Biology News Net

Wednesday th 3rd of August 2016

First evidence of sleep in flight - 16:01

New cause of immune neuropathy discovered - 16:01

Discovery: Mantis shrimp use UV color spots, chemical cues to size up opponents - 16:01

Tuesday th 2nd of August 2016

Study shows cell-free DNA sequencing is more accurate for diagnosing myelodysplastic syndrome - 16:31

Rat whiskers shed light on how neurons communicate touch - 16:31

Research reveals cancer pathway to spreading through the body - 16:31

TSRI researchers find 'lead actors' in immune cell development - 16:31

Wednesday th 27th of July 2016

Mouse antibodies pinpoint Zika's weak spots - 17:11

Towards smarter crop plants to feed the world - 17:11

All e-cigarettes emit harmful chemicals, but some emit more than others - 17:11

Scientist develops gene therapy for muscle wasting - 17:11

Gene therapy in a droplet could treat eye diseases, prevent blindness - 17:11

Discovery of new hepatitis C virus mechanism - 17:11

Every grain of rice: Ancient rice DNA data provides new view of domestication history - 17:11

Tuesday th 26th of July 2016

UMD researchers discover a way that animals keep their cells identical - 14:51

Cracking the mystery of Zika virus replication - 14:51

Monday th 25th of July 2016

Marine carbon sinking rates confirm importance of polar oceans - 17:31

Embryonic gene Nanog reverses aging in adult stem cells - 17:31

Quantitating the complete human proteome - 17:31

Nottingham researchers show novel technique that can 'taste' DNA - 17:31

Protein in breast milk reduces infection risk in premature infants - 17:31

DNA sequencing uncovers latent risk for developing cystic fibrosis - 17:31

Thursday th 21st of July 2016

Gene controls regeneration of injured muscle by adult stem cells - 16:31

Monday th 18th of July 2016

Researchers map Zika's routes to the developing fetus - 18:31

NIH scientists discover that defective HIV DNA can encode HIV-related proteins - 18:31

Genome of 6,000-year-old barley grains sequenced for first time - 18:31

Thursday th 14th of July 2016

New theropod dinosaur suggests that small T. rex-like arms evolved multiple times - 16:31

Researchers map molecular 'social networks' that drive breast cancer cells - 16:31

Cell death: How a protein drives immune cells to suicide - 16:31

'Smart' nanoparticle called PEARLs a promising gem to target, treat tumours - 16:31

Over 20 countries environmentally suitable for Ebola transmission by bats - 16:31

Wednesday th 13th of July 2016

Analysis of ant colonies could improve network algorithms - 17:21

Discovery of new strains of the HTLV-4 virus in hunters bitten by gorillas in Gabon - 17:21

Viruses revealed to be a major driver of human evolution - 17:21

Rat study shows gut microbes play a role in colon cancer susceptibility - 17:21

In cancer and aging, interconnected roles for apoptosis and cellular senescence - 17:21

Breakthrough in scaling up life-changing stem cell production - 17:21

Ice algae: The engine of life in the central Arctic Ocean - 15:45

Largest HIV transmission study conducted - 15:45

Ocean warming and acidification impact on calcareous phytoplankton - 15:45

Monday th 11th of July 2016

Nanotech 'tattoo' can map emotions and monitor muscle activity - 16:31

How do you turn a mosquito's genes on and off? - 16:31

Open chromatin profiling key to identifying leukemia cells of origin - 16:31

Friday th 8th of July 2016

Where did it all go wrong? Scientists identify 'cell of origin' in skin cancers - 18:01

Ultrashort cell-free DNA reveals health of organ transplants - 18:01

Messaging by flow in the brain - 18:01

A 'big data' approach to developing cancer drugs - 18:01

Thursday th 7th of July 2016

New clue to how lithium works in the brain - 16:41

Researchers harness DNA as the engine of super-efficient nanomachine - 16:41

Obscure virus found in women with unexplained infertility - 16:41