Newswise - Scinews

Wednesday th 26th of July 2017

Air Force Fellows Aim High at Argonne - 15:02

DHS S&T Selects Cyber Apex Solutions for Applied Cybersecurity Research - 15:02

Vanderbilt Astronomers Help NROTC Midshipmen Learn Celestial Navigation - 15:02

Atomic Movies May Help Explain Why Perovskite Solar Cells Are More Efficient - 15:02

Arkansas Professor Receives $500k to Improve Transportation Fuel Cells - 15:02

ORNL's Qualls Tapped for Key New Reactor Development Position - 13:32

Strange Electrons Break the Crystal Symmetry of High-Temperature Superconductors - 12:32

Clothbound Cheddar Conceived at Cornell, Finished in NYC Caves - 12:32

Living Computers: RNA Circuits Transform Cells Into Nanodevices - 12:32

Information Scientist Herbert Van de Sompelto Receive Paul Evan Peters Award - 11:32

Neutrons Peer Into a Running Engine - 11:32

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Names New Director of Lighting Research Center - 11:32

Astronomers Discuss Do's and Don'ts for Viewing Aug. 21 'Great American Eclipse' - 11:32

Long Baseline Neutrino Facility Breaks Ground - 10:32

Adjusting Fertilizers Vital in Claypan Soils - 09:32

Queen's University Belfast Researcher Turning Dirty Tinfoil Into Biofuel Catalyst - 08:32

Institutional Partners Announced for CUR Transformations Project - 08:32

National Research Council Team with USCG and DHS to Advance Icebreaking Technology - 08:32

On Track Towards a Zika Virus Vaccine - 08:32

Researchers Develop DNA Sunscreen That Gets Better the Longer You Wear It - 05:32

Festo to Showcase Laboratory Automation Innovations at AACC 2017 - 01:32

Tuesday th 25th of July 2017

How Do People Decide: Should I Go, Stay, Drink? - 17:32

DOE User Facilities Join Forces to Tackle Biology's Big Data - 16:42

Spotlight Shines on Ground-Breaking Technologies - 16:42

Could Spraying Particles Into Marine Clouds Help Cool the Planet? - 16:42

Olympus to Exhibit Imaging Solutions at 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting & Clinical Lab Expo - 16:42

CSU Joins Effort to Drive Clean Energy Innovation - 16:42

Risk Analysis Releases Special Issue Supporting Global Measles and Rubella Elimination - 15:52

Qubitekk Licenses ORNL Single-Photon Source Approach for Quantum Encryption - 12:52

Kansas State University Researchers Contribute to DUNE, the World's Biggest Neutrino Experiment - 11:52

When Shallow Defects Align, Diamonds Shine for Unprecedented Quantum Sensitivity - 11:52

Cosmologists Produce New Maps of Dark Matter Dynamics - 11:52

A New Optimization Model Could Bring Higher Solar-Power Integration - 10:52

A Bar Magnet Creates Chaos in Plasma - 10:52

NYIT Engineering Professor Is Part of Team Developing Technology for NASA - 10:52

Netherlands-U.S. Cybersecurity R&D Partnership is Thriving - 09:52

New Shark Species Glows in the Dark, Weighs About 2 Pounds and Has a Huge Nose - 08:52

Thousands of Genes Exchanged within Microbial Communities Living on Cheese - 08:02

Making Polymer Chemistry 'Click' - 08:02

Johns Hopkins Experts Available to Discuss Protecting Endangered Species Using DNA Sequencing - 08:02

Dragonfly Brains Predict the Path of Their Prey - 02:42

Magnetic Quantum Objects in A "Nano Egg-Box" - 02:42

Toddlers Begin Learning Rules of Reading, Writing at a Very Early Age, Study Finds - 01:42

Monday th 24th of July 2017

First Secondhand Smoke, Now Secondhand Harm From Drinking - 18:02

Tulane Team Advances Knowledge Toward More Efficient Electronics - 16:32

The Global Biological Standards Institute's 3rd Annual BioPolicy Summit: Improving Reproducibility of Research Through Digital Tools, Technologies and Laboratory Automation - 16:32

Multitasking Monolayers - 16:02

Construction of Massive Neutrino Experiment Kicks Off a Mile Underground - 16:02

Safely Viewing a Solar Eclipse - 13:32

Dark Matter Is Likely 'Cold,' Not 'Fuzzy,' Scientists Report After New Simulations - 13:32