Newswise - Scinews

Wednesday th 22nd of August 2018

Trace Metals in the Air Make Big Splash on Life Under the Sea - 15:52

Kids Connect with Robot Reading Partners - 15:00

Neutral Particle Beams Work Better by Working Smarter - 15:00

Students affected by Hurricane Maria bring their research to SLAC - 14:00

Climate Change: Urgent Need, Inadequate Response - 14:00

Research Used for Environmental Policy Often Based on Flawed Methodology - 12:30

There will be an app for that: Collaborative team wins NSF grant to research intermittent streams with smartphone technology - 12:30

Theory, meet Empiry - 12:30

UAH wind tunnel will be used to study gas turbine hot section components - 11:30

American Chemical Society's 256th National Meeting & Exposition press conference schedule - 11:30

Policy pivot: A new emphasis on restoration to protect Puget Sound - 11:30

Steady as she goes: Scientists tame damaging plasma instabilities and pave the way for efficient fusion on Earth - 10:30

Mixed Report Card for Low-Cost Indoor Air Quality Home Monitors - 10:30

Hurricane Experts Available to Provide Analysis Throughout the Season - 10:30

These Lithium-Ion Batteries Can't Catch Fire Because They Harden on Impact (Video) - 10:00

In Soil Carbon Measurements, Tools Tell the Tale - 09:00

Researchers Find a Neural "Auto-Correct" Feature We Use to Process Ambiguous Sounds - 08:00

New Material Could Improve Efficiency of Computer Processing and Memory - 08:00

For Exotic Pets, the Most Popular Are Also Most Likely to be Released in the Wild - 00:01

Tuesday th 21st of August 2018

Graduate Student Digs Deep for Algae Solution - 16:30

Flying Focus: Controlling Lasers Over Long Distances - 14:30

Potent Bacteria - 13:30

Hilmas Named Chair of Materials Science and Engineering at Missouri S&T - 13:30

Found: A Destructive Mechanism That Blocks the Brain From Knowing When to Stop Eating - 13:30

Mission Leader, Colleagues Await Signal From Opportunity Rover - 13:30

Will Heart Cells Help Solve Our Most Complex Problems? - 13:30

Ecosystems Are Getting Greener in the Arctic - 12:30

Improved Thermal-Shock Resistance in Industrial Ceramics - 11:30

Researchers Unravel the Path of Electrical Discharges on Scales that are Phenomenally Small and Fleetingly Brief, Shedding Light on Future Innovations - 11:30

Downwind States Stand to Lose if Trump Coal Emissions Plan Takes Shape - 10:40

Physicists Race to Demystify Einstein's 'Spooky' Science - 09:50

Bigger Proteins, Stronger Threads: Synthetic Spider Silk - 09:50

Fly High and Far with Asia's First Fully Solar-Powered Quadcopter Drone Created by NUS Students - 09:50

UGA New Materials Institute to Test First Fully Biodegradable Plastic Straw - 09:50

Engineers and Urban Designers Boost Efforts to Protect Fragile Infrastructure - 09:50

Endocrine Society Congratulates Early Investigators Award Winners - 08:50

Dehydration Alters Human Brain Shape and Activity, Slackens Task Performance - 07:40

Picture This: Camera with No Lens - 07:40

Nanobot Pumps Destroy Nerve Agents - 05:19

Bringing Salvaged Wooden Ships and Artifacts Back to Life with 'Smart' Nanotech - 05:19

Water Bottles, Other Recycled 3D Printing Materials Could Avoid Military Supply Snags - 05:19

Portable Freshwater Harvester Could Draw Up to 10 Gallons Per Hour From the Air - 05:19

Monday th 20th of August 2018

Archaeologists Reveal Massive Monumental Cemetery Built by Eastern Africa's Earliest Herders Near Lake Turkana, Kenya - 16:00

Progress Toward Plugging an Antibiotic Pump - 16:00

Improving Nuclear Detection with New Chip Power - 16:00

Genomes of Ape Parasites Reveal Origin and Evolution of Leading Cause of Malaria Outside of Africa - 14:40

Laughing Gas May Have Helped Warm Early Earth and Given Breath to Life - 13:40

Newly launched TRACER center offers enhanced dating and tracer capabilities - 12:40

DHS Awards Virginia Company $200K to Begin Automated Machine Learning Prototype Test - 12:40

Beauty is Simpler, and Less Special, than We Realize - 11:50