical technology may prevent amputations - 12:07

Researchers identify a cell type that limits stroke damage - 12:07

Researchers iron out new role for serotonin - 12:07

Game provides clue to improving remote sensing - 11:42

Fake internet drugs risk lives and fund terrorism, warns journal editor - 11:42

Pharmaceutical disobedience - 10:35

New liquefaction hazard maps of Santa Clara Valley, Northern California - 10:35

Darwin's Tree of Life May Be More Like a Thicket - 10:35

Octuplets born in California doing 'very well' - 10:35

Scientists Find First Creature With Eyes That Use Both Refractive and Reflective Optics - 10:14

Emperor penguins march toward extinction? - 10:14

New insights into a leading poultry disease and its risks to human health - 10:14

Roadkill study could speed detection of kidney cancer - 10:14

First comprehensive paper on statins' adverse effects released - 10:14

Billion-year revision of plant evolution timeline may stem from discovery of lignin in seaweed - 10:14

Newborn infants detect the beat in music - 09:49

Single Atom Quantum Dots Bring Real Devices Closer - 09:49

With Cheney gone, Google gains sky view of VP's home - 07:56

Researchers Reprogram Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells - 07:56

Researchers find traces of mercury in high-fructose corn syrup - 07:56

Humans adapting to climate change help mosquitoes spread disease - 07:35

New finding about the bane of parents' lives -- head lice - 07:35

Gene-engineered flies are pest solution - 07:35

The pseudogap persists as material superconducts - 07:35

Can payment and other innovations improve the quality and value of health care? - 07:35

Fast-food diet cancels out benefits of breastfeeding in preventing asthma - 07:35

Move over, sponges: New evidence confirms Placozoans are the closest living surrogate to the ancestor of all animals - 06:28

8 babies born to Calif. parents who expected 7 - 06:28

Senate OKs 4-month delay to digital TV changeover - 06:28

Apple wins patent for iPhone touch-screen controls - 06:28

Japan's Fujitsu scraps HDD head business - 06:28

Controlling neglected tropical diseases may be key to US foreign policy - 05:21