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Blood pressure drug linked to death risk, study says

4 days ago from UPI

A well-known drug used to control blood pressure and angina has been linked to out-of-hospital heart failure, a new study says.

Lower blood pressure boosts brain function in elderly, study says

4 days ago from UPI

Having lower blood pressure can boost brain function in older adults, a new study says.

Grow a better jawbone in your ribs

4 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have developed a technique to grow custom-fit bone implants to repair jawbone injuries from a patient's own rib.

Diabetes drug effective against heart failure in wide spectrum of patients

4 days ago from Science Daily

The cardiovascular benefits of the diabetes drug dapagliflozin extend across a wide spectrum of patients and are especially pronounced in those with reduced ejection fraction, a measure of the heart's...

Light physical activity linked to lower risk of heart disease in older women

4 days ago from Science Blog

Light physical activity such as gardening, strolling through a park, and folding clothes might be enough to significantly lower the risk of cardiovascular disease among women 63 and older, a...

Manganese exposure helps spread Parkinson’s disease protein

4 days ago from C&EN

High levels of the heavy metal coax nerve cells to pump out exosomes that transmit the misfolded, pathogenic protein to other cells, study finds

Doctors: Early Detection Is Possible for Pancreatic Cancer

4 days ago from NY Times Health

We can help people at risk, but it is much more challenging if most people think that early detection and prevention are impossible.

Trump Plans to End the AIDS Epidemic. In Places Like Mississippi, Obstacles Are Everywhere.

4 days ago from NY Times Science

The administration will focus on more than fifty “hot spots” in the U.S. that annually account for half of new H.I.V. infections. A clinic in the Deep South sees the...

Watch: Olivia Wilde, Ellen DeGeneres cut Jason Sudeikis' hair

4 days ago from UPI

Olivia Wilde and Ellen DeGeneres cut off Jason Sudeikis' long hair on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show."

Orangutan blinded after being shot 74 times with air gun pellets

An orangutan with a young baby on Indonesia's Sumatra island was blinded after being shot at least 74 times with an air gun.

Zika study may 'supercharge' vaccine research

4 days ago from Physorg

Scientists looking at the genetics of Zika virus have found a way to fast-track research which could lead to new vaccines.

Eight new unique gene mutations in patients with hereditable heart muscle disease

4 days ago from Science Daily

Researchers have identified eight new gene mutations that may cause or contribute to idiopathic dilated cardiomyopathy, a form of heart disease not caused by known external influences, such as high...

Taking statins for heart disease cuts risk in half, yet only 6 percent of patients taking as directed

4 days ago from Science Daily

A new study finds that taking statins for heart disease cuts risk of second serious event in half, yet only 6 percent of patients are following as directed.

Pure Omega-3 prescription drug markedly reduces first, repeat and total CV events

4 days ago from Science Daily

Taking a high dose of icosapent ethyl -- a pure and stable prescription form of the omega-3 fatty acid known as EPA -- significantly reduces the occurrence of first, subsequent...

OPP use naloxone to save woman's life twice in 1 day

4 days ago from CBC: Health

Ontario Provincial Police are extolling the virtues of the opioid antidote naloxone after using it to save a woman’s life when she overdosed twice in 24 hours over the weekend.

Filling the medical care gap or causing cracks? Telus launches health app

4 days ago from CBC: Health

Telecom giant Telus has launched a controversial health app, sparking debate over whether it will help cure doctor shortages or cause health care complications.

Scientists identify compounds in coffee which may inhibit prostate cancer

4 days ago from Science Daily

For the first time, scientists have identified compounds found in coffee which may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer. This is a pilot study, carried out on drug-resistant cancer cells...

New practice corrects pump function in heart failure

4 days ago from Science Daily

New results pave the way for a new standard of care to improve the heart's pump function in selected patients with heart failure.

Drinking soda linked to 31 percent death risk increase

4 days ago from UPI

A new study shows that people who drink two or more sugar-filled beverages, such as soda, have a 31 percent greater chance of dying early from a cardiovascular event.

Tilt training prevents fainting, study suggests

4 days ago from Science Daily

Tilt training effectively prevents fainting, according to new research. The program also improved quality of life, reduced the worry and fear about future fainting and enabled patients to return to...

Boeing crashes cast spotlight on US aviation regulator

5 days ago from Physorg

Was the United States complacent in its certification of the Boeing 737 MAX?

'Antibiotic envelope' may cut infection risk after pacemaker implant

5 days ago from UPI

Tucking a pacemaker inside an antibiotic-soaked mesh envelope before implanting it can drastically reduce risk of a dangerous infection, a study shows.

Monopoly was designed 100 years ago to teach the dangers of capitalism

5 days ago from Physorg

Have you played Monopoly lately? Or maybe snakes and ladders? These board games are examples of 100-year-old games that many still play today.

Higher consumption of sugary beverages linked with increased risk of early mortality

5 days ago from Science Daily

The more sugar-sweetened beverages (SSBs) people consumed, the greater their risk of premature death--particularly death from cardiovascular disease, and to a lesser extent from cancer, according to a large long-term...

At least 24 killed in Congo freight train crash, mainly children

5 days ago from UPI

At least two dozen people, mostly children, were killed Monday when a train derailed in the Democratic Republic of Congo, authorities said.

Drinking Sugary Beverages Linked with Early Death

5 days ago from Live Science

A new study finds that drinking sugar-sweetened beverages is tied to an increased risk of early death.

'Just asking for a safe future': Thousands of B.C. students protest political inaction on climate change

Thousands walked out of class Friday afternoon to join protests in front of the Art Gallery in downtown Vancouver and outside the provincial legislature in Victoria.

Environmental degradation threat to health, says UN

5 days ago from SciDev

The effects of urbanisation and population growth could lead to millions of premature deaths, report warns.