Biology News Net

Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Damaged DNA may stall patrolling molecule to initiate repair - 18:20

Tuesday the 27th of January 2015

Supercomputing the evolution of a model flower - 19:20

Tracking DNA helps scientists trace origins of genetic errors - 19:20

Monday the 26th of January 2015

Brain's on-off thirst switch identified - 19:00

Thursday the 22nd of January 2015

Genome-wide search reveals new genes involved in long-term memory - 20:00

Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system development - 20:00

Tuesday the 20th of January 2015

Hidden cell types revealed - 18:30

Mapping the maize genome - 18:30

Monday the 19th of January 2015

A new neural circuit controls fear in the brain - 17:30

Predatory sea snails produce weaponized insulin - 17:30

Thursday the 15th of January 2015

Treating non-healing bone fractures with stem cells - 18:30

Eczema woes not just skin deep - 18:30

Out of the pouch: Ancient DNA from extinct giant roos - 18:30

Wednesday the 14th of January 2015

Temporary tattoo offers needle-free way to monitor glucose levels - 17:50

Jaw mechanics of a shell-crushing Jurassic fish revealed - 17:50

Monday the 12th of January 2015

Hybrid 'super mosquito' resistant to insecticide-treated bed nets - 16:30

23andMe announces collaboration with Pfizer Inc. to conduct genetic research - 16:30

Do viruses make us smarter? - 16:30

Sunday the 11th of January 2015

Researchers uncover cellular mechanism that protects lungs during severe infections - 16:30

Novel breast cancer gene found - 16:30

Tumor-blocking role found for cell regulation molecule - 16:30

Going viral: Targeting brain cancer cells with a wound-healing drug - 16:30

Wednesday the 24th of December 2014

Scientists identify rare cancer's genetic pathway - 21:50

Wednesday the 10th of December 2014

New way to turn genes on - 18:30

New breast cancer classification based on epigenetics - 18:30

Tuesday the 9th of December 2014

Ancient engravings rewrite human history - 19:00

Genome sequencing traces MRSA spread in high transmission setting - 19:00

Thursday the 4th of December 2014

New single-cell analysis reveals complex variations in stem cells - 19:00

Mini chromosomes that strengthen tumors - 19:00

Response to viral infections depends on the entry route of the virus - 19:00

Tuesday the 2nd of December 2014

King Richard III -- case closed after 529 years - 19:20

Revealed: How bacteria drill into our cells and kill them - 19:20

Monday the 1st of December 2014

Taking the 'mute' off silenced gene may be answer to Angelman syndrome - 18:50

Mass extinction led to many new species of bony fish - 18:50

bioliq: Complete process chain is running - 18:50

Thursday the 27th of November 2014

Fragile X study offers hope of new autism treatment - 19:10

Notre Dame biologist leads sequencing of the genomes of malaria-carrying mosquitoes - 19:10

Wednesday the 26th of November 2014

Two studies identify a detectable, pre-cancerous state in the blood - 20:00

Monday the 24th of November 2014

Lionfish analysis reveals most vulnerable prey as invasion continues - 17:30

ASU, IBM move ultrafast, low-cost DNA sequencing technology a step closer to reality - 17:30

Thursday the 20th of November 2014

Imagination, reality flow in opposite directions in the brain - 19:00

Intrepid scientific explorer recounts lifetime of work and adventure in Amazon - 19:00

Wednesday the 19th of November 2014

New view of mouse genome finds many similarities, striking differences with human genome - 18:31

Natural gut viruses join bacterial cousins in maintaining health and fighting infections - 18:31

Ancient genetic program employed in more than just fins and limbs - 18:30

Tuesday the 18th of November 2014

New clue in celiac disease puzzle: Cause of oat toxicity explained - 19:30

The role DNA methylation plays in aging cells - 19:30

Monday the 17th of November 2014

Advances in electron microscopy reveal secrets of HIV and other viruses - 18:30

A new approach to fighting chronic myeloid leukemia - 18:30

Drugs that prevent blood clots may protect organs during transplantation - 18:30