Wednesday th 15th of October 2008

Study links nicotine with breast cancer growth and spread - 05:35

Northerners' hands up to 3 times dirtier than those living in the South - 05:35

Free treatment still too costly for Buruli ulcer patients - 05:35

Earliest known human TB found in 9,000 year-old skeletons - 05:35

Had an angioplasty? Maybe it wasn't needed - 05:35

Some tips to save on energy costs from all those gadgets - 05:14

How electronic trading has added to market's volatility - 05:14

Keeping others going has company surging - 05:14

Why we'll all soon forget about Google's Android - 05:14

MySpace Karaoke puts amateur crooners on camera - 04:49

FDA will look into scientist's possible conflict - 04:07

US authorities shutter worldwide spam operation - 04:07

NASA to start long distance repairs on Hubble - 04:07

Bottled water has contaminants too, study finds - 04:07

Researchers expect hackers to prey on cell phones - 04:07

FCC overhaul eyes broadband but could raise bills - 04:07

Tuesday th 14th of October 2008

Blindsight: How brain sees what you do not see - 16:49

New insight into Bloom's syndrome - 16:49

Study looks at the lives of boys who commit dating violence - 16:49

Scientists discover new information about diabetes' link to tuberculosis - 16:49

Lessening medication for atrial fibrillation does not reduce side effects - 16:28

Scientists say shark reproduced asexually - 16:28

Game makers create incentives to buy new over used - 16:28

Study finds high mortality of endangered loggerhead sea turtles in Baja California - 16:07

Model predicts a system's remaining life and links info to inventory decisions - 16:07

Stress tests to confirm need for cardiac stent not occurring in most patients, new study finds - 16:07

Herbicide-resistant grape could revitalize Midwest wine industry - 16:07

Vitamin B supplementation did not slow cognitive decline in patients with Alzheimer disease - 16:07

AGAP team poised to probe one of Antarctica's last unexplored places - 16:07

Intel 3Q profit beats forecast but outlook cloudy - 15:42

Help create WikiCandidate -- the ideal presidential candidate - 15:21

Teaching Nano to Swim - 15:21

New images yield clues to seasons of Uranus - 14:35

New LED technology and leading light for advertisers - 14:35

Researchers Use Nanowires to Develop Neural Probe That Will Limit Damage to Cells and Biological Tissue - 14:14

Gorilla study gives clues to human language development - 14:14

China orders more milk testing, HK boy sick - 14:14

Study specifies chemical pathway for ions through the cell membrane - 14:14

More flexible method floated to produce biofuels, electricity - 13:49

Lunar prospecting robot to be field tested on Hawaii's Mauna Kea - 13:49

Scientists engineer supersensitive receptor, gain better understanding of dopamine system - 13:49

Steroids aid recovery from pneumonia, researchers say - 13:49

Resveratrol prevents fat accumulation in livers of 'alcoholic' mice - 13:49

Which way 'out of Africa'? New evidence provides an alternative route 'out of Africa' for early humans - 13:49

Young planets stay hotter longer - 13:49

The Day the World Didn't End - 13:49

New research suggests changes in underwater data communications - 13:28

Scientist finds coastal dead zones may benefit some species - 13:28

Researchers uncover world's oldest fossil impression of a flying insect - 13:28

Biomarkers for identifying infant infections - 13:28