Newswise - Scinews

Friday th 10th of August 2018

Nonnative zooplankton species found in Lake Erie - 09:00

Rutgers Expert Available for Interviews on the Annual Perseid Meteor Shower - 09:00

Research on homemade mosquito repellants finds interesting alternatives - 02:07

Thursday th 9th of August 2018

Scientists Discover How to Protect Yeast From Damage in Biofuel Production - 18:00

Four Argonne transportation and fuel experts collect Dept. of Energy honors - 18:00

A Video Game Can Change the Brain, May Improve Empathy in Middle Schoolers - 17:00

For UW Physicists, the 2-D Form of Tungsten Ditelluride Is Full of Surprises - 17:00

Marine Mammals Lack Functional Gene To Defend Against Popular Pesticide - 14:50

Penalty kick research hits the spot - 14:50

There and Back Again: Mantle Xenon Has a Story to Tell - 13:00

Seismologist works to determine the limit of ground accelerations during earthquakes - 11:32

Magnetic Fields Can Quash Zonal Jets Deep in Gas Giants - 10:30

Researchers Help Close Security Hole in Popular Encryption Software - 10:30

From Hurricane Katrina Victim to Presidential Awardee: A SUNO Professor's Award-Winning Mentoring Efforts - 10:30

SNS completes full neutron production cycle at record power level - 10:00

UAH/MSFC/SAO partnership creates instrument to fly in sun's corona on probe - 10:00

Lining Up the Surprising Behaviors of a Superconductor with One of the World's Strongest Magnets - 09:00

UF/IFAS Experts Explore Multiple Strategies to Control New Palm Disease - 09:00

Training the next-gen workforce in standards development with $30 million grant - 09:00

Race and Research: How Public Health Experts Can Reduce Racial Bias in Their Work - 06:00

Environmental regulations drove steep declines in U.S. factory pollution - 06:00

Advanced manufacturer to set up at University of Adelaide - 00:34

Wednesday th 8th of August 2018

Scientists 'Squeeze' Nanocrystals in a Liquid Droplet Into a Solid-Like State - and Back Again - 14:50

Milsmann earns prestigious NSF CAREER Award - 14:50

Hotter Temperatures Extend Growing Season for Peatland Plants - 13:50

Is fire the new normal in the American West? - 13:50

Warmer temperatures lengthen growing season, increase plants' vulnerability to frost, researcher finds - 13:20

Innate Lymphoid Cells (ILCs) form an essential line of defense against enteric bacteria - 11:40

Graphene Enters the Stratosphere - 11:40

Scientists Create Biodegradable, Paper-Based Biobatteries - 10:40

Early Findings Show Plant Hormone May Help in Citrus Greening Fight - 09:40

New Research Pinpoints Pathways Ebola Virus Uses to Enter Cells - 09:40

UNH Researchers Find Seed Coats Could Lead to Strong, Tough, Yet Flexible Materials - 08:40

Matchmaking for Sweet Potato? It's Complicated - 08:40

FAU Scientist Receives $708,044 from Florida Department of Health for Cancer Metastasis Research - 08:40

Physical sciences meet cell biology in special edition 'Forces' issue - 06:30

John H. Nuckolls to Be Awarded John S. Foster Jr. Medal for Contributions to Nuclear Security - 05:37

46th annual SLAC Summer Institute celebrates Standard Model at 50 - 02:39

World's Fastest Creature May Also be One of the Smallest - 01:43

Tuesday th 7th of August 2018

Wistar Receives Support of More Than $5.5M from Private Foundations and Funding Agencies - 16:00

A Scientific Dating Game: Biologists Play RNA-Protein Matchmakers - 14:30

RoboCup 2018: S&T Test Methods Used to Evaluate Rescue Robots - 14:30

Quantum Computing of an Atomic Nucleus - 14:30

New Tulane Study Explores Root Causes of Hearing Loss - 13:30

New Approach Yields High-Purity Radium for Medical Applications - 13:30

Researchers Look to Worms for a New Model of a Peripheral Nervous System Disease - 12:40

Study Finds Managed Waterways Are Not Isolated From Effects of Climate Change - 12:40

Preventing the Misuse of Next-Generation Nuclear Energy Systems - 12:40

Baby Sea Snails Ride Waves into Shallower Waters, Study Suggests - 11:50

Observing the Mechanism of Metastasis for the First Time - 11:50