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Thursday th 20th of February 2020

Eating Disorders Week: Success of Treating Bulimia - 12:40

Tulane University launches new coronavirus research program to develop a vaccine and advanced diagnostics - 11:40

Citizen scientists discover a new snail, name it after Greta Thunberg - 11:40

UAH research into developing artificial lymph nodes has immunotherapy implications - 10:40

Computers scour satellite imagery to unveil Madagascar's mysteries - 10:40

ORNL, TVA sign agreement to collaborate on advanced reactor technologies - 10:40

How Newborn Stars Prepare for the Birth of Planets - 10:40

A deep dive into cellular aging - 09:40

Less is More: Berkeley Lab Breaks New Ground in Data Center Optimization - 06:50

Wednesday th 19th of February 2020

Fish in the Sahara? Yes, in the early Holocene - 15:41

Exercise during Chemo, Activity Breaks Enhance Mood, Reducing Diabetes Risk in African American Men & More from Medicine & Science in Sports & Science - 15:41

To help students think in 3D, a geologist turns to paper model making - 15:41

Chemists use mass spectrometry tools to determine age of fingerprints - 15:41

Argonne and UChicago scientists take important step in developing national quantum internet - 15:41

Tulane math professor leads effort to map spread of coronavirus - 14:50

Mayo researchers create, test AI to improve EKG testing for hypertrophic cardiomyopathy - 14:50

Simple, fuel-efficient rocket engine could enable cheaper, lighter spacecraft - 14:50

Notre Dame physicists see nuclear wobbling in one isotope of gold - 14:50

UCI and Disney Research scientists develop AI-enhanced video compression model - 14:50

Slithering Snakes on a 2-D Plane - 14:50

What birdsong tells us about brain cells and learning - 14:50

Cobalt supply can meet demand for electric vehicle and electronics batteries - 14:50

Count me out of counting seeds - 14:50

Neighborhood Features and One's Genetic Makeup Interact to Affect Cognitive Function - 14:50

Sepsis: Using Big Data to Cut a Killer Down to Size - 14:50

Cognitive experiments give a glimpse into the ancient mind - 14:50

Random gene pulsing generates patterns of life - 14:50

New Publication Shows Air Fresheners May Help Mitigate Harm Caused by Indoor Malodors - 14:50

New Molecular Mechanism Involved in Cellular Senescence That Modulates Inflammation and Response to Cancer Immunotherapy - 14:50

Stressed corals set up progeny for a better life - 14:50

Right Place, Right Time - 14:50

Machine Learning Identifies Personalized Brain Networks in Children - 14:50

Ancient gut microbiomes shed light on human evolution - 14:50

New wearable tool helps manage mental health - 14:50

Think all BPA-free products are safe? Not so fast, scientists warn - 14:50

Veggie-loving fish could be the new white meat - 14:50

Walking the wire: Real-time imaging helps reveal active sites of photocatalysts - 14:50

Argonne National Laboratory, University of Chicago announce successful tests on quantum loop -- a precursor for the national quantum internet - 14:50

Helping State and Local Canine Teams be REDDI for Anything - 14:50

Tuesday th 18th of February 2020

Discovery at 'flower burial' site could unravel mystery of Neanderthal death rites - 11:40

Amazon forest disturbance is changing how plants are dispersed - 11:40

Researchers discover how cells clear misfolded proteins from tissues - 10:40

Press registration now open for Nutrition 2020 - 10:40

HARC Awarded $250,000 by Garver Black Hilyard Family Foundation to Address Marine Debris Challenge in the Houston-Galveston Bay Region's Waterways - 10:40

Ultrasound device improves charge time and run time in lithium batteries - 09:40

Speakers announced for 2020 Experimental Biology meeting - 08:50

Monday th 17th of February 2020

Utility player: How hydropower can help get more wind and solar on the grid - 20:00

In acoustic waves, engineers break reciprocity with 'spacetime-varying metamaterials' - 18:00

Mediterranean rainfall immediately affected by greenhouse gas changes - 16:40

Smart Mouthguard Technology Licensed from University of Maryland, Baltimore - 15:42