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Tuesday th 15th of August 2017

Manic Moonday: Astronomer Discusses #solareclipse2017, Why People Should Experience the Celestial Scenery - 14:32

Frogs That Adapt to Pesticides Are More Vulnerable to Parasites - 13:32

Adding Silicon to Soil to Strengthen Plant Defenses - 12:32

Seth Darling Named Director of the Institute for Molecular Engineering at Argonne - 12:32

S&T Evaluates TSA Touch-Free Fingerprint Scanners - 12:32

Lake Trout Adjust Their Behaviour in the Face of a Changing Climate, New Study - 12:32

New Thruster Design Increases Efficiency for Future Spaceflight - 11:32

Unique Imaging of a Dinosaur's Skull Tells Evolutionary Tale - 11:32

Nanotechnology Gives Green Energy a Green Color - 10:32

Soft and Spherical: Researchers Study Dynamics of Drop Impact - 10:32

Is Lead Making Birds More Aggressive? Tulane Researchers Investigate - 10:32

Three Brookhaven Lab Scientists Selected to Receive Early Career Research Program Funding - 10:32

Tidally Locked Exoplanets May Be More Common Than Previously Thought - 09:32

When Does Rock Become Soil? - 09:32

Firmer, Fitter Frame Linked to Firmer, Fitter Brain - 08:32

UofL Researchers Discover Procedure to Regenerate Dormant Cone Cells, Potentially to Improve Vision in Retinitis Pigmentosa - 06:32

Monday th 14th of August 2017

World's Smallest Neutrino Detector Finds Big Physics Fingerprint - 16:42

Probiotics Help Poplar Trees Clean Up Toxins in Superfund Sites - 16:13

DC Hot Stick Developed for First Responder, Worker Safety - 16:13

Carl Sagan Institute Director Talks Voyager Mission, 40 Years Later - 14:32

Video: Dark Matter Hunt with LUX-ZEPLIN - 14:02

USM Names David W. Wise Director of Maryland Momentum Fund - 14:02

How Did the Franklin Expedition Crew Die? U-M Professor Analyzes Sailors' Mouths for Clues - 12:32

DHS S&T Awards Metronome Software $750K to Strengthen Security of First Responder Sensor Systems - 12:32

Sandia Collects More Precise Weather, Climate Data with Help From Unmanned Aerial System - 12:32

UCLA Scientists Identify a New Way to Activate Stem Cells to Make Hair Grow - 12:32

Virtual Detectives Use Social Media to Study Global Fashion Trends - 12:32

New 3-D Simulations Show How Galactic Centers Cool Their Jets - 11:32

Single Molecules Can Work as Reproducible Transistors--at Room Temperature - 10:32

Researchers Discover New Class of Chemical Reaction - 10:32

Now Showing: Researchers Create First 3d Movie of Virus in Action - 10:32

PNNL Scientist Jiwen Fan Receives DOE Early Career Research Award - 10:02

Genetically Engineered Ants Showcase Smell's Role in Social Behavior - 10:02

Upcoming 232nd ECS Meeting to Feature International Energy Summit, Nobel Laureate Lecture - 10:02

U-M Biologist Teaches Microbe-Hunting Skills Honed at Sea - 10:02

Proteins Developed at Boise State University Effectively Fight 58 Types of Tumors - 10:02

New SQUID-Based Detector Opens Up New Fields of Study With New Level of Sensitivity - 08:32

Engineer Looks to Owl Wings for Bio-Inspired Ideas for Quieter Aircraft, Wind Turbines - 07:32

Sunday th 13th of August 2017

Solar Eclipse to Astonish New Jersey and the U.S. On August 21 - 23:52

Saturday th 12th of August 2017

New Battery Material Goes with the Flow - 03:32

When DNA Evidence Challenges Ideas of A Person's Racial Purity, White Supremacists Use a Decision Tree to Affirm or Discount the Results - 03:32

Friday th 11th of August 2017

Sweet! Sugar-Coated Probe Yields Better Acid Test - 15:32

Massive Particles Test Standard Quantum Theory - 14:02

Man on a Mission: CSU San Bernardino Professor Chosen for Special NASA Mission - 14:02

Canary in a Coal Mine: Survey Captures Global Picture of Air Pollution's Effects on Birds - 13:02

The Implications of Cosmic Silence - 13:02

Simulation Demonstrates How Exposure to Plasma Makes Carbon Nanotubes Grow - 11:32

Researchers Use Machine Learning to Spot Counterfeit Consumer Products - 11:32

Night Vision for Bird- & Bat-Friendly Offshore Wind Power - 09:32

Total Eclipse of the Sun: Kansas State University Expert Offers Tips to Safely View Aug. 21 Solar Eclipse - 09:32