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Friday th 14th of July 2017

Scientists Create First Laboratory Generation of High-Energy Shock Waves That Accelerate Astrophysical Particles - 11:32

Preparing Your Pet for Disaster - 11:32

GVS Life Sciences is the Contract Manufacturing Services - 11:32

Expert Available to Discuss Total Solar Eclipse and Other Astronomy Events in the News - 10:32

Antarctica Iceberg: Has It Happened Before? - 09:32

FSU Researcher Makes Deep-Sea Coral Reef Discovery in Depths of North Pacific - 09:32

Blends of Deicing Salts Can Help Increase Concrete Pavement Service Life - 08:32

The Effect Of Multiaxial Stresses On The Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) Damage Of Concrete - 08:32

Thursday th 13th of July 2017

University of Delaware Expert Can Discuss Delaware-Sized Iceberg That Broke Free From Antarctica - 16:02

Treated Hydraulic Fracturing Wastewater May Pollute Area Water Sources for Years - 15:02

Researchers from Biodiversity Research Institute to Present at the 2017 International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant - 15:02

The Devastating Effects of Nuclear Weapon Testing - 15:02

Endangered Cuban Crocodiles Come Home - 13:32

Artificial Intelligence Helps Build Brain Atlas of Fly Behavior - 12:32

UAH Part of Team Researching Tropical Trees Hit by Lightning - 12:32

Technion and Toronto Researchers Aim to See the Night in a New Light - 12:32

Researchers Revolutionize Vital Conservation Tool with Use of Gold Nanotechnology and Lasers - 12:32

NBAF Think and Do Challenge Winner Develops Forward Looking Training Program - 12:32

Unraveling the Molecular Complexity of Cellular Machines and Environmental Processes - 12:32

MSU Extension Entomology Specialist and Professor Available to Discuss Strategies to Control Southeast Invasive Crazy Ants - 11:32

Speeding Up Catalysts for Energy Storage - 11:32

Machine Learning Technique Offers Insight Into Plasma Behavior - 11:32

50-Year-Old Flu Virus Model Gets Facelift - 10:32

Sleep Elusive? New Study Shows There's a Reason for That. - 10:02

Why a Single Nuke's Impact Shouldn't Only Be Measured in Megatons - 10:02

From the Family Farm to UF/IFAS: The New Chair of Environmental Horticulture - 10:02

Wednesday th 12th of July 2017

Mississippi Mud May Hold Hope for Louisiana Coast - 16:52

IFT Honors Five Innovation Award Winners - 16:52

Larsen C Ice Shelf Collapse: Expert Video and Interview Available, Facebook Live Event 7/14 at 10 A.M. CT - 16:52

Physicists Gain New Understanding of Quantum Cooling Process - 15:22

Giant Charge Reversal Observed For the First Time - 14:22

Low-Cost Smart Glove Translates American Sign Language Alphabet and Controls Virtual Objects - 13:52

Online Climate Data Benefits Producers - 12:22

Energy-Recycling Steps Eyed for Post-Surgical Recovery, Aging in Place - 12:22

Algae Production Research Gets Boost at Los Alamos - 11:22

@CWRU Associate Professor Jesse Berezovsky Is Available to Comment on Ground-to-Satellite Teleportation - 11:22

Plant Scientists Explore the Balance Between Growth and Drought Response in Latest Publication - 11:22

Tackling Disease in Three Dimensions: Supercomputers Help Decode RNA Structure - 11:22

Scientists See Molecules 'Breathe' in Remarkable Detail - 10:22

Astronomy Professor Studies Unusual Galaxy in Distant Universe - 10:22

New Analysis of Rare Argentinian Rat Unlocks Origin of the Largest Mammalian Genome - 10:22

Do You Love Watermelons in the Hot Summer? UF Scientists Are on the Case - 10:22

Watching Neutrons Flow - 10:22

Researchers Create First Low-Energy Particle Accelerator Beam Underground in the United States - 10:22

Tuesday th 11th of July 2017

Lip-Syncing Obama: New Tools Turn Audio Clips Into Realistic Video - 16:32

UCI Study Sheds Light on Regulation of Hair Growth Across the Entire Body - 15:32

Scientists Design Solar Cell That Captures Nearly All Energy of Solar Spectrum - 14:32

Even Droplets Sometimes Take the Stairs - 14:02

Eye Microbiome Trains Immune Cells to Fend Off Pathogens in Mice - 13:02

FIONA to Take on the Periodic Table's Heavyweights - 12:02