Friday th 5th of September 2008

FDA posts list of potential problem drugs - 13:56

Daimler and power group RWE to test electric car network in Berlin - 13:56

SanDisk in talks with Korean Samsung - 13:56

Comcast's new bandwidth limit irks some users - 13:56

Pill that boosts productivity gaining favor, raising concerns among medical ethicists - 13:56

Tracking the reasons many girls avoid science and math - 13:35

Dental fillings without gaps - 13:35

Study: Behavior of Online Reviewers Affects Their Credibility - 13:35

Study: Individual Personal Ties Strengthen Teams` Overall Creativity - 13:35

Cassini Images Ring Arcs Among Saturn's Moons - 13:35

Spiky Probe on NASA Mars Lander Raises Vapor Quandary - 13:35

Astronomer Discovers Upper Mass Limit for Black Holes - 13:14

Creating lung cancer risk models for specific populations refines prediction - 13:14

Best way to treat malaria: Avoid using same drug for everyone, scientists say - 13:14

Changes in urine could lead to BSE test for live animals - 13:14

StellarWindow turns your laptop into a virtual planetarium - 12:49

1 step back ... 2 steps forward - 12:49

Old sheep raising the baaa - 12:49

Lightweight and long-legged males go the distance for sex - 12:49

Parents beware: Kids exposed to many hours of alcohol use in PG-13 movies - 12:49

Google reigns as world's most powerful 10-year-old - 11:21

Judge tentatively upholds charges in ‘cyber-bullying' case - 11:21

Driving the future of in-vehicle ICT - 10:56

Postmenopausal women taking anastrozole as a chemopreventive treatment do not have impaired cognitive performance - 10:56

Physicists investigate how time moves forward - 10:35

Updated guidelines for stem cell research released - 10:35

Recovery efforts not enough for critically endangered Asian vulture - 10:35

Robot Scout: Fly Me (Safely) to the Moon - 10:35

Old before their time? Aging in flies under natural vs. laboratory conditions - 10:14

Science paper examines role of aerosols in climate change - 10:14

Envisat Images Hurricane Gustav - 09:49

Russia's MTS to sell Apple iPhone - 09:49

Nokia warns 3Q market share will fall; shares dive - 09:49

Feds warn climate change could harm giant sequoias - 09:49

Pyrenees glaciers will melt by 2050: Spanish study - 09:49

Atomic structure of the mammalian 'fatty acid factory' determined - 09:49

Michigan integral to world's largest physics experiment - 09:49

Computerized reminder system drove up colon cancer screening rates, study found - 09:49

Wireless technologies used today based on decades of work at Virginia Tech - 09:49

Disruption-free videos - 09:49

NASA chief may consider extending life of shuttle program - 09:49

LHC switch-on fears are completely unfounded - 05:21

Free drug samples may end up costing uninsured more - 05:21

MySpace links users to US hurricane emergency alerts - 05:21

Sims creator's long-awaited "playing god" game hits stores - 05:21

Technology users are failing to take adequate steps to protect their digital privacy - 05:21

Thursday th 4th of September 2008

Fingerprint find in decade-old double murder probe - 18:28

Asian soot, smog may boost global warming in US - 18:28

Researcher says: No-till practices show extended benefits on wheat and forage - 16:56

Probing Question: Does talking to plants help them grow? - 16:14