Newswise - Scinews

Friday th 30th of June 2017

Michael Farrar Joins UCAR Leadership - 11:22

NUS Study: Painted Jezebel Butterflies Deter Predators with Flashy Wing Colours - 10:22

Air Pollution a Concern at Levels Currently Accepted as "Safe" - 10:22

Discovering the Early-Age Immune Response in Foals - 09:52

Most Reproductive-Age Women Using Opioids Also Use Another Substance - 09:52

Gonzaga University Abuzz This Summer with Faculty-Led Undergraduate Science Research - 02:32

Singapore Scientists Uncover How the Liver Unclogs Itself - 02:32

Virginia Tech Expert Offers Tips to Defend Yourself Against Future Ransomware Attacks - 02:02

Thursday th 29th of June 2017

Wildlife of Northern Central African Republic in Danger - 17:02

Large-Scale Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Device Testing - 15:32

Ecological Roots - 15:32

New Microscope Uses Adaptable Mirror to Create Clearer Images - 15:32

Bacteria Make Natural Pigment From Simple Sugar - 15:32

UCI: Earth Is Losing Its Fire Power - 15:02

Researchers ID New Mechanism for Keeping DNA Protein in Line - 15:02

GPS for Cell "Highways"? 3D Model System Illustrates How Molecular Motors Navigate - 14:02

Concussion and Function: A Brain-Body Disconnect - 14:02

The Fitbit One Is Accurate for Monitoring Step Counts - 14:02

DHS S&T Awards $200K to Washington State Startup for Defense Against Cyber-Threats - 14:02

2017 Jansky Lectureship Awarded to South African Astronomer Bernie Fanaroff - 14:02

Global Forest Network Cracks the Case of Tropical Biodiversity - 14:02

Study: Climate Change Damages US Economy, Increases Inequality - 14:02

Ancient Fossils Suggest Whales Used Teeth to Filter Out Prey - 13:02

University Collaboration Set to Spark Breakthroughs in Human, Animal Health - 13:02

Bringing CRISPR Into Focus - 12:02

New Antiviral Drug Inhibits Epidemic SARS, MERS and Animal Coronaviruses - 12:02

New System Makes Fast, Customized Antibiotic Treatments Possible - 12:02

Miss USA Inspires USciences Girls Physics Campers - 12:02

Chad Mirkin Named ACS Fellow - 11:02

Bright Thinking Leads to Breakthrough in Nuclear Threat Detection Science - 11:02

Biomechanical Acoustics Study Sheds Light on Running Injuries - 11:02

A Wave's "Sweet Spot" Revealed - 10:02

Brookhaven Lab's Scientific Data and Computing Center Reaches 100 Petabytes of Recorded Data - 10:02

UF's Crane Honored by Horticultural Society - 10:02

Scientists Manipulate 'Signaling' Molecules to Control Cell Migration - 10:02

Study Shows High Pregnancy Failure in Southern Resident Killer Whales; Links to Nutritional Stress and Low Salmon Abundance - 09:02

Flipping the Switch on Controlling Disease-Carrying Insects - 09:02

Banned Chemicals Pass Through Umbilical Cord From Mother to Baby, Research Finds - 07:42

The Cutting EDGE: New Virtual Training Prepares First Responders for Active Shooter Incidents - 03:52

Amy Pritchett Appointed Head of Penn State Aerospace Engineering - 03:52

What's On Your Skin? Archaea, That's What - 03:52

Tiny "Tornado" Boosts Performance of Electrospray Ionization Mass Spectrometry - 03:52

Wednesday th 28th of June 2017

Novel Molecular Dynamics Captures Atomic-level Detail of CRISPR-Cas9 Activity - 16:52

WCS Field Conservationist Nominated for Tusk Award for Conservation in Africa - 16:51

Bacteria-Coated Nanofiber Electrodes Clean Pollutants in Wastewater - 15:02

Johns Hopkins Scientists Develop Super-Strong Metal for Next Tech Frontier - 15:02

Pair Female Engineering Students for Projects, and They Flourish - 15:02

University of Rhode Island Group Takes Holistic Look at Lifestyle and Dementia - 14:01

Guinness World Records Names Engineers' Graphene Aerogel as World's Least Dense 3-D Printed Structure - 13:04

Calculating 'Old' and 'New' Water Runoff - 11:51