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Tuesday th 28th of August 2018

DHS Awards $199K for Development of Energy Harvesting Fabric - 16:41

High-Impact Los Alamos Innovations Honored as R&D 100 Award Finalists - 16:41

Three Previously Unknown Ancient Primates Identified - 14:30

Tree swallow study: Stressful events have long-term health impacts - 14:30

Migrating monarchs facing increased parasite risks - 14:30

Locating the Production Site of Glucan in Grass Cell Walls - 14:30

Protactinium and Its Periodic Intersection - 14:30

Researchers 3D print prototype for 'bionic eye' - 14:00

In Warming Arctic, Major Rivers Show Surprising Changes in Carbon Chemistry - 13:00

Rare-Earth Magnet Recycling Tech Wins Innovation Award - 13:00

Kernels of Knowledge: How Land-Use Decisions Affect Crop Productivity - 13:00

Researchers Find Elusive Source of Most Abundant Immune Cell - 12:00

Mapping Out Cancer's Movements - 12:00

Come Together: New Laser Technique Binds Aluminum with Plastic in Injection Molding - 12:00

Young Adults are More Permissive of Partial versus Complete Blackouts - 11:00

Child Mistreatment Is Linked to Alcohol-Use Problems via Impulsive Decisions - 11:00

Scientists take aim at illicit supply chain networks of fake medications - 11:00

Graduate School of Oceanography hosts NASA-led exploration of deep sea - 11:00

Lung Tissue Chip Offers Rapid Testing of Anti-Fibrotic Drugs - 11:00

Scientists Sweep Cellular Neighborhoods Where Zika Hides Out - 09:30

Researchers develop "cytological ruler" to build 3D map of human genome - 09:30

Remote Islands Harbour Higher Numbers of Non-Native Species - 09:01

LHC scientists detect most favored Higgs decay - 09:01

Researchers Uncover the Science Behind Blowing Bubbles - 07:34

Combination Approach Shows Promise for Beating Advanced Melanoma - 06:34

Indiana University physicist available to comment on Higgs boson quark decay discovery - 05:38

Indiana University physicist available to comment on Higgs boson quark decay discovery - 05:38

Seeing what isn't there in a construction site - 01:00

Mayor Highlights Innovative Cedars-Sinai Water Conservation System - 01:00

Monday th 27th of August 2018

Algae a Threat to Walleye Vision, Study Finds - 16:40

Scientists Find Corals in Deeper Waters Under Stress Too - 16:40

In Sync: How Cells Make Connections Could Impact Circadian Rhythm - 15:40

Sergei Kalinin: Turning Seeing Into Understanding and Making - 15:40

All Aboard the Neutron Train: Mapping Residual Stresses for More Robust Rails - 15:40

Q&A: Shining X-ray light on perovskites for better solar cells - 14:40

New Urine Dipstick Test Detects Cause of Disease That Blinds Millions - 14:40

WVU professor part of international effort to predict where cholera will strike next - 14:40

Rutgers Expert Available to Discuss Discovery of Rare Plant Last Seen in New Jersey 100 Years Ago - 14:40

Reducing Friction with an Onion-Like Carbon Material - 14:40

Chain of Relief - 14:10

Biomaterials expert Convertine joins Missouri S&T - 14:10

Riding the Wave of Liquid:Liquid Interfaces - 14:10

Qrypt licenses ORNL's quantum random number generator to fortify encryption methods - 14:10

Researchers Find New Way of Removing Metal From Water - 12:40

Wildfire Risk Doesn't Douse Housing Demand - 12:10

Study Finds Sucralose Produces Previously Unidentified Metabolites - 12:10

Department of Energy Announces $8 Million for Particle Accelerators for Science & Society - 11:10

Artificial intelligence project to help bring the power of the sun to Earth is picked for first U.S. exascale system - 11:10

NUS food scientists create healthy probiotic drink from soy pulp - 11:10

Register Now for Free Green Card Webinar for Foreign Scientific Researchers - 09:20