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Unknowlingly consuming endangered tuna

8 years ago from

While most of us would never willingly consume a highly endangered species, doing so might be as easy as plucking sushi from a bento box. New genetic detective work from...

Chromosomes dance and pair up on the nuclear membrane

8 years ago from Biology News Net

Meiosis – the pairing and recombination of chromosomes, followed by segregation of half to each egg or sperm cell – is a major crossroads in all organisms reproducing sexually. Yet,...

New insights into the physiology of cockroaches

8 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have shed new light on how the cockroach organism works. They have shown why the German cockroach (Blatella germanica) eliminates excess nitrogen by excreting ammonia, in contrast to most...

Video: Keeping Up With The Apps

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

So many apps, so little time. Daniel Sieberg reports on the hundreds of apps taking up space on our cell phones.

Client-directed therapy technique drastically reduces divorce rates

8 years ago from

Using four simple questions to generate client-directed feedback can greatly increase the chances that struggling couples will stay together, according to a recently published study...

Gene Knockout May Cheer Up Mice

8 years ago from Science Daily

A gene in the brain that was not previously linked to mood disorders could have a role in biopolar, depression, and schizophrenic conditions.

Selective sequencing solves a genetic mystery

8 years ago from News @ Nature

Examining only protein-coding genes finds cause of Miller syndrome.

Humans still evolving as our brains shrink

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

Evolution in humans is commonly thought to have essentially stopped in recent times. But there are plenty of examples that the human race is still evolving, including our brains, and...

Long toes may give sprinters more speed

8 years ago from CBC: Technology & Science

Sprinters with long toes and short heel bones could have an advantage over other runners, research suggests.

Australian agency moves to calm climate row

8 years ago from News @ Nature

Researcher will be allowed to publish his paper after making 'tiny' changes.

Computers And A Philosophy Of Biology

8 years ago from

Biology consists of much detailed information regarding genetics, molecular biology, biochemistry, and a variety of other components.  This has provided a great deal of insight into how life functions, evolves,...

Rapacious Rasberry ants march north

8 years ago from Physorg

Poor Texas. First it was killer bees, then fire ants. Now, it's the Rasberry ants.

New Orchid Deception Found: Wearing The Scent Of Hornet's Prey

8 years ago from Science Daily

Orchids are famous for their deceptions. Most of those with nothing of value to offer their pollinators lure them instead with the scents of more rewarding flowers or potential mates....

'Language gene' effects explored

The FOXP2 "language gene" in humans is barely different from the one in chimpanzees, but has massively different effects.

India to move all zoo elephants to wildlife parks

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

All elephants living in Indian zoos and circuses will be moved to wildlife parks and game sanctuaries where the animals can graze more freely, officials said Friday. ...

Neglected UK seas catch break with new legislation

8 years ago from

The UK Government has today introduced new legislation that will make the region's neglected seas much healthier, reversing years of overfishing and habitat loss...

Two proteins act as molecular tailors in DNA repair

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- On average, our cells encounter a very lethal form of DNA damage 10 times a day. Lucky for us, we have the capacity to repair each and every...

Crikey steveirwini! Snail honour for late Aussie star

8 years ago from Physorg

An Australian scientist has paid an unusual tribute to late conservation star Steve Irwin by naming a rare species of snail "crikey steveirwini".

Lack Of VEGF Can Cause Defects Similar To Dry Macular Degeneration

8 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have found that when the eye is missing a diffusible form of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), i.e. one that when secreted can reach other cells at a distance,...

Feature: Low success from rainforest revegetation investment

8 years ago from Science Alert

To achieve succesful outcomes, the project of rainforest revegetation in Australia requires a wholistic solution and long term monitoring.

New paper describes connections between Circadian and metabolic systems

8 years ago from Science Blog

A paper by University of Notre Dame biologist Giles Duffield and a team of researchers offers new insights into a gene that plays a key role in modulating the...

Mouse Brain Surgery And Mouse Welfare

8 years ago from

As a mouse vet, my job is to suggest refinements to make cancer studies as easy as possible on the mice.  read more

Chemical Reactions Guide Birds Home

8 years ago from Science NOW

Two new studies help reveal nature of internal compass [Read more]

A biology whodunnit: are rodents helping protect trees from fire?

8 years ago from Physorg

Tom Parker has made an unusual find. In California forests and shrubland that burned in 2008, he has spotted Manzanita seedlings sprouting in tight clusters, suggesting that the young shrubs...

Study uncovers fruit fly metabolism gene

8 years ago from UPI

BONN, Germany, Nov. 12 (UPI) -- German scientists say they have discovered a new fruit fly gene that directs the metabolism of fat.

Power cut during heat wave shuts Australian zoo

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

The beavers took cover in their underwater lodges, but hundreds of other animals were left seeking shade or a cooling breeze Thursday when a power outage hit an Australian zoo...

Super-sniffing bees combat colony pest

8 years ago from MSNBC: Science

In an effort to stem a massive bee die-off, government scientists have developed a population of honeybees that can root out a main culprit in the epidemic. ...

California Academy of Sciences becomes first aquarium in US to breed dwarf cuttlefish

8 years ago from Physorg

Anchored to an algae-covered rock in a 120-gallon tank at the California Academy of Sciences' Steinhart Aquarium, a cluster of inky-colored cuttlefish eggs is beginning to swell -evidence of success...