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Wednesday th 24th of May 2023

New report finds that carbon capture and storage in California can concurrently serve local communities, the environment and the economy - 13:13

The first global macrogenetic map of marine habitat-forming species - 13:13

Microplastics are harming gut health - 13:13

These spiny mice have a highly unusual feature among living mammals: tails armored with bony plates - 13:13

New Method Predicts Extreme Events More Accurately - 12:17

Watching Molecules Relax in Real Time - 12:17

MD Anderson Research Highlights for May 24, 2023 - 12:17

Democratizing quantum information science - 11:32

Mixing Metals for Improved Performance - 10:12

Overcoming nuke stigma through critical thinking - 09:22

FAU Experts for the 2023 Hurricane Season - 09:22

New technique substantially reduces mouse damage to crops even during plagues - 09:22

AI Used to Advance Drug Delivery System for Glaucoma and Other Chronic Diseases - 09:22

Expert offers safety tips for grilling beef-alternative burgers on Memorial Day - 02:32

Failed antibiotic now a game changing weed killer for farmers - 00:02

Tuesday th 23rd of May 2023

Propellers are louder over ground, researchers find - 20:22

Study reveals unique molecular machinery of woman who can't feel pain - 20:22

Cell phone data from winter snowstorm shows Dallas is resilient - 18:23

NASA's Hubble Hunts for Intermediate-Sized Black Hole Close to Home - 18:23

Hertz Foundation Announces 2023 Hertz Fellows - 18:23

RPI and Albany Medical College Researchers Awarded $3.3 Million To Improve Breast Cancer Treatment Using Artificial Intelligence - 18:23

Element creation in the lab deepens understanding of surface explosions on neutron stars - 18:23

Electronic Noses Sniff Out Volatile Organic Compounds - 18:23

Short-chain Fatty Acids Reduce Inflammation in the Lungs of Older Mice - 18:23

Mice Without a Functional Internal Clock Have Inflexible Breathing - 18:23

Boost for the quantum internet - 18:23

Researchers build bee robot that can twist - 18:23

Prescribed burns encourage foul-smelling invaders - 18:22

A first step to designing better solid-state batteries - 18:22

Liz Laudadio is developing durable materials for clean energy - 18:22

The laws of physics have not always been symmetric. And it may explain why you exist. - 18:22

Coastal ecosystems are a net greenhouse gas sink, new research shows - 18:22

Want a backyard behive? Expert explains benefits and tips for homeowners - 18:22

Q&A: Have a favorite food memory? How technology can help take you back - 18:22

Engineers create bacteria that can synthesize an unnatural amino acid - 18:22

Did dome-headed dinosaurs sport bristly headgear? - 18:22

ASU-designed fiber-reinforced concrete speeds up Phoenix rapid transit construction - 18:22

Experts available to comment on outdoor safety during Memorial Day Weekend - 18:22

Taylor Geospatial Institute Announces Inaugural Class of TGI Fellows - 18:22

Math Primes High-Performance Computing for the Age of AI - 18:22

How the February 2023 Turkiye earthquakes ruptured and produced damaging shaking - 18:22

I'm writing a piece - Dinsa Sachan, Chemistry World - 18:22

Monday th 22nd of May 2023

3 undergraduate researchers from Argonne selected for National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program - 18:12

New Articles on Using Machine Learning to Predict Mammalian Acute Oral Toxicity and the Effects of Vinyl Chloride on Metabolism - 17:23

Two small businesses added to Sandia National Laboratories' Mentor-Protege program - 16:02

Early Frontier users seize exascale advantage, grapple with grand scientific challenges - 16:02

Montreal Protocol Is Delaying First Ice-Free Arctic Summer - 16:02

Can charismatic robots help teams be more creative? - 16:02

Communities should reconsider walking away from curbside recycling, study shows - 12:52

Paul Romatschke: Then and Now / 2012 Early Career Award Winner - 12:52