Biology News Net

Thursday the 26th of February 2015

How mantis shrimp evolved many shapes with same powerful punch - 20:30

Fighting the Colorado potato beetle with RNA interference - 20:30

Aggressive plant fungus threatens wheat production - 20:30

Wednesday the 25th of February 2015

Sewage provides insight into human microbiome - 19:00

Hidden gene gives hope for improving brain function - 19:00

Tuesday the 24th of February 2015

Great Barrier Reef corals eat plastic - 19:30

UC Davis leads new effort in functional annotation of animal genomes - 19:30

The numbers are in: As many as 2 in 3 smokers will die from their habit - 05:00

Retracing the roots of fungal symbioses - 05:00

Quick test for Ebola - 05:00

Thursday the 19th of February 2015

New brain mapping reveals unknown cell types - 19:00

Cancer risk linked to DNA 'wormholes' - 19:00

Wednesday the 18th of February 2015

New insights into 3-D genome organization and genetic variability - 18:30

Tuesday the 17th of February 2015

New drug target for multiple sclerosis discovered - 19:00

Monday the 16th of February 2015

Mothers can pass traits to offspring through bacteria's DNA - 19:00

Molecular evidence for the loss of 3 basic tastes in penguins - 19:00

Thursday the 12th of February 2015

Common biomarkers of sleep debt found in humans, rats - 18:30

Genomic profiling for cancer of unknown primary site - 18:30

New Science paper calculates magnitude of plastic waste going into the ocean - 18:30

An aggressive form of HIV uncovered in Cuba - 18:30

Wednesday the 11th of February 2015

First-in man: Tumor suctioned from vein to allow minimally invasive kidney surgery - 19:04

Long-term changes in dead wood reveal new forest dynamics - 19:04

Oyster disease thrives in nightly dead zones - 19:04

Tuesday the 10th of February 2015

Too much of a good thing: Extra genes make bacteria lethal - 19:00

Antiviral compound protects nonhuman primates against Ebola virus - 19:00

Engineers put the 'squeeze' on human stem cells - 19:00

Monday the 9th of February 2015

NSU researchers discover DNA repair is high in heart, nonexistent in brain - 19:00

Wednesday the 4th of February 2015

Final results of the HIV prevention study VOICE are published in NEJM - 19:00

Tuesday the 3rd of February 2015

Researchers identify key mechanisms underlying HIV-associated cognitive disorders - 19:00

Fruitful collaboration yields insight on the tomato genome - 19:00

Sea slug has taken genes from algae it eats, allowing it to photosynthesize like a plant - 19:00

Monday the 2nd of February 2015

Epigenetic signatures that differentiate triple-negative breast cancers - 19:00

Break on through to the other side: How HIV penetrates the blood-brain barrier - 19:00

Possible cause of IVF failure in some women identified - 19:00

Thursday the 29th of January 2015

A rare glimpse at the elusive saharan cheetah - 19:00

In a role reversal, RNAs proofread themselves - 19:00

HIV testing yields diagnoses in Kenya but few seek care - 19:00

Wednesday the 28th of January 2015

Damaged DNA may stall patrolling molecule to initiate repair - 18:20

Tuesday the 27th of January 2015

Supercomputing the evolution of a model flower - 19:20

Tracking DNA helps scientists trace origins of genetic errors - 19:20

Monday the 26th of January 2015

Brain's on-off thirst switch identified - 19:00

Thursday the 22nd of January 2015

Genome-wide search reveals new genes involved in long-term memory - 20:00

Scientists find gene vital to central nervous system development - 20:00

Tuesday the 20th of January 2015

Hidden cell types revealed - 18:30

Mapping the maize genome - 18:30

Monday the 19th of January 2015

A new neural circuit controls fear in the brain - 17:30

Predatory sea snails produce weaponized insulin - 17:30

Thursday the 15th of January 2015

Treating non-healing bone fractures with stem cells - 18:30

Eczema woes not just skin deep - 18:30

Out of the pouch: Ancient DNA from extinct giant roos - 18:30