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Friday th 4th of August 2017

Franklin Fuller and Cornelius Gati Named 2017 Panofsky Fellows at SLAC - 14:42

Eclipse Science Along the Path of Totality - 14:12

Amateur Radio Club Tunes in to Eclipse for Science - 12:42

Drug Short-Circuits Cancer Signaling - 12:42

Sitting in the Sun Is Linked to Days When People Lived in Caves, Scientists Believe - 11:42

'Cornell Fruit Resources' Is One-Stop Shop for NY Farmers - 10:22

See a Bear? New iSeeMammals App Lets Citizen Scientists Track Expanding Populations - 10:22

When Strontium Is Away, Iridium Comes Out to Play - 07:52

Thursday th 3rd of August 2017

Georgia State Sets Research Funding Recordfor Sixth Consecutive Year, with $147 Million - 15:22

Bioprinted Veins Reveal New Drug Diffusion Details - 15:22

Global Temperature Report: July 2017 - 15:22

Standard Model of the Universe Withstands Most Precise Test by Dark Energy Survey - 14:23

Animal Coloration Research: On the Threshold of a New Era - 14:23

Study Reveals Exactly How Low-Cost Fuel Cell Catalysts Work - 14:23

Scientists Link Cutting-Edge Biodiversity Genomics with Environmental Metadata Through New Public Database - 14:23

A Record-breaking 21,300 Attendees Came to the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting for Its Pioneering Research on CRISPR, Mobile Diagnostics, and Public Health Issues - 14:23

World's Smallest Neutrino Detector Finds Big Physics Fingerprint - 14:23

Dark Energy Survey Reveals Most Accurate Measurement of Dark Matter Structure in the Universe - 12:32

Map of the Cosmos 'Sees' the Dark Universe - 11:32

Institute of Food Technologists Announces 2017 IFTSA Competition Winners - 11:02

IFT17 Draws Over 19,000 Registrants - 11:02

Texas Teachers 'Go Nuts' Seeking Better Ways to Explain Science - 11:02

Study Finds Climate Plays Role in Decline of One of Asia's Most Critical Water Resources - 10:02

Vertical Axis Wind Turbines Can Offer Cheaper Electricity for Urban and Suburban Areas - 10:02

Steps Toward a Promising Therapy for a Rare Bone Disease - 09:02

MSU genetics and evolution study receives $1.2 million NSF grant - 02:02

In-Depth Analysis of Metastatic Cancer Could Enable More Precise Treatments - 02:02

Wednesday th 2nd of August 2017

UCLA study offers roadmap to personalized therapies for sarcoma and other aggressive cancers - 16:52

New NSF Grants Support Studies of Viruses and Efforts to Reduce Pharmaceutical Costs - 16:52

Argonne Uses Digital Tools to Preserve Southwestern Cultural Heritage - 16:52

#CRISPR DNA Editing Corrects Disease Gene in Human Embryos - Experts Available @UofUHealth - 14:22

DHS S&T Announces Commercialization of REnigma Malware Reverse-Engineering Tool - 14:22

Trapdoor spiders crossed Indian Ocean to get to Australia - 14:22

Shake It Up: Human-Induced and Natural Earthquakes in Central U.S. Are 'Inherently Similar' - 14:22

Marriage of Microscopy Techniques Reveals 3D Structure of Critical Protein Complex - 14:22

$2.6 Million to Build Versatile Genetic Toolkit for Studying Animal Behavior - 13:52

The First Civilizations of Greece are Revealing Their Stories to Science - 13:52

'Perfect Liquid' Quark-Gluon Plasma Is the Most Vortical Fluid - 13:52

Interdisciplinary Team Designs Gas Flow Cell to Analyze Catalytic Behavior - 13:52

New Simulations Could Help in Hunt for Massive Mergers of Neutron Stars, Black Holes - 12:22

Ferreting Out Causes of Resistance to Cancer Drugs - 12:22

Hubble Detects Exoplanet with Glowing Water Atmosphere - 12:22

Alkaline Soil, Sensible Sensor - 11:22

Saving the Monarch Butterfly: Biologist Explains Population Census Discrepancies - 11:22

World Governments Make Citizens Pay Billions to Destroy Their Own Health - 10:22

Interesting Findings: Unexpected Discoveries Among the Posters - 09:22

What Flowers Looked Like 100 Million Years Ago - 09:22

Climate Change Could Put Rare Bat Species at Greater Risk - 09:22

DHS Selects George Mason University for Criminal Investigations and Network Analysis Center of Excellence - 09:22

Brookhaven Lab to Lead 2017 New York Scientific Data Summit at NYU, Aug. 7-9 - 09:22