Tuesday th 16th of December 2008

BCS championship to be available live in 3-D - 16:56

New species of extinct animals found in Sahara - 16:56

Isuzu, Toyota shelve development of clean diesel engine - 16:56

Smoking associated with increased risk for colorectal cancer and death - 16:56

Pre-existing diabetes for persons diagnosed with cancer associated with increased risk of death - 16:56

Simple soybean anything but - genetically, researcher says - 16:35

With increasing obesity, fuel consumption becomes weighty matter - 16:35

Magma Discovered in Situ for First Time - 16:14

Discrimination and Abuse Linked to Higher Rates of Pregnancy Among LGB Teens - 16:14

Sun Often 'Tears Out A Wall' In Earth's Solar Storm Shield - 16:14

Blue ribbon task force: Economic plans needed to preserve digital data - 16:14

Fujitsu Develops Power-Saving CMOS Technology for 32nm-Generation and Beyond - 16:14

What does it take to make New Year's resolutions a reality? - 15:49

Unpasteurized milk poses health risks without benefits - 15:28

Just a little squeeze lets proteins assess DNA - 15:28

How healthy are America's coasts? - 15:28

Researchers hunting drugs for devastating parasitic disease - 15:28

Scientists print dense lattice of transparent nanotube transistors on flexible base - 15:28

Single letter in the human genome points to risk for high cholesterol - 15:28

Going outside -- even in the cold -- improves memory, attention - 15:28

Semiconductor Lasers Generate Better Random Numbers - 15:07

All I want for Christmas is... Caesium, Rubidium and Xenon - 15:07

Big-3 bankruptcy: Job loss less than half oft-cited figure, says study - 15:07

Vitamin D deficiency in infants and nursing mothers carries long-term disease risks - 15:07

New research shows how horses recognise their neighbours - 15:07

Christmas delayed for physicists waiting for Large Hadron Collider - 14:42

Close encounters with 3-D cell growth - 14:42

Researchers develop computational tool to untangle complex data - 14:21

Researchers interpret asymmetry in early universe - 14:21

Is holiday giving an obligation? - 14:21

A low dose of caffeine when pregnant may damage the heart of offspring for a lifetime - 14:21

Study links ecosystem changes in temperate lakes to climate warming - 14:21

Genes involved in antibiotic resistance vary within a species - 14:21

Pitt researchers create non-toxic clean-up method for potentially toxic nano materials - 14:21

Both theories about human cellular aging supported by new research - 14:21

Dark Energy Found Stifling Growth in Universe - 14:21

Real-time gene monitoring developed - 14:21

Study suggests warmer temperatures could lead to a boom in corn pests - 13:56

Researchers discover new way men can transmit HIV to women - 13:56

Seeing the unseen with 'super-resolution' fluorescence microscopy - 13:56

Aging brains allow negative memories to fade - 13:56

Evolutionary roots of ancient bacteria may open new line of attack on CF - 13:56

A catalyst for families: Experts comment on importance of Christmas dinner - 13:56

Hottest Stars in Delicate Embrace by Spiral Arms - 13:56

Call Stephen Michnick a gene grammarian - 13:56

'Don't drink and ride': Improving subway safety - 13:56

Study of placenta unexpectedly leads to cancer gene - 13:14

World fertilizer prices drop dramatically after soaring to all-time highs - 13:14

Researcher refining synthetic molecules to prevent HIV resistance - 13:14

Cookie cutter in the sky: Seeing the shape of material around black holes for first time - 12:51