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Peroxisomes identified as 'fighters' in the battle against bacterial infections

17 hours ago from Science Daily

Peroxisomes are required for cells in the innate immune response to bacteria and fungi. Now scientists have found that peroxisomes are necessary for proper functioning of the innate immune system,...

Father charged in baby boy's fatal overdose of opioid combo

23 hours ago from AP Health

HAMILTON, Ohio (AP) -- An Ohio man has been charged in the fatal drug overdose of his 1-year-old son....

Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor to wear 8-ounce gloves in fight

1 day ago from UPI

Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor will wear 8-ounce boxing gloves for their highly anticipated fight on Aug. 26, the Nevada State Athletic Commission announced.

Starting opioid addiction treatment in the ED is cost-effective

1 day ago from Science Daily

The most cost-effective treatment for people with untreated opioid addiction who visit the emergency department (ED) is buprenorphine, a medication to reduce drug cravings and withdrawal, say researchers.

Possible Roots of Schizophrenia Uncovered, UCI Study Finds

1 day ago from Newswise - Scinews

An abundance of an amino acid called methionine, which is common in meat, cheese and beans, may provide new clues to the fetal brain development that can manifest in schizophrenia,...

Combination of traditional chemotherapy, new drug kills rare cancer cells in mice

1 day ago from Science Daily

An experimental drug combined with the traditional chemotherapy drug cisplatin, when used in mice, destroyed a rare form of salivary gland tumor and prevented a recurrence within 300 days, a...

Drug-delivering micromotors treat their first bacterial infection in the stomach

1 day ago from Science Daily

Nanoengineers have demonstrated, for the first time, using micromotors to treat a bacterial infection in the stomach. These tiny vehicles, each about half the width of a human hair, swim...

The environmental injustice of beauty

1 day ago from Science Daily

A commentary calls for policies to protect women, especially minority women, from exposure to toxic chemicals in beauty products.

CDC: More U.S. teens are dying of opioid overdose

1 day ago from UPI

WEDNESDAY, Aug. 16, 2017 -- The rate of opioid drug overdose deaths among older teenagers in the United States has taken a turn for the worse, a new federal report...

Estrogen receptor stem cells found in mammary glands

1 day ago from Science Daily

One of the key questions in stem cell and cancer biology is to understand the cellular hierarchy governing tissue development and maintenance and the cancer cell of origin. Researchers have...

Opioid antidote naloxone 'impossible' to find in Gatineau, says nursing prof

1 day ago from CBC: Health

A Gatineau-based nursing professor says it's proving "impossible" to find naloxone in the city — and across the rest of Quebec, too — and is calling on the provincial government...

Brain tumor cells' adaptation to oxygen deprivation mapped

1 day ago from Science Daily

The most aggressive variant of brain tumor – glioblastoma – has an average survival rate of 15 months. There is therefore an urgent need for new treatment strategies for this...

Report: North Korea cracks down on Pyongyang population growth

1 day ago from UPI

North Korean authorities want to decrease the number of residents living in Pyongyang, the country's showcase capital city, according to sources in the country.

Missing engagement ring found on garden carrot 13 years later

1 day ago from UPI

A Canadian woman's missing engagement ring turned up 13 years later stuck around a carrot on her family's farm.

Golfers invent new beer body surfing sport at Canadian course

1 day ago from UPI

A group of golfers tackling a Canadian course used a delay to invent a new sport involving a golf cart, a man flat on his back on the ground, and...

Study: Vaginal estrogens do not raise risk of cancer

1 day ago from UPI

Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles found that vaginal estrogen use in post-menopausal women does not increase the risk of cancer.

Stroke victim, 27, determined to get back on her feet — with husband's help

1 day ago from CBC: Health

Carly White woke up in a hospital with a piece of her brain removed and no recollection of how she got there. Now, she is warning others to not ignore...

Sperm Count in Western Men Has Dropped Over 50 Percent Since 1973, Paper Finds

1 day ago from NY Times Science

Research that studied semen samples from nearly 43,000 men from 50 countries detected a sharp downward trend that is provoking broad health concerns.

Meals for Your Eclipse Menu

2 days ago from NY Times Science

In parts of the United States, the eclipse will occur around lunchtime. Consider planning a picnic. (At least, have a crescent-shaped cookie.)

Texas transgender 'bathroom bill' dies for second time this year

2 days ago from UPI

The Texas legislature ended its special session late Tuesday without passing a controversial proposal to restrict public restroom access to transgender persons.

State of the Art: A Start-Up Suggests a Fix to the Health Care Morass

2 days ago from NY Times Health

Aledade, a tech start-up, is working to reduce health care costs while improving care. The results are on view at two medical practices in southeast Kansas.

Raising the minimum wage would reduce child neglect cases

2 days ago from Physorg

Raising the minimum wage by $1 per hour would result in a substantial decrease in the number of reported cases of child neglect, according to a new study co-authored by...

Heart risks may rise after cancer diagnosis

2 days ago from UPI

As if people newly diagnosed with cancer don't have enough to worry about, a new study suggests the diagnosis may put their hearts at risk, too.

San Francisco 49ers WR Marquise Goodwin's track suspension won't affect NFL career

2 days ago from UPI

San Francisco 49ers wide receiver Marquise Goodwin was suspended by the United States Anti-Doping Agency for one year on Tuesday.

Washington Redskins safety Su'a Cravens set for knee surgery

2 days ago from UPI

Washington Redskins safety Su'a Cravens is expected to be ready for the season opener despite being slated to undergo a meniscus trim.

Denver Broncos RB Jamaal Charles out for Saturday's contest vs. San Francisco 49ers

2 days ago from UPI

Running back Jamaal Charles will have to wait a bit longer to make his preseason debut with the Denver Broncos.

Flu Shot Facts & Side Effects (Updated for 2017-2018)

2 days ago from Live Science

The seasonal flu shot is a yearly vaccine administered to protect against the flu, or influenza. In the United States, flu shots are recommended for everyone ages 6 months and...

Can Previous Exposure to West Nile Alter the Course of Zika?

2 days ago from Newswise - Scinews

EL PASO, Texas - West Nile virus is no stranger to the U.S.-Mexico border; thousands of people in the region have contracted the mosquito-borne virus in the past. But could...