Wednesday th 17th of December 2008

Coast Guard OKs barrier to keep Asian carp from Great Lakes - 07:07

Airborne reaches $7 million settlement over false advertising claims - 07:07

Going small: Netbooks aim for new PC sales - 04:49

Dozens of Web sites can help you save money - 04:49

Wizard in world of search - 04:49

Movie wars: Internet, cable fight for viewers' eyeballs - 04:49

Low-glycemic diet shows greater improvement in glycemic control than high-fiber diet - 04:28

Timing is perfect, but money woes plague electric car maker Think - 04:28

Taking a swipe at Bush: Zaidi-inspired shoe game on Internet - 04:28

As going gets tougher, Americans discover laughter - 04:28

The more you take the more you lose - 04:07

Tiny magnetic crystals in bacteria are a compass, say researchers - 04:07

Engineering algae to make fuel instead of sugar - 04:07

The Green (and blue, red, and white) lights of the future - 04:07

Protected habitat proposed for sea otter in Alaska - 03:42

China defends right to censor Web sites - 03:42

United States death map revealed - 03:42

GPs 'could do more' to help obese avoid surgery - 03:42

Why did the London Millennium Bridge 'wobble'? - 03:42

Some climate impacts happening faster than anticipated - 03:21

Tuesday th 16th of December 2008

MRI scans can predict effects of MS flare-ups on optic nerve - 18:07

Reward-stress link points to new targets for treating addiction - 18:07

Apple CEO Jobs absent from Macworld lineup - 18:07

Ready for the industry's next big thing - 16:56

More companies use social media for marketing - 16:56

Autism study: Fears for the future - 16:56

Technological advances improve sound of music for hearing-impaired children - 16:56

Federal officials maintain chemical BPA is safe, but FDA to do more research - 16:56

FDA adds suicide warning to epilepsy drugs - 16:56

Microsoft issuing emergency fix for browser flaw - 16:56

Adobe 4Q profit grows, revenue essentially flat - 16:56

BCS championship to be available live in 3-D - 16:56

New species of extinct animals found in Sahara - 16:56

Isuzu, Toyota shelve development of clean diesel engine - 16:56

Smoking associated with increased risk for colorectal cancer and death - 16:56

Pre-existing diabetes for persons diagnosed with cancer associated with increased risk of death - 16:56

Simple soybean anything but - genetically, researcher says - 16:35

With increasing obesity, fuel consumption becomes weighty matter - 16:35

Magma Discovered in Situ for First Time - 16:14

Discrimination and Abuse Linked to Higher Rates of Pregnancy Among LGB Teens - 16:14

Sun Often 'Tears Out A Wall' In Earth's Solar Storm Shield - 16:14

Blue ribbon task force: Economic plans needed to preserve digital data - 16:14

Fujitsu Develops Power-Saving CMOS Technology for 32nm-Generation and Beyond - 16:14

What does it take to make New Year's resolutions a reality? - 15:49

Unpasteurized milk poses health risks without benefits - 15:28

Just a little squeeze lets proteins assess DNA - 15:28

How healthy are America's coasts? - 15:28

Researchers hunting drugs for devastating parasitic disease - 15:28

Scientists print dense lattice of transparent nanotube transistors on flexible base - 15:28

Single letter in the human genome points to risk for high cholesterol - 15:28