Biology News Net

Wednesday th 30th of December 2015

3-D footage of nematode brains links neurons with motion and behavior - 19:02

Monday th 28th of December 2015

UTSW scientists discover a new role for RNA in safeguarding human chromosome number - 19:11

Second contagious form of cancer found in Tasmanian devils - 19:10

Scientists sequence first ancient Irish human genomes - 19:10

Friday th 25th of December 2015

Here comes the sun: Cellular sensor helps plants find light - 17:50

'Self-sabotage' prevents immune protection against malaria - 17:50

Wednesday th 23rd of December 2015

Largest study of Ebola survivors finds vision, hearing, joint pain problems - 04:25

Study links epigenetic processes to the development of the cerebellar circuitry - 04:24

Study uncovers inherited genetic susceptibility across 12 cancer types - 04:23

Mammal diversity exploded immediately after dinosaur extinction - 04:23

A new twist in genetic switches - 04:21

Friday th 18th of December 2015

Scientists blueprint tiny cellular 'nanomachine' - 05:41

Architecture of mTOR protein complex solved - 05:41

First praying mantis survey of Rwanda uncovers rich diversity - 05:40

An alternative TALEN/CRISPR-mediated gene insertion technique described in detail - 05:40

Wednesday th 9th of December 2015

Combining adult stem cells with hormone may speed bone fracture healing - 19:32

TET proteins help maintain genome integrity - 19:32

Discovery shows how herpes simplex virus reactivates in neurons to trigger disease - 19:31

Genomic analysis sheds light on Ebola virus disease outbreak in Liberia - 19:31

New method allows scientists to screen natural products for antibiotics - 19:30

A gold standard to improve cancer genome analysis - 19:30

Researchers create world's first ibuprofen patch - 08:01

Genes influence choice between small rewards now or bigger ones later - 08:00

Monday th 7th of December 2015

Seeing viruses in a new light - 18:20

Wednesday th 2nd of December 2015

Genetic mutations differ within a single tumor, study finds - 19:50

Scientists design a new method for screening cancer cells - 19:50

Studying stonefish venom may help combat transplant rejection - 19:50

Tuesday th 1st of December 2015

Broad, MIT scientists overcome key CRISPR-Cas9 genome editing hurdle - 20:30

HIV/AIDS drugs interfere with brain's 'Insulation,' Penn-CHOP team shows - 20:30

Nano-walkers take speedy leap forward with first rolling DNA-based motor - 20:30

Monday th 30th of November 2015

Functional human liver cells grown in the lab - 19:50

Red clover genome to help restore sustainable farming - 19:50

Discovery of an embryonic switch for cancer stem cell generation - 19:50

Thursday th 26th of November 2015

Rapid plankton growth in ocean seen as sign of carbon dioxide loading - 19:30

Stem cell study paves the way for patient therapies - 19:30

Wednesday th 25th of November 2015

Closing the loop on an HIV escape mechanism - 19:30

Mosquito-borne virus may lead to severe brain infection - 19:30

How a genetic locus protects adult blood-forming stem cells - 19:30

New gene map reveals cancer's Achilles heel - 19:30

Tuesday th 24th of November 2015

Army ants' 'living' bridges span collective intelligence, 'swarm' robotics - 19:50

Researchers discover how immune cells resist radiation treatment - 19:50

The corn snake genome sequenced for the first time - 19:50

Biologists induce flatworms to grow heads and brains of other species - 19:50

Monday th 23rd of November 2015

New mechanisms of self-organization in living cells - 18:40

Hydra can modify its genetic program - 12:00

Scientists discover the secret behind the power of bacterial sex - 12:00

Sunday th 22nd of November 2015

Australia's first 3-D printed spine implant - 05:19

Intelligent gel attacks cancer - 05:19

Fish skin provides invisibility in open ocean - 05:19

Acorn worm genome reveals gill origins of human pharynx - 05:19