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Wednesday th 12th of February 2020

New research shows that El Nino contributes to insect collapse in the Amazon - 10:40

Replacing Animal Testing with Synthetic Cell Scaffolds - 10:40

DUNE collaboration finalizes the blueprint for the ultimate neutrino detector - 10:40

NSF CAREER Award research aims to transform metal casting for the 21st century - 10:40

Assessing Respirators for The Coast Guard Special Ops - 10:40

Small altitude changes could cut the climate impact of aircraft - 10:40

Do soils need a low-salt diet? - 10:40

Student-Built App Wins Prize in HHS Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality Competition - 10:40

Polar bears in Baffin Bay skinnier, having fewer cubs due to less sea ice - 10:40

A New Jetlag Drug? Scientists Create Selective Molecules to Bind to MT1 Receptors - 10:40

Three NYU Faculty Win Sloan Foundation Research Fellowships - 10:40

Monday th 10th of February 2020

New Threads: Nanowires Made of Tellurium and Nanotubes Hold Promise for Wearable Tech - 16:40

Predicting chaos using aerosols and AI - 16:40

Heat trapped in urban areas tricks trees into thinking spring has arrived earlier - 16:40

Argonne engineers streamline jet engine design - 15:20

Adding sewage sludge on soils does not promote antibiotic resistance, Swedish study shows - 15:20

Virginia Tech expert available to discuss lower barriers to invasive species - 14:30

Dreier Receives Certified Association Executive Designation - 14:30

Scientists explain why naked mole-rats' longevity contradicts accepted aging theory - 14:30

Superior "Bio-Ink" for 3D Printing Pioneered - 14:30

Scientists warn humanity about worldwide insect decline - 13:31

Guy and Naomi Woodroof: They made Georgia's crops possible - 13:31

AI, brain scans may alter how doctors treat depression - 12:40

Soil nutrients limit carbon uptake to slow climate change - 12:40

The Human Brain's Meticulous Interface with the Bloodstream now on a Precision Chip - 12:40

When Electrons Follow New Interaction Rules, Superconductivity Ensues - 12:40

Creating the Heart of a Quantum Computer - 12:40

University Hospitals Ahuja Medical Center Physician First in Ohio to Use Wound Care Imaging Device in Clinical Setting - 11:40

UAH's Center for Space Plasma and Aeronomic Research has central role in 2024 IMAP mission - 10:40

CFN User Spotlight: Nik Singh Seeks Better Battery Materials - 09:40

With a little help from my robot friend - 09:40

Are there edible cotton seeds? - 08:40

Interactive map shows worldwide spread of coronavirus - 07:40

Friday th 7th of February 2020

Rare-earths experts at CMI debut a unique new research capability - 17:40

UCSC Genome Browser posts the coronavirus genome - 17:40

Ames Lab's testing device speeds the way to new refrigeration technology - 17:40

Where the sky meets the sea: Exploring the sea-surface microlayer - 16:40

Discovery Paves Path Forward in the Fight Against the Deadliest Form of Malaria - 16:40

Researchers Brighten Path for Creating New Type of MRI Contrast Agent - 15:40

Coronavirus Protease Structure Added to Protein Data Bank - 15:40

The Philippines has rated 'Golden Rice' safe, but farmers might not plant it - 14:40

Mediterranean sea urchins are more vulnerable than previously thought - 14:40

Virginia Tech expert available to discuss lower barriers to invasive species - 13:40

HU research gives blue iguanas a fighting chance - 13:40

Undulating flight saves Monarchs energy,says UAH study with drone implications - 13:40

Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.13 C per decade - 13:40

41 Finalists Named for the 2020 Hertz Fellowships - 13:40

Paul K. Kearns named 2020 FLC Laboratory Director of the Year - 13:40

Galaxy formation simulated without dark matter - 13:40

Patients Stick with Smartphone Activity Trackers Longer Than Wearable Devices - 12:40