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Tuesday th 11th of September 2018

Disease ecologist receives $2.25 million grant to study potential biological warfare agent - 01:50

Monday th 10th of September 2018

Earthquake in China Linked to Reservoir Water - 16:30

NIBIB-Funded Imaging Center at NYU Teams with Facebook on Artificially Intelligent MRI Scanning - 15:30

New Research Shows How We Turn On & Off Languages--And that Doing So is Easier than Previously Thought - 15:30

Biotechnology Company Regeneron and Journalist and Filmmaker Perri Peltz to Receive the 2018 Oliver R. Grace Award for Distinguished Service in Advancing Cancer Research - 15:30

Three Scientists to Receive Top Honors From the Cancer Research Institute for Outstanding Contributions to Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy - 15:30

Hurricane Experts Available to Explain Storm Behavior, Potential Impacts - 15:30

Floridian Turned Midwestern Meteorologist Can Discuss Tropical Storms - 14:30

Global climate trend since Dec. 1 1978: +0.13 C per decade - 14:30

Blast tube tests at Sandia simulate shock wave conditions nuclear weapons could face - 14:30

Florence threatens Northeastern U.S. with flooding, storm surge - 13:30

Drought, conflict and migration in Kenya - 13:30

STAR Team Receives Secretary's Achievement Award - 13:30

DHS Awards $119K to Locuslabs, Inc. for Intelligent Wayfinding Technology - 13:00

Researchers Decode Mood from Human Brain Signals - 13:00

Discovered: Optimal Magnetic Fields for Suppressing Instabilities in Tokamaks - 12:00

Coupling Stress and Corrosion to Predict Metal Failure - 11:00

Researchers Discover How Caged Molecules 'Rattle and Sing' - 10:00

Screening Strategies and Methods for Better Off-Target Liability Prediction and Identification of Small-Molecule Pharmaceuticals - 10:00

Jog Your Memory: Treadmill Desks Don't Hinder Thinking but Can Hamper Memory - 10:00

Coastal experts available as Tropical Storm Florence strengthens and heads toward East Coast - 08:30

What Are Riparian Buffer Strips? - 08:30

Saturday th 8th of September 2018

Algorithms for Atoms - 03:56

Friday th 7th of September 2018

Nanoparticles for Improving Smart-Window Energy Efficiency - 16:31

Changes in the Architecture Around Cancer Cells Can Fuel Their Spread - 16:30

A New Exoplanet Is Discovered by an International Team Led by a Young Master's Student - 15:31

New Electron Glasses Sharpen Our View of Atomic-Scale Features - 14:31

When to evacuate residents during a wildfire - 13:40

DHS Awards Over $167K to Sunnyvale Ca., Startup Kiana Analytics to Develop Port of Entry Technology - 13:40

Finding That Links ALS/Ataxia to Cellular Stress Opens New Approaches for Treatment - 13:40

Getting an Up-Close, 3-D View of Gold Nanostars - 11:32

12th Annual Bat Festival set for Sept. 15 at Indiana State - 10:40

Synthesis Studies Transform Waste Sugar for Sustainable Energy Storage Applications - 10:40

Coal Plant Offsets with Carbon Capture Means Covering 89 Percent of the U.S. In Forests - 05:49

"Bouncer", the Gate-Keeper of the Egg, Controls Sperm Entry - 03:49

Thursday th 6th of September 2018

Mysterious "Lunar Swirls" Point to Moon's Volcanic, Magnetic Past - 23:40

WVU Center for Excellence in STEM Education to Help Rural Students Succeed in STEM Careers - 23:40

UF/IFAS Entomologist Urges Precautions Against Mosquito-Borne Viruses - 23:40

Recycled Oyster Shells and 'Oyster Castles' Create Living Shoreline Protection Along Delaware Bay - 23:40

Harvard Medical School Announces 2018 Media Fellows - 23:40

Rutgers Soil Scientist Available for Interviews on U.S. Soils and Climate Change Study He Co-Authored in Nature - 23:39

Cornell Releases New High-Yield Strawberry, Raspberry Varieties with Longer Lasting Flavor - 23:39

New Study Shows Ways to Maximize Temperature-Lowering Benefits of Chicago's Green Roofs - 23:39

UTEP to Facilitate National Effort to Increase Number of Hispanics in Computing With $10M Grant - 23:39

Writing Code for a More Skilled and Diverse STEM Workforce - 23:39

Ancient farmers spared us from glaciers but profoundly changed Earth's climate - 23:39

Researchers win $3 million NSF grant to train teams of data detectives with ecological expertise - 23:39

Society of Women Engineers Recognizes Sandia Researcher with Its Highest Honor - 23:39

Synthetic DNA Vaccine Effective Against Influenza A Virus Subtype That Is Responsible for More Severe Influenza Seasons - 23:39

Fierce Winds Quench Wildfire-Like Starbirth in Far-Flung Galaxy - 23:39