Friday th 10th of October 2008

Landmark study unlocks stem cell, DNA secrets to speed therapies - 16:42

IBM builds online version of China's famed Forbidden City - 16:21

Sinking shares could make Yahoo a target again - 16:21

NASA presses ahead for Mars rover launch in 2009 - 16:21

Panasonic Unveils 3D 1080p Plasma HDTV On Single Blu-Ray Disc At CEATEC Japan 2008 - 14:28

Palm oil clearing swathes of forest in Indonesia's Papua: Greenpeace - 14:07

Statins may prevent miscarriages - 13:42

Mars Odyssey Shifting Orbit for Extended Mission - 13:21

Scientists resolve long-standing puzzle in climate science - 13:21

Researchers Study Coastal Hazards of Increasing Wave Heights, Rising Sea Levels - 13:21

Fujitsu Develops World's First GaN HEMT Able to Cut Power in Standby Mode and Achieve High Output - 13:21

NASA Maps Shed Light on Carbon Dioxide's Global Nature - 12:56

Unique fossils capture 'Cambrian migration' - 12:56

Volcanic eruption signals simulated in lab for first time - 12:56

Yamanaka eliminates viral vector in stem cell reprogramming - 12:56

A link between mitochondria and tumor formation in stem cells - 12:56

Deep sea pipelines to green gas production - 12:56

Polls may underestimate Obama's support by 3 to 4 percent, researchers say - 12:56

Venus Express searching for life - on Earth - 12:35

Early planting lets farmers be both mean and green, study shows - 12:35

Is it a bird, is it a plane? No it's supercopter - 12:35

NASA supercomputer shows how dust rings point to exo-Earths - 12:14

Can genetic information be controlled by light? - 12:14

Astronomers get best view yet of infant stars at feeding time - 12:14

Sensitive nanowire disease detectors made by Yale scientists - 12:14

Want a mammogram? Get in line - 12:14

How to... remake your breakfast - 12:14

Dietary approaches to stop hypertension - 12:14

On the trail of a targeted therapy for blood cancers - 12:14

Iowa State researchers developing wireless soil sensors to improve farming - 12:14

Scientists discover crucial control in long-lasting immunity - 11:49

Does it matter if black plus white equals black or multiracial? - 11:49

Fitness in a changing world: The genetics and adaptations of the Alaskan stickleback fish - 11:49

Transparency in politics can lead to greater corruption - 11:49

Researchers find important clue to learning deficit in children with autism - 11:49

Flexible OLEDs could be part of lighting's future - 11:49

Facebook rekindling long-lost friendships - 11:49

Weakening PC demand expected to affect Intel, AMD - 11:49

WHO probing deaths from mystery disease in SAfrica - 11:49

British military staff data drive lost: ministry - 11:49

Deadly bird flu virus found at German farm: EU - 11:49

Dutch pub owners rebel against smoking law - 11:49

ASU Mars instrument gets new lease on life as NASA extends Mars Odyssey mission - 11:49

Recommendations for children's exercise lacking say experts - 11:28

Research shows link between bisphenol A and disease in adults - 11:28

Young stellar objects: The source of gas emission around Herbig Ae/Be stars - 09:35

Study finds stroke-prevention surgery safe in growing 80-plus population - 09:14

Only some Web sites provide patients with reliable information before having an operation - 09:14

Pregnancy not turning minds to mush: Study - 09:14

New spintronics effect could lead to magnetic batteries - 08:49