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Wednesday th 5th of February 2020

Crowdsourcing Science: Using Competition to Drive Creativity - 16:30

Energy storage startup SPARKZ licenses ORNL cobalt-free battery tech - 16:30

9,900-year-old Mexican female skeleton is morphologically distinct from most of America's earliest known settlers - 15:30

Sun, wind, and hydrogen: New Arctic station will do without diesel fuel - 15:30

What's your brand? - 15:30

Faster than a speeding bullet: Asian hornet invasion spreads to Northern Germany - 15:30

Astronomers discover unusual monster galaxy in the very early universe - 15:30

Astronomers reveal rare double nucleus in nearby 'Cocoon Galaxy' - 15:30

Crystal-stacking process can produce new materials for high-tech devices - 14:40

Research Brief: Ocean Temperatures Impact Central American Climate More than Once Thought - 14:40

Colossal oysters have disappeared from Florida's 'most pristine' coastlines - 14:40

Botanical drug is shown to help patients with head and neck cancers - 13:40

Engineering a Better World Using Mirrors, Sun, and Steam - 13:40

Why males pack a powerful punch - 13:40

Onion growers have new tool versus fungicide-resistant disease - 13:40

Does Simultaneous Use of Marijuana Affect Alcohol Intake and Consequences Among Young Adults? - 11:40

Activating Immune Cells Could Revitalize the Aging Brain, Study Suggests - 10:40

Cathode 'Defects' Improve Battery Performance - 10:40

Scientists Learn More about the First Hours of a Lithium-ion Battery's Life - 10:40

NASA's Webb Will Seek Atmospheres around Potentially Habitable Exoplanets - 10:40

NYU Scientists Sequence the Genome of Basmati Rice - 09:43

Treating wastewater with ozone could convert pharmaceuticals into toxic compounds - 09:43

Fecal excretion of PFAS by pets - 09:43

Fireproof, lightweight solid electrolyte for safer lithium-ion batteries - 09:43

Celebrating the past, present and future of space science - 09:43

Forest soils recovering from effects of acid rain - 08:50

Global Cooling After Nuclear War Would Harm Ocean Life - 06:30

LLNL develops 3D 'brain-on-a-chip' device capable of long-term recording of neural activity - 06:30

Tuesday th 4th of February 2020

Argonne and Washington University scientists unravel mystery of photosynthesis - 19:30

Serum Biomarkers, Metabolite Indicators for Kidney Toxicity, Estrogenic Compound Screening, and More Featured in February 2020 Toxicological Sciences - 17:30

Peeking at the plumbing of one of the Aleutian's most-active volcanoes - 17:30

Researchers successfully test coin-sized smart insulin patch, potential diabetes treatment - 17:30

SLAS Discovery Publishes February Special Issue - 16:30

SLAS Technology's February Issue Now Available - 16:30

Does animal size in zoos matter? - 16:30

Deep learning accurately forecasts heat waves, cold spells - 15:30

Researchers seek to improve hydropower, lower electricity costs - 15:30

MSU partners to establish network to help coastal birds - 14:30

Flyception 2.0: New Imaging Technology Tracks Complex Social Behavior - 14:30

Proposed NY pipeline undermines green energy goals - 14:30

New thalattosaur species discovered in Southeast Alaska - 14:30

Researchers Discover Method to Detect Motor-Related Brain Activity - 12:40

High-Tech Printing May Help Eliminate Painful Shots - 12:40

Iowa delay underscores need for voting tech oversight - 12:40

Brain Links to Embryonic Immunity, Guiding Response of The "Troops" That Battle Infection - 11:50

Tufts University Team Wins a Grand Prize in NSF Idea Machine Competition - 11:50

UAH prepares for massive data streamfollowing coming launch of ESA Solar Orbiter - 11:50

Proximity to Green Spaces Impacts Health - 11:50

LLNL computer scientists explore deep learning to improve efficiency of ride-hailing and autonomous electric vehicles - 06:40

Monday th 3rd of February 2020

Supercomputer Models Improve Oregon/Washington Coastal Forecasts - 20:00