Biology News Net

Thursday th 28th of April 2016

A 'tropical' parasitic disease emerges in the Canadian Arctic - 16:10

Bearded dragons show REM and slow wave sleep - 16:10

Gene therapy shows long-term benefit for treating rare blindness - 16:10

Tiny microscopes reveal hidden role of nervous system cells - 16:10

Wednesday th 27th of April 2016

Scientists discover a surprising central role of darks in brain visual maps - 16:20

Coral 'toolkit' allows floating larvae to transform into reef skeletons - 16:20

Decoding Zika to fight future outbreaks - 16:20

Monday th 25th of April 2016

How Vibrio cholerae is attracted by bile revealed - 16:50

Revolutionary antibiotics will save the world - 16:50

Thursday th 21st of April 2016

New genetic risk factors for myopia discovered - 15:50

Bird genomes contain 'fossils' of parasites that now infect humans - 15:50

New insights in how blood vessels increase their size - 15:50

Gene behind 'evolution in action' in Darwin's finches identified - 15:50

Wednesday th 20th of April 2016

Transfer of gut bacteria affects brain function and nerve fiber insulation - 17:30

Ancient DNA reveals evolution of giant bears in the Americas - 17:30

Parts of Europe may be exposed to dengue outbreaks - 17:30

Building a CRISPR rainbow - 17:30

Targeted missiles against aggressive cancer cells - 17:30

Tuesday th 19th of April 2016

Sonic hedgehog gene provides evidence that our limbs may have evolved from sharks' gills - 17:20

Causes of childhood obesity complex, but families, media play key roles - 17:20

Monday th 18th of April 2016

Reader of epigenetic marks could be 'game changer' for certain cancers - 17:40

First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells - 17:40

Saturday th 16th of April 2016

New scientific evidence of sexual transmission of the Zika virus - 03:09

Too much 'noise' can affect brain development - 03:09

The genetic evolution of Zika virus - 03:09

Tuesday th 12th of April 2016

Research reveals trend in bird-shape evolution on islands - 16:00

How the brain produces consciousness in 'time slices' - 16:00

Tropical birds develop 'superfast' wing muscles for mating, not flying - 16:00

Antibiotic resistance genes increasing - 16:00

How the ant queen gets her crown: Uncovering the evolution of queen-worker differences - 16:00

Monday th 11th of April 2016

Handwashing gets skipped a third of the time in outpatient healthcare - 18:30

Wealth of unsuspected new microbes expands tree of life - 18:30

Thursday th 7th of April 2016

Primate evolution in the fast lane - 18:30

Function of mysterious RNAs may often lie in their genes - 18:30

UW team stores digital images in DNA -- and retrieves them perfectly - 18:30

Wednesday th 6th of April 2016

'Honeycomb' of nanotubes could boost genetic engineering - 17:20

Monday th 4th of April 2016

West Coast scientists sound alarm for changing ocean chemistry - 19:02

Stem cell therapy improves outcomes in severe heart failure - 19:02

Researchers use single molecule of DNA to create world's smallest diode - 19:02

Wednesday th 30th of March 2016

Ant antennae provide vital ID information: Study - 17:51

Griffith uses 3-D tissue engineering to revolutionize dental disease - 17:50

Tuesday th 29th of March 2016

An up-close view of bacterial 'motors' - 19:30

Study of enzymatic chemical reactions may indicate how the first cells formed colonies - 19:30

Perfecting a viral pack mule - 19:30

Better global ocean management - 19:30

New tool mines whole-exome sequencing data to match cancer with best drug - 19:30

Monday th 28th of March 2016

Solved: First crystal structure of a transcription terminator protein - 23:20

Gene blocking lettuce germination also regulates flowering time - 23:20

Water bears do not have extensive foreign DNA, new study finds - 23:20

Biological mechanism passes on long-term epigenetic 'memories' - 23:20