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Wednesday th 2nd of August 2017

Fish Out of Water: Loss of 350 Miles of Great Plains Streams Causing Changes in Aquatic Food Web - 09:22

Research That Could Significantly Improve Treatment for Autism Unveiled at 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting - 09:22

Is Laboratory Medicine Ready for Artificial Intelligence? - 08:52

It's Not Just What You Eat, It's What's Eating You - 08:52

Cancer Research Institute and Israel Cancer Research Fund Announce Launch of the Immunotherapy Promise Initiative - 08:52

Siemens Healthineers to Attract Industry Attention with Atellica Solution 510(k) Clearance and New IT Offerings - 00:32

Endangered Bat Species Pollinates Agave Plants - 00:32

IFCC Distinguished Awards 2017! - 00:32

Tuesday th 1st of August 2017

Pregnancy Loss and the Evolution of Sex Are Linked by Cellular Line Dance - 20:02

Latest Research From ACSM: Protein Supplements- Gains Aren't What You Think - 17:02

Magic Helps Unmask How the Brain Works - 17:02

Rivers and Coasts Are the Focus of New Academic Department at Tulane University - 16:02

Story Tips from the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, August 2017 - 16:02

S&T Works with NYPD to Test Communication Systems for Public Safety Use - 16:02

Nineteen and Counting... - 16:02

Developing Gluten-Free Children's Snack - 16:02

UAH Designated Center of Academic Excellence in Geospatial Sciences - 16:02

$9M Grant Will Create Neurotech Research Hub - 16:02

Aye Group Discovers Avenue for Precision Cancer Treatment - 14:32

UF Scientists to Help California, Florida Growers Control Dangerous Avocado Pathogen - 14:32

Two Innovative Methods Could Help to Predict Flu Outbreaks and Prevent the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance - 14:32

Indiana University Experts Available to Comment on Upcoming 2017 Solar Eclipse - 14:32

Climate Scientists Create Caribbean Drought Atlas - 14:32

FSU Research: Chemical Weathering Could Alleviate Some Climate Change Effects - 13:42

Proven Smart Underwear Prevents Back Stress with Just a Tap - 13:42

APA Journals Program Collaborates with Center for Open Science to Advance Open Science Practices in Psychological Research - 12:52

Can the World Defy the Odds on Crossing the 2-Degrees Celsius Threshold? Ask Northwestern Policy, Clean Tech Experts - 12:52

Do Plants and Soil Really 'Talk'? - 11:52

New Algorithm Finds the Optimal Bond Breaking Point for Single Molecules - 11:52

New Theory of Polymer Length Provides Improved Estimates of DNA and RNA Size - 11:52

Olin College of Engineering's Stephen Hannabury Named Distinguished Business Officer of the Year by National Association of College and University Business Officers - 11:52

Findings That Could Lead to the First Blood Test for Kidney Cancer Presented at the 69th AACC Annual Scientific Meeting - 09:52

Association for Women in Science Elects New Board Members to Focus on Innovation and Entrepreneurship in STEM - 09:52

Young Laboratorians Discover Path to Leadership - 08:52

How Powerful is CRISPR? - 08:52

Return of a Classic: Verifying Assay Performance for FDA-Approved Methods - 08:52

Micro-Guests' Role in Pathologic Processes - 08:52

Giant Weedkiller Bottle Torn Down as Europe Debates Future of Glyphosate - 08:52

Ferroelectric Phenomenon Proven Viable for Oxide Electrodes, Disproving Predictions - 08:52

Can Insects Be Used as Evidence to Tell if a Body Has Been Moved? - 07:52

Researchers Describe Cell Structures, Mechanisms That Enable Bacteria to Resist Antibiotics - 05:52

Monday th 31st of July 2017

New Drug May Treat and Limit Progression of Parkinson's Disease - 16:52

Northeastern Farmers Smarter with New Drought Atlas - 16:52

Nuclear Energy Comes Full Circle: Argonne Takes Part in the Start-Up and Shut Down of Nuclear Reactors - 15:52

Bold New Approaches Needed to Shrink Gulf of Mexico Dead Zone and Meet Elusive Goals - 15:52

A Semiconductor That Can Beat the Heat - 14:52

Single-Photon Emitter Has Promise for Quantum Info-Processing - 14:52

Argonne Goes Deep to Crack Cancer Code - 14:52

Researchers to Study the Impact of Bone Loss in Space - 13:52

Energy Storage Solution Combines Polymers and Nanosheets - 12:22