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Monday th 27th of August 2018

Florida-Grown Foods Part of Rich Tailgating Tradition - 08:50

Diet Has Bigger Impact on Emotional Well-Being in Women Than in Men - 08:50

How We Judge Personality from Faces Depends on Our Pre-Existing Beliefs About How Personality Works - 07:20

A Device to Harvest Energy from Low-frequency Vibrations - 06:20

Friday th 24th of August 2018

As Ebola outbreak spreads, a research team introduces new questions with the discovery of first known virus transmission from female survivor - 22:40

Assistive Surgical Devices Shine in DEBUT Biomedical Engineering Design Competition - 16:30

Break-Up of Oldest Arctic Ice Is 'Canary in the Coal Mine' for Climate Change - 16:30

Will Hurricane Lane Wreak Havoc on Hawaii? - 15:30

Researchers Propose New Method for Secure, Speech-Based Two-Factor Authentication - 15:30

Did Bats Invent Fireflies? - 15:30

Getting a Charge Out of MOFs - 14:30

S&T Researcher Designs DNA-Assembled Electronic Circuits for Miniaturization of Computers - 14:30

Auroras on the Moon? Which Moon? - 14:30

Bowtie-Funnel Combo Best for Conducting Light; Team Found Answer in Undergrad Physics Equation - 13:30

Generating Energy from Sandy Rivers: An Untapped Renewable Resource Ready for Prime Time? - 12:30

Argonne hosts Modeling, Experimentation and Validation Summer School - 11:30

Researchers Use Crowdsourcing to Speed Up Data Analysis in Corn Plants - 10:30

Undergraduate Students Extoll Benefits of National Laboratory Research Internships in Fusion and Plasma Science - 09:30

IFT18 Draws More Than 23,000 Global Registrants - 09:30

Reverse, Self-Healing Filter Opens the Door for Endless Novel Applications - 00:33

Thursday th 23rd of August 2018

Control System Simulator Helps Operators Learn to Fight Hackers - 23:31

How SLAC's 'Electronics Artists' Enable Cutting-Edge Science - 15:30

More Than a Label: Shelter Dog Genotyping Reveals Inaccuracy of Breed Assignments - 14:40

Two Steps Ahead: Neutrons Help Explore Future HIV Treatments - 14:40

Could Google's censored search engine penetrate China's 'Great Firewall'? - 14:40

National Diabetes Coalition Urges Hawaiians Living with Diabetes to Make a Plan to Weather Hurricane Lane - 14:40

CIPRES Awarded Two Federal Grants to Support Innovations in Biological Research - 13:50

Self-Heating, Fast-Charging Battery Makes Electric Vehicles Climate-Immune - 13:50

CSU Wins $10M to Support Latino STEM Education - 13:50

Traumatic Brain Injury Recovery via Petri Dish - 13:50

Infrared Beams Show Cell Types in a Different Light - 12:30

Report Confirms Wind Technology Advancements Continue to Drive Down Wind Energy Prices - 12:30

Algal blooms a threat to small lakes and ponds, too - 12:30

Water on the moon: What it means, how it got there and could we drink it? - 11:30

Will we be ready for the next Harvey? - 11:30

3-D Cell Environment Crucial for Divvying Up Chromosomes - Find Could Help Explain Cancer Hallmark - 11:30

A Molecular Link Between Aging and Neurodegeneration - 11:30

From Great Prairie to Gigabytes: Sequencing the Genomes of a Microbial Ecosystem - 11:30

New Institute Director at Johns Hopkins Coincides With 'Big Bet' on Basic Science - 10:40

Dthera Sciences Receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation For Its Alzheimer's Focused Development-Stage Product "DTHR-ALZ" - 10:40

Children Take Longer to Learn Two Languages At Once Compared to Just One - Don't Fret - 08:52

What Causes Stress in Plants? - 08:52

Want to know what ancient koalas ate? First, check modern koalas' teeth - 04:42

Texas Tech Experts Available to Discuss Hurricane Lane. The hurricane is rapidly heading toward Hawaii, which has only had two hurricanes make landfall since 1959. - 04:41

Cutting it short - 04:41

Planetary science expert available to discuss significance of finding water on the moon - 04:41

New Research Consortium Boost to Mining Sector - 04:41

Higher Plasma Densities, More Efficient Tokamaks - 02:56

Wednesday th 22nd of August 2018

Department of Energy Issues $31 Million Small Business Research and Development Funding Opportunity Announcement - 15:52

Study Is 'Further Evidence' of Resources in Abundance at the Poles of the Moon, Expert Says - 15:52