Science Daily

Wednesday th 12th of September 2018

How key cancer-related enzyme functions - 16:50

Biophysics: Pile-ups in protein transport - 16:50

Among body shapes, pears are healthier than apples - 16:50

Corruption is hard to hide if you're a politician whose face is wide - 16:50

Researchers optically trap, move and analyze living cells with laser/microscope combo - 16:20

Blood and brain fluid change first in Huntington's disease - 16:20

Enabling 'internet of photonic things' with miniature sensors - 14:50

Turtle species in serious decline: Broad ecological impacts - 14:20

Wild animals were routinely captured and traded in ancient Mesoamerica - 14:20

Ancient bird bones redate human activity in Madagascar by 6,000 years - 14:20

We may hear others' footsteps, but how do we ignore our own? - 13:50

Discovery of the earliest drawing - 13:50

Quantum-level control of an exotic topological quantum magnet - 13:50

Breast cancer screening does not reduce mortality - 13:21

Sugar pills relieve pain for chronic pain patients - 13:21

Global coastal wetlands need to move inland in fight against climate change - 13:21

A wearable device for regrowing hair - 11:30

In drought and heavy rains, ecosystems function like information communication networks - 11:30

Sensors that are literally 'music to one's ears' - 11:10

Bismuth shows novel conducting properties - 10:40

The spark that created life - 10:40

Novel materials: Probing individual edge states with unprecedented precision - 08:50

Carbon nanodots do an ultrafine job with in vitro lung tissue - 08:20

Sarcolipin tricks muscle cells into using more energy, burning fat - 08:20

High blood sugar during pregnancy ups risk of mother's type 2 diabetes, child's obesity - 08:20

ADHD may increase risk of Parkinson's disease and similar disorders - 08:20

Shedding light on 100-year-old cancer mystery - 08:20

Discovery of new neurons in the inner ear can lead to new therapies for hearing disorders - 08:20

Bilingualism: How we turn on and off languages - 07:50

Stunning details of spiral galaxy NGC 3981 - 07:50

Tuesday th 11th of September 2018

Racial wealth inequality overlooked as cause of urban unrest, study says - 20:40

Total of 21 new parasitoid wasps following the first ever revision of their genus - 20:40

'Evil' proteins a force for good in estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer - 20:40

New method of pinpointing cancer mutations could lead to more targeted treatments - 20:40

'Cloud computing' takes on new meaning for scientists - 20:40

Artificial intelligence helps track down mysterious cosmic radio bursts - 20:10

Back pain linked to mental health problems and risky behaviors in teenagers - 15:20

Fighting the cold virus and other threats, body makes trade-off, says study - 15:20

Beyond deep fakes: Transforming video content into another video's style, automatically - 14:50

Duchenne muscular dystrophy: How muscle cells journey to the dark side - 14:50

Immunology: Mononuclear phagocytes can both promote and inhibit inflammation - 14:50

Separating the sound from the noise in hot plasma fusion - 14:50

Zika virus strips immune cells of their identity - 14:20

Molecule with anti-aging effects on vascular system identified - 14:20

You probably made a better first impression than you think - 14:20

Analyzing roadside dust to identify potential health concerns - 14:20

Decoding robotic surgery skills - 14:20

Barriers and opportunities in renewable biofuels production - 14:20

New genetic compound marker could help early diagnosis of aggressive prostate cancer - 14:20

Bioinformaticians examine new genes the moment they are born - 14:20