Biology News Net

Thursday the 8th of October 2015

Researchers create 'leukemia in a dish' to better study it - 18:00

Wednesday the 7th of October 2015

Shaking up the foundamentals of epigenetics - 16:20

'Chromosomal Chaos:' Complex array of mutations found in rare, aggressive leukemia - 16:20

Detecting HIV diagnostic antibodies with DNA nanomachines - 16:20

Tuesday the 6th of October 2015

Dengue protein modulates human enzyme: Fuel for replication - 15:00

Restoring vision with stem cells - 15:00

Monday the 5th of October 2015

True colors: Using molecular analysis to clarify dino color claims - 16:30

Genetic differences among monkeys in Tanzania show troubling pattern - 16:30

Study reveals key structure in telomerase enzyme, a target for cancer drugs - 16:30

Are fish the greatest athletes on the planet? - 16:30

Thursday the 1st of October 2015

Study examines scale of gene mutations in human neurons - 15:50

New DNA stain lights up living cells - 15:50

Saturday the 26th of September 2015

Deep-diving whales could hold answer for synthetic blood - 02:50

Identification of a novel protein that protects against bowel inflammation - 02:50

Chip-based technology enables reliable direct detection of Ebola virus - 02:50

Sunday the 20th of September 2015

DNA sequencing to improve treatment of urinary infections - 03:00

'Tree of life' for 2.3 million species released - 03:00

Trinity researchers report major breakthrough in understanding Alzheimer's disease - 03:00

Tuesday the 15th of September 2015

Virus in cattle linked to human breast cancer - 15:50

In first, Salk scientists use sound waves to control brain cells - 15:50

New DNA research reveals genetic heritage of elusive vaquita - 15:50

Monday the 14th of September 2015

Whole genome-sequencing uncovers new genetic cause for osteoporosis - 18:00

World has lost 3 percent of its forests since 1990 - 18:00

Size matters -- the more DNA the better - 18:00

Thursday the 10th of September 2015

Some things are too good to be true: Lycaenid butterfly larvae manipulate ants - 18:21

Blood cancers develop when immune cell DNA editing hits off-target spots - 18:20

New species of human relative discovered in S.A. cave - 18:20

Wednesday the 9th of September 2015

Preventing chromosomal chaos: Protein-based genome-stabilizing mechanism discovered - 16:30

Tuesday the 8th of September 2015

New findings shed light on fundamental process of DNA repair - 18:20

Researchers find new clue to halting leukemia relapse - 18:20

Large funnel-web spider find surprises scientists - 18:20

Monday the 7th of September 2015

Synthetic proteins help solve structure of the fluoride ion channel - 14:00

Dually noted: New CRISPR-Cas9 strategy edits genes 2 ways - 14:00

Early warning gene signature for Alzheimer's - 14:00

Tree of life study unveils inner workings of a cell - 14:00

Thursday the 3rd of September 2015

Variations in cell programs control cancer and normal stem cells - 16:00

Genetic factors drive roles of gut bacteria in diabetes and obesity - 16:00

Study reveals the genetic start-up of a human embryo - 16:00

Innovative visualization technology to help strengthen climate change action - 16:00

X-rays reveal fossil secrets - 16:00

One step closer to cheaper antivenom - 16:00

Wednesday the 2nd of September 2015

Changing the biological data visualization world - 16:00

A marine creature's magic trick explained - 16:00

Silk bio-ink could help advance tissue engineering with 3-D printers - 16:00

Cellular recycling complexes may hold key to chemotherapy resistance - 16:00

Tuesday the 1st of September 2015

First imagery from echolocation reveals new signals for hunting bats - 17:30

Inntags: new tools for innocuous protein tagging - 17:30

Using DNA origami to build nanodevices of the future - 17:30

Monday the 31st of August 2015

DNA-guided 3-D printing of human tissue is unveiled - 14:00

Epigenomic changes are key to innate immunological memory - 14:00