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Friday th 11th of August 2017

International Physiologists Release Report Detailing a Path Forward for Physiology - 01:52

Three SLAC Scientists Receive DOE Early Career Research Grants - 00:52

Solar Eclipse: Mythic Stories Personify Sun and Moon to Make Sense of Cosmic Disruption - 00:52

Thursday th 10th of August 2017

Risk for Regretted Sex Heightened Among Women High in Alcohol Sensitivity - 17:32

A Metabolic Pathway That Feeds Liver Cancer - 17:02

Attitudes on Human Genome Editing Vary, but All Agree Conversation Is Necessary - 17:02

Meet the Director: Chuck Black - 16:02

Seize the Day: Solar Eclipses Will One Day Be a Thing of the Past - 15:02

Origins of DNA Folding Suggested in Archaea - 15:02

Scientists Find New Way to Map Differences in the Brain - 15:02

Crank the AC, Cut in-Car Pollution - 14:02

Four ORNL Researchers Receive DOE Early Career Funding Awards - 14:02

Genomic and Fluid-Flow Technologies Win Regional Tech-Transfer Awards - 14:02

Chemists Use Electrochemistry to Amp Up Drug Manufacturing - 14:02

UAH Earth System Science Major Helps Map, Preserve Wetlands in Rwanda - 13:02

New Version of DNA Editing System Corrects Underlying Defects in RNA-based Diseases - 13:02

Ecosystem Greenhouse Gases Under Rising Temperatures to Be Studied by WVU Researcher - 13:02

Innovative Way to Understand Nature of an Entire Tiny Particle - 11:32

Mapping the Brain, Neuron by Neuron - 10:32

U Named Among Top 20 Institutions in the World for Innovation and Tech Transfer - 10:32

De-Jargonizing Program Helps Decode Science Speak - 10:32

USB connections make snooping easy - 03:32

Engineers Find Better Way to Detect Nanoparticles - 02:32

Why All the Interest in the Solar Eclipse? It's Not Just a Science Phenomenon, Says DePaul University Sociologist - 02:32

DNA Sequencing Tools Lack Robust Protections Against Cybersecurity Risks - 00:42

Link Between Biological Clock and Aging Revealed - 00:42

Wednesday th 9th of August 2017

Growing a Startup with a Big Impact From a Tiny Fungi - 16:32

USciences Physics Professor Paul Halpern Available to Speak About History of Solar Eclipses Used for Scientific Research - 16:32

Missouri S&T Professor Earns Patent for Energy Storage Technology - 16:32

Energy Efficiency Takes a 'Village' - 16:32

Parasites, Snails May Factor in Adirondack Moose Decline - 16:32

Science Workshops at City of San Diego Libraries Prepare Families to Observe, Experience the Great American Eclipse - 15:32

Chaotic Magnetic Field Lines May Answer the Coronal Heating Problem - 14:32

WVU Completes Study Estimating Urban Forests Provide More Than $59 Million in Ecosystem Services - 14:32

Moon's Magnetic Field Lasted Far Longer Than Once Believed - 14:32

New Analysis Casts Doubt on Predicted Decrease in Oklahoma Earthquakes - 14:32

FSU Research: Ancient Ocean Deoxygenation Provides an Urgent Warning - 14:32

Undergraduate's Path to the Stars Leads Through the Proton - 14:32

First Winged Mammals From the Jurassic Period Discovered - 13:32

Fruit Fly Mutation Foretells 40 Million Years of Evolution - 13:32

New 13 Million-Year-Old Infant Skull Sheds Light on Ape Ancestry - 13:32

Rewired Taste System Reveals How Flavors Move From Tongue to Brain - 13:32

Climate Scientist's Study, Published in Nature, Finds More Frequent Droughts May Endanger Land Carbon Sink - 12:32

Image Release: New Radar Map Reveals the Moon's Hidden Geology - 12:32

Defining Standards for Genomes From Uncultivated Microorganisms - 12:32

Updated Computer Code Improves Prediction of Energetic Particle Motion in Plasma Experiments - 12:32

New Ape Species Named After 13-Million-Year-Old Skull Discovery - 12:32

Researchers 'Count Cars' - Literally - to Find a Better Way to Control Heavy Traffic - 11:32

New Study Tracks Nonnative Plant Species in Timing of Grassland Green-Up - 10:32

Tune in to S&T's Tech Talk on Free First Responder Training - 10:32