Biology News Net

Sunday th 22nd of November 2015

Marine animals use new form of secret light communication - 05:19

Thursday th 19th of November 2015

'Fourth strand' of European ancestry originated with hunter-gatherers isolated by Ice Age - 05:07

A 'supergene' underlies genetic differences sexual behaviour in male ruff - 05:07

Insights into the evolution of praying mantis camouflage - 05:07

Gene therapy: A promising candidate for cystic fibrosis treatment - 05:07

Master switch for brain development - 05:07

Why mice have longer sperm than elephants - 05:07

Thursday th 12th of November 2015

New stem cell gene correction process puts time on researchers' side - 20:20

Cornell engineers develop 'killer cells' to destroy cancer in lymph nodes - 20:20

Tuesday th 10th of November 2015

Dengue: Asymptomatic people transmit the virus to mosquitoes - 19:00

New SARS-like virus can jump directly from bats to humans, no treatment available - 19:00

Scientists measure the 'beauty' of coral reefs - 19:00

Wheat disease-resistance gene identified, potential to save billions - 19:00

Novel stem cell line avoids risk of introducing transplanted tumors - 19:00

Monday th 9th of November 2015

Using microfluidic devices to sort stem cells - 18:50

Strangled cells condense their DNA - 18:50

Unpacking embryonic pluripotency - 18:50

Rice U. paper: End 'stem cell tourism' - 18:50

New genetic cause of a childhood kidney cancer discovered - 18:50

Search-and-rescue proteins find, fix DNA mutations linked to cancer - 18:50

Researchers discover size gene for salmon - 04:25

DNA in blood can track cancer development and response in real time - 04:25

Study rejects biologic age as limiting factor for stem cell transplants - 04:25

Newly discovered fossil sea urchin is the oldest of its kind - 04:25

Study shows some 3-D printed objects are toxic - 04:25

Scientists transfer genes from poppy to a different species to prevent self-pollination - 04:25

Consider penicillin, even if you have had a prior reaction - 04:25

Elephants may use trunks like 'leaf blowers' to obtain inaccessible food - 04:25

Butterfly mimicry through the eyes of bird predators - 04:25

The astounding genome of the dinoflagellate - 04:25

Tuesday th 3rd of November 2015

Stanford engineers help discover the surprising trick jellyfish use to swim - 19:00

Link between small mammals and evolution of hepatitis A virus to humans discovered - 19:00

Blood stem cell self-renewal dependent on surroundings - 19:00

New test for ancient DNA authenticity throws doubt on Stone Age wheat trade - 19:00

Monday th 2nd of November 2015

Researchers build nanoscale autonomous walking machine from DNA - 18:50

Cancer cells use secret tunnels to communicate and smuggle cancer signals their neighbors - 18:50

MGH team broadens utility of more compact CRISPR-Cas9 by increasing its targeting range - 18:50

A newly discovered tumor suppressor gene affects melanoma survival - 18:50

Friday th 30th of October 2015

Everglades' alligator numbers drop after dry years - 19:00

Tug of war among bacteria - 19:00

Thursday th 29th of October 2015

New class of DNA repair enzyme discovered - 17:50

Are embryonic stem cells and artificial stem cells equivalent? - 17:50

300 million-year-old 'supershark' fossils found in Texas - 17:50

Wednesday th 28th of October 2015

Microbiomes could hold keys to improving life as we know it - 19:10

Adolescent T. rex unraveling controversy about growth changes in Tyrannosaurus - 19:10

Early humans linked to ancient Australian extinction - 19:10

Alerting the immune system's watchmen to improve vaccines - 19:10

Oldest DNA sequences may reveal secrets of ancient animal ancestors - 19:10

Electric eels curl up to deliver even more powerful shocks - 19:10

Hot processor speeds up UK genome analysis - 19:10