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New blood test may be able to detect cancers earlier

1 day ago from UPI

A new genetic blood test might pave the way for detecting early stage cancers that often prove fatal when caught too late, a new study suggests.

More than 300 dead, 700 missing after Sierra Leone mudslide

2 days ago from UPI

The death toll from heavy flooding and mudslides in Sierra Leone increased to at least 300 dead and 700 missing, officials said Tuesday.

How decision-making habits influence the breast cancer treatments women consider

2 days ago from Science Daily

A new study finds that more than half of women with early stage breast cancer considered an aggressive type of surgery to remove both breasts. The way women generally approach...

'Accelerated approval' drugs: How well are they studied?

2 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have examined the pre-approval and post-approval clinical trials of drugs granted FDA Accelerated Approval between 2009 and 2013.

Newborn heart stem cells may 'reverse aging' of older hearts, study says

2 days ago from UPI

Researchers at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center Heart Institute in Los Angeles indicate that stem cells from newborn hearts may help aging hearts.

Former MLA who survived cancer calls for national HPV vaccination program

2 days ago from CBC: Health

A study published by the Canadian Medical Association Journal showed a significant rise in the proportion of oral cancers caused by the HPV in Canada.

Protein to stop acute cerebral hemorrhage

3 days ago from Physorg

A research team led by Won Bae Jeon at DGIST's Companion Diagnostics and Medical Technology Research Group conducted a joint study with the research team of Professor Jong Eun Lee...

8 dead, several wounded in 2 attacks on U.N. peacekeepers in Mali

3 days ago from UPI

At least eight people were killed and several injured in two separate attacks on United Nations workers in Mali, the U.N. Mission said Monday night.

More Than 500,000 Infected With Cholera in Yemen

3 days ago from NY Times Health

The outbreak, spreading rapidly since it began in April, has killed about 2,000 Yemenis, the World Health Organization said on Monday.

From cancer evolution to personalized therapies

3 days ago from Science Daily

Being able to predict the resistance or sensitivity of a tumor cell to a drug is a key success-factor of cancer precision therapy. But such a prediction is made difficult...

High sugar consumption gives rise to dental treatment costs in the billions

3 days ago from Science Daily

Worldwide, people are eating far too much sugar. This has negative consequences for their teeth and for their purses: seen at the global level, the costs of dental treatment are...

Long-term diabetes complication: Liver inflammation raises cholesterol levels

3 days ago from Science Daily

Inflammatory processes in the liver lead to elevated cholesterol levels in people with diabetes, thus promoting subsequent vascular diseases. The new research presents a previously unknown mechanism.

Are your tweets feeling well?

3 days ago from Science Daily

A study finds opinion and emotion in tweets change when you get sick, a method that public health workers could use to monitor health trends.

Survey: U.S. workplace very physically, emotionally taxing

3 days ago from UPI

The U.S. workplace is physically and emotionally demanding -- with schedule conflicts, excessive overtime and work off the clock, a new two-year survey says.

Proteins Developed at Boise State University Effectively Fight 58 Types of Tumors

3 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

Boise State University researchers have created anti-cancer drugs that are effective at killing 58 of the 60 types of tumors found in the National Cancer Institutes NCI-60 panel of cancer...

Police try out new database for documenting opioid overdoses

3 days ago from AP Health

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Police in Massachusetts are testing a new database for documenting opioid overdoses they hope will help departments share information...

Scans show lower brain serotonin levels linked to dementia

3 days ago from UPI

Researchers at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine found that lower levels of serotonin transporter in the brain are linked to dementia.

Ginger Zee of 'Good Morning America' expecting second son

3 days ago from UPI

Meteorologist Ginger Zee announced she's pregnant and expecting another baby boy with Ben Aaron in February.

'Bachelor' alum Vienna Girardi miscarries twin daughters

3 days ago from UPI

"Bachelor" Season 14 winner Vienna Girardi announced her unborn twins "went to Heaven" while she was 18 weeks pregnant.

New insights into the fuctions of fat metabolism

4 days ago from Physorg

What happens when the body's fat stores are activated? With the support of the Austrian Science Fund FWF, the biochemist Ruth Birner-Grünberger investigated the complex interaction of activation and regulation...

Personal Health: When Sports Injuries Lead to Arthritis in Joints

4 days ago from NY Times Health

In the rush to get back in the game, we may short-circuit the rehabilitation needed to allow an injured joint to heal fully.

Where have all the leaders gone?

4 days ago from UPI

The British government, and by extension its American cousins, are suffering from an acute absence of leaders and leadership.

Hologram technology could lead to improved diagnoses of chronic diseases in remote areas

4 days ago from Physorg

A new system developed by UCLA researchers could make it easier and less expensive to diagnose chronic diseases, particularly in remote areas without expensive lab equipment.

Childhood malnutrition in residential schools linked to diabetes, heart disease in adults

4 days ago from CBC: Health

"We need to start looking at hunger in residential schools as a real predictor of long-term health problems," writes Ian Mosby in the Canadian Medical Association Journal today.

Sleep biology discovery could lead to new insomnia treatments that don't target the brain

4 days ago from Science Daily

Scientists report the first evidence that a gene outside the brain controls the ability to rebound from sleep deprivation -- a very surprising discovery that could eventually lead to greatly...

New measure of insulin-making cells could gauge diabetes progression, treatment

4 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have developed a new measurement for the volume and activity of beta cells, the source of the sugar-regulating hormone insulin.

FDA: 5 dead after receiving surgically implanted obesity treatment device

4 days ago from UPI

The Food and Drug Administration said it as opened an investigation after five people died shortly after obesity treatment surgery in which a silicone balloon device was inserted into their...

Jacksonville Jaguars WR Marqise Lee suffers serious lower-leg injury, carted off field

4 days ago from UPI

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee was carted off the practice field Sunday after suffering what appeared to be a serious injury to his right leg.