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Wednesday th 9th of August 2017

Biochar Shows Benefits as Manure Lagoon Cover - 08:32

Sibling Termites Take Care of Kids While Moms and Dads Produce Millions More - 08:32

Extinction Mystery Solved? Fossil Evidence Suggests Humans Played a Role in Monkey's Demise in Jamaica - 08:32

Exposure to Antimicrobials During Development May Cause Irreversible Outcomes - 07:32

Tuesday th 8th of August 2017

Eradicating Exotic Pests with 'Infertility Genes' May Be Possible - 18:22

Climate Expert: Grim Findings From 'Leaked' Report Not Surprising - 15:32

DHS S&T Web Tools Help Prepare for Livestock Disease Outbreaks - 15:32

Where Colleges School Google: Creating a Culture That Supports Women, Minorities in STEM - 15:02

Expert Available to Comment on Climate Change Report - 15:02

New Study Discovers "Killer Peptide" That Helps Eliminate Resistant Cancer Cells - 15:02

Climate Change Gardens Brings Plants Back to the Future - 14:02

Tulane Expert Available to Comment on Impact of Climate Change - 14:02

Distributed Wind Power Keeps Spinning, Growing - 12:42

The Aug. 21 Total Solar Eclipse Over the U.S. Is Not Just a Once in a Century Event for Some, It's a Sign of the End Times and the Beginning of the Biblical Apocalypse. - 11:52

Researchers Discover Potentially Harmful Airborne Nanoparticles Produced Through Burning of Coal - 11:52

Annual Wind Power Report Confirms Technology Advancements, Improved Project Performance, and Low Wind Energy Prices - 11:52

Scientists Restore Youthful Plasticity to the Brains of Adult Mice - 11:52

Extreme Heat Linked to Climate Change May Adversely Affect Pregnancy - 10:32

A Taste Cell Encyclopedia - 10:32

New Battery Is Activated by Your Spit - 10:32

Asian Hornet to Colonise UK Within Two Decades Without Action - 09:32

Southern Research Targets Bio-Threats Under BARDA Contracts - 08:32

Researchers Find Non-Dairy Drinks Aren't a Substitute for Nutrient-Rich Dairy Milk - 06:32

Amniotic Sac in a Dish: Stem Cells Form Structures That Could Aid Understanding of Infertility & More - 05:32

Scientists Probe Conditions of Stellar Interiors to Measure Nuclear Reactions - 05:32

Victor H. Reis to Be Awarded John S. Foster, Jr. Medal for Distinguished Contributions to Nuclear Security - 05:32

Big Data Meets Big Healthcare for Veterans - 03:03

Monday th 7th of August 2017

When You're Blue, So Are Your Instagram Photos - 20:32

New Look at Archaic DNA Rewrites Human Evolution Story - 15:32

A New View for Protein Turnover in the Brain - 15:02

UCI Celestial Census Indicates That Black Holes Pervade the Universe - 15:02

The Good, the Bad and the Algae - 15:02

James Peery Named Chief Scientist of the Global Security Directorate at Oak Ridge National Laboratory - 13:32

DHS Selects Arizona State University to Lead Center of Excellence for Accelerating Operational Efficiency - 13:02

UAH Graduate Student Uses Google Earth Engine to Map Surface Water in Niger - 13:02

Big Data Yields Surprising Connections Between Diseases - 12:02

From Greenhouse Gas to 3-D Surface-Microporous Graphene - 12:02

NSU Study Shows The Ocean's Fastest Shark Is Being Threatened By Over Fishing - 11:02

Engineering and Medicine Combine to Fight Brain Cancer - 11:02

Yale Chemist's Upcoming Trial Could Open Doors For New Medical Treatments - 11:02

'Origami Organs' Can Potentially Regenerate Tissues - 09:32

Researchers Get $1.4 Million to Study Novel Therapeutic Approaches to Treat Intestinal Inflammation - 09:32

Study Highlights Complex Causes of Maldives Flooding - 09:02

Making an Ultra-small Silicon "Chip" - 09:02

How to Keep a Vital Diagnostic Isotope in Stock - 07:32

Research Finds Milk Proteins Are Higher-Quality Than Plant Proteins - 07:02

Wichita State University Expert Advises Watching Solar Eclipse with Care - 04:32

Friday th 4th of August 2017

Tracing the Path of Parkinson's Disease Proteins - 16:42

"Monkey Wrench" Molecule Jams Tuberculosis Protein - 16:42

Simultaneous Design and Nanomanufacturing Speeds Up Fabrication - 15:42