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Rare Tiger Cubs Filmed

8 years ago from National Geographic

A tiger and two cubs captured by a camera trap on the Indonesian island of Sumatra are the first evidence that the imperiled big cats are breeding in the region,...

Weed chokes inshore reefs

8 years ago from Science Alert

A big survey has found seaweed dominating large areas of the Great Barrier Reef – which could be natural, or a sign of trouble.

Sierras' current height goes back 50 million years, study finds

8 years ago from LA Times - Science

The finding adds to a growing body of evidence that the mountain range is much older than previously believed, and has implications for evolutionary studies. ...

Silencing the brain with light

8 years ago from MIT Research

Giving epilepsy patients an electric jolt to shut off out-of-control neuron firing during seizures is being explored as a way to treat the chronic brain disorder. New research from MIT now raises the...

Unraveling kidney cancer: Mutations in the genome regulation machinery identified in clear cell renal cell carcinoma

8 years ago from Science Daily

Scientists have searched for mutations in more than 100 kidney cancer samples, the largest number of samples from a single tumor type to be sequenced to date. They looked for...

H1N1 virus spreads easily by plane

8 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have developed a novel mathematical model that predicts the spread of the H1N1 virus on long airplane flights could be significant, particularly if the infected individual travels in economy...

Frogs' secret disposal system revealed

8 years ago from News @ Nature

Talented amphibians urinate foreign objects implanted in their body cavities.

For This Microbe, Cousins Not Particularly Welcome

8 years ago from Newswise - Scinews

A bacterial species that depends on cooperation to survive is discriminating when it comes to the company it keeps. Scientists from Indiana University Bloomington and Netherlands' Centre for Terrestrial Ecology...

DOJ To Review Comcast, NBC Deal

8 years ago from CBSNews - Science

But Antitrust Chief Varney Has Vowed To Take Hard Look At Big Combinations

CSHL scientists uncover role of protein critical for activating DNA replication

8 years ago from Science Blog

Scientists at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) have discovered how a protein long known to be an essential activator of DNA replication actually triggers this process in cells.

Feature: Honey possums may suffer the heat

8 years ago from Science Alert

Research indicates that the tiny honey possum, uniquely adapted to its habitat, could be extremely vulnerable to climate change in the near future.

Scientists probe mystery of loop current in eastern Gulf of Mexico

8 years ago from Science Daily

A new study examines the circulation in the eastern Gulf of Mexico and sheds new light on the behavior of the Loop Current and Loop Current Eddies, the relation between...

Researchers discover a way to strengthen proteins

8 years ago from Science Daily

Proteins, which perform such vital roles in our bodies as building and maintaining tissues and regulating cellular processes, are a finicky lot. In order to work properly, they must be...

Birds fight alien parasites: Darwin's finches develop antibodies to flies, pox virus

8 years ago from Science Daily

Unlike Hawaii and other island groups, no native bird has gone extinct in the Galapagos Islands, although some are in danger. Biologists have found that finches -- the birds Darwin...

Study identifies a protein complex possibly crucial for triggering embryo development

8 years ago from

The DNA contained within each of our cells is exactly the same, yet different types of cells - skin cells, heart cells, brain cells - perform very different functions. The...

Cell Phone Radiation Might Improve Memory

8 years ago from Live Science

Radiation from cell phones may protect against Alzheimer's disease, at least in mice, a new study finds.

UPI NewsTrack Health and Science News

8 years ago from UPI

Dolphins smarter than chimps ... Some 27 million in U.S. have hearing loss ... Endangered sea turtles rescued in N.C. ... Bacteria linked to some cancers ... Health/Science news from...

From crickets to whales, animal calls have something in common

8 years ago from Biology News Net

Scientists who compare insect chirps with ape calls may look like they are mixing aphids and orangutans, but researchers have found common denominators in the calls of hundreds of species...

Viral Infiltration

8 years ago from C&EN

Human Evolution: Our blueprint contains genetic information from an unexpected viral source.

Carbon nanotubes show promise for high-speed genetic sequencing

8 years ago from Physorg

( -- Faster sequencing of DNA holds enormous potential for biology and medicine, particularly for personalized diagnosis and customized treatment based on each individual's genomic makeup. At present however, sequencing...

Viral phenomenon: Ancient microbe invaded human DNA

8 years ago from Physorg

Humans carry in their genome the relics of an animal virus that infected their forerunners at least 40 million years ago, according to research published Wednesday by the British science...

The science and magic of cheesemaking | Andy Connelly

8 years ago from The Guardian - Science

Andy Connelly describes the heady combination of chemistry, cooking and adventure that is cheesemakingWhen I think of cheese, my mind returns to a mountain farm in the French Pyrenees with a spectacular view...

Researchers discover antibody receptor identity, propose renaming immune-system gene

8 years ago from Science Daily

Researchers have uncovered the genetic identity of a cellular receptor for the immune system's first-response antibody, a discovery that sheds new light on infection control and immune disorders. The discovery...

From crickets to whales, animal calls have something in common

8 years ago from Science Daily

Animals produce a tremendous diversity of sounds for communication to perform life's basic functions, from courtship and parental care to defense and foraging. Explaining this diversity in sound production is...

Rare Breeds, Frozen in Time

8 years ago from NY Times Science

A group in Rhode Island has created a fertility bank for heritage livestock, freezing embryos in preparation for an outbreak of disease — or the next food trend.

Wood-Based Synthetic Bone is Just Like the Real Thing

8 years ago from PopSci

First, there was the wooden peg leg. Then came bone replacements made of various metals and ceramics. Now, in the 21st century, we're back to wood. But this ain't your average sea...

Targeted For Regulation

8 years ago from C&EN

Toxic Substances: EPA names four categories of chemicals for action, including restrictions and bans.

Female birds -- acting just like the guys -- become sexual show-offs in cooperative breeding species

8 years ago from Science Daily

Female birds in species that breed in groups can find themselves under pressure to sexually show off and evolve the same kinds of embellishments -- like fanciful tail feathers or...