Tuesday th 3rd of February 2009

Drugs may be 'magic bullet' for infants born with rare form of diabetes - 14:21

Study finds Zen meditation alleviates pain - 14:21

New clues to pancreatic cells' destruction in diabetes - 14:21

Researchers find pathway and enzyme unique to tularemia organism - 13:56

Artificial Light at Night: Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer - 12:28

Research Lab Combines Psychology with Technology - 12:28

Potential new herpes therapy studied - 12:28

Team finds smallest transiting extrasolar planet ever - 12:07

Stroma genomic signature predicts resistance to anthracyclin-based chemotherapy in breast cancer - 12:07

Computerized writing aids make writing easier for persons with aphasia - 12:07

Defectors take the car, cooperators go by bus - 12:07

Slash in corporate investment creating long-term problems - 12:07

Neural mapping paints a haphazard picture of odor receptors - 12:07

Long-term recovery of reefs from bleaching requires local action to increase resilience - 12:07

Living longer thanks to the 'longevity gene' - 12:07

Researchers find culture of academic institution may influence health care delivery - 12:07

Divorce, antidepressants, or weight gain/loss can add years to your face - 12:07

Analyst estimates Amazon sold 500K Kindles in 2008 - 12:07

IAC swings to 4Q profit, misses analyst views - 12:07

Motorola loses $3.6B, suspends dividend, CFO exits - 12:07

Cell phone health effects still uncertain: EU study - 12:07

Playing a ruthless game - 12:07

Research breakthrough to treat malaria - 10:56

New findings raise questions about process used to identify experimental drug - 10:56

Electricity from straw - 10:35

Boys have greater psychological well-being than girls, due to a better physical self-concept - 10:35

Don't go changing: New chemical keeps stem cells young - 10:14

Vitamin D tied to muscle power in adolescent girls - 07:56

Old-timers brace for possible eruption - 06:49

Nevadans weigh in on budget woes via Web site - 06:49

Iran sends first home-built satellite into orbit - 06:49

'Old age gene' also found in Europeans: German study - 06:49

US newspapers fight back - 06:49

Early Human Skulls Shaped for Nut-Cracking - 05:21

Warm-up helps surgeons improve performance - 04:56

Advancement in tissue engineering promotes oral wound healing - 04:56

Beach vacations may increase future skin cancer risk in children - 04:56

Soy May Reduce the Risk of Colorectal Cancer - 04:56

Global sales of semiconductors fell 2.8 percent in 2008 - 04:35

SKorea to build top-speed information highway - 04:35

New strategies to tackle medical ghostwriting are debated - 04:35

Treating appendicitis by laparoscopic surgery may not be worth the cost - 04:35

Gene expression signature associated with survival in advanced ovarian cancer - 04:35

Seniors in Medicare's doughnut hole decrease use of meds - 04:35 turns to Symantec to secure more traffic - 04:07

Older killer whales make the best mothers - 03:42

Monday th 2nd of February 2009

Teens who frequently go out with friends more likely to use marijuana - 18:14

Zinc supplements during pregnancy may counteract damage from early alcohol exposure - 18:14

Teen media exposure associated with depression symptoms in young adulthood - 18:14

New evidence from excavations supports theory of the 'Birth of Zeus' - 18:14