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Monday th 24th of July 2017

Quantum Computing Building Blocks - 13:32

Infected Insects Cause a Stink - 13:32

Taking the Genomic Revolution to Corn Fields to Improve Crops - 13:02

Summertime and the Grilling Is Easy - Tips and Tricks From "Chemistry in Your Kitchen" Author & Professor Matthew Hartings - 13:02

Imaging Technology Reveals Copper Is Key to Meeting Future Food and Energy Needs - 12:02

DHS S&T Awards VTO Inc. $928K for Drone Forensics R&D - 11:02

NIAR Engineer at Wichita State Creates Prototype That Protects Wind Turbines From Multiple Lightning Strikes - 11:02

PPPL Researchers Perform First Basic Physics Simulation of the Impact of Recycled Atoms on Plasma Turbulence - 11:02

For Best Pics of Eclipse, NASA Launches Cameras 10 Miles High - 11:02

Engineers Invent the First Bio-Compatible, Ion Current Battery - 11:02

New Sandia Fellowship Named After First Female Director of Nuclear Security Lab - 10:02

Physics of Bubbles Could Explain Language Patterns - 09:02

NUS Engineers Achieve Significant Breakthrough in Spin Wave Based Information Processing Technology - 04:02

Sunday th 23rd of July 2017

"Hindcasting" Study Investigates the Extreme 2013 Colorado Flood - 23:42

Saturday th 22nd of July 2017

Construction Begins on International Mega-Science Experiment to Understand Neutrinos - 00:52

Friday th 21st of July 2017

West Virginia University Research Says Technology That Connects Aging Adults in Rural Areas with Health Experts Improves Weight Loss - 14:02

Here's How Hyperloop Technology Will Transform Transportation - 13:02

DHS S&T Awards $749K to Evernym for Decentralized Key Management Research and Development - 11:33

In Saliva, Clues to a 'Ghost' Species of Ancient Human - 11:32

Indestructible Virus Yields Secret to Creating Incredibly Durable Materials - 10:02

Energy-Efficient Accelerator Was 50 Years in the Making - 10:02

Researchers Receive $2.9 Million for 5-Year Monsoon Study - 08:32

Micro- and Nanotechnologies for Quantitative Biology and Medicine - 00:52

Thursday th 20th of July 2017

PNNL Scientist Ruby Leung Appointed a Battelle Fellow - 23:22

Engineering Professors and Graduate Students Talk Nanotechnology and AI at San Diego Comic-Con - 23:22

Converting Agricultural Waste for Energy Applications - 23:22

'Sound' Research Shows Slower BoatsMay Cause Manatees More Harm Than Good - 23:22

Coral Reefs in the Gulf of Aqaba May Survive Global Warming, New Study Finds - 23:22

3-D Printing Sweeps Toy Manufacturing Off the Shelves - 23:22

Berkeley Lab to Lead Multimillion-Dollar Geothermal Energy Project - 23:22

A Sodium Surprise - 23:22

Heritage and Ancient Grain Project Feeds a Growing Demand - 23:22

Novel 3-D Printing Process Strengthens Parts by 275 Percent - 23:22

Scientists Discover Combined Sensory Map for Heat, Humidity in Fly Brain - 23:22

Neutrino Research Takes Giant Leap Forward - 23:22

New Genomic Partnership Speeds Personalized Cancer Treatment - 23:22

NASA's Hubble Sees Martian Moon Orbiting the Red Planet - 23:22

Kaleidoscope of Colors Reveals Complex Biological Processes - 23:22

A Step Closer to Halting the Spread of Zika, Dengue and Chikungunya - 23:22

Making Flood Forecasting Easier, Faster - 23:22

Cash for Carbon: A Cost-Effective Way to Reduce Deforestation - 23:22

Pulses of Electrons Manipulate Nanomagnets and Store Information - 23:22

Pangolins at 'Huge Risk' as Study Reveals Dramatic Increases in Hunting Across Central Africa - 23:22

Neutrino Project to Fuel Particle Physics Research - 23:22

Buchanan Named Deputy for Science and Technology at Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 23:22

Get Ready for Shark Week - 23:22

Essential Oils Can Assist with Livestock Digestion, Study Finds - 23:22

Bringing a 'Trust but Verify' Model to Journal Peer Review - 23:22

Friday th 14th of July 2017

Wearable Technology and the Future of a Billion-Dollar Industry - 14:52

Mica Provides Clue to How Water Transports Minerals - 13:52