Tuesday th 3rd of February 2009

Study finds that green tea blocks benefits of cancer drug - 16:56

Chronic drinking causes more liver injury than acute or binge drinking - 16:56

NASA to Set Official Shuttle Discovery Launch Date - 16:35

Holy Guacamole: Researcher Tracks Invasive Beetle Threatening Florida's Avocados - 16:35

Research shows reading classic literature can improve personal ethics - 16:35

Social phobics more affected by scowling faces - 16:35

Refining the search for new planets - 16:35

Compounds could be new class of cancer drugs - 16:14

Researchers suspect a novel gene is causing restless legs syndrome in a large family - 16:14

Radiofrequency treatment better than ethanol injection for small liver tumors - 16:14

The Death of Entanglement: Life Without Half-Life - 16:14

Research Finds New Cause of Ozone Wheezing and Potential Treatments - 16:14

Spirit Resumes Driving - 16:14

Researchers discover new schizophrenia gene - 15:49

Researchers Disprove 15-year-old Theory about the Nervous System - 15:49

Mars Technology Helps Create Inauguration Mega-picture - 15:49

'Chameleon Guitar' blends old-world and high-tech - 15:28

Road-worthy plane? Or sky-worthy car? - 15:28

Preventing prostate cancer the complex way - 15:28

Does hotter mean healthier? - 15:07

Multimedia system provides new view of musical performance - 15:07

Sun in pregnancy builds stronger bones for baby - 15:07

Natural pest control on conventional and organic farms - 15:07

Gardening gives older adults benefits like hand strength and self esteem - 14:42

Researchers help unlock the secrets of gene regulatory networks - 14:42

K-State researcher says happy employees are critical for an organization's success - 14:42

Methyl bromide alternatives indicated for North Carolina tomato production - 14:42

IBM To Build Supercomputer For U.S. Government - 14:21

Student open-source software brings personal finance to the iPhone (Video) - 14:21

Study shows that primary care doctors miss opportunities to recommend colon cancer screening - 14:21

Research suggests public funding for specialty crops inadequate - 14:21

Researchers could herald a new era in fundamental physics - 14:21

Regular physical activity linked to better quality of life in early-stage lung cancer survivors - 14:21

Fat-free diet reduces liver fat in fat-free mice - 14:21

Tobacco smoke and alcohol harm liver worse as combo - 14:21

Tinkering with the circadian clock can suppress cancer growth - 14:21

Drugs may be 'magic bullet' for infants born with rare form of diabetes - 14:21

Study finds Zen meditation alleviates pain - 14:21

New clues to pancreatic cells' destruction in diabetes - 14:21

Researchers find pathway and enzyme unique to tularemia organism - 13:56

Artificial Light at Night: Higher Risk of Prostate Cancer - 12:28

Research Lab Combines Psychology with Technology - 12:28

Potential new herpes therapy studied - 12:28

Team finds smallest transiting extrasolar planet ever - 12:07

Stroma genomic signature predicts resistance to anthracyclin-based chemotherapy in breast cancer - 12:07

Computerized writing aids make writing easier for persons with aphasia - 12:07

Defectors take the car, cooperators go by bus - 12:07

Slash in corporate investment creating long-term problems - 12:07

Neural mapping paints a haphazard picture of odor receptors - 12:07

Long-term recovery of reefs from bleaching requires local action to increase resilience - 12:07