Science Daily

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Antimicrobial paints have a blind spot - 17:30

Bioengineers program cells as digital signal processors - 17:30

Scientists advance creation of 'artificial lymph node' to fight cancer, other diseases - 17:30

Engineering researcher uses network science to understand how materials work - 17:30

Infection biology: Gut microbe helps thwart Salmonella - 17:30

Growing a cerebral tract in a microscale brain model - 17:30

New immune pathway involved in resistance to parasite worms found in undercooked pork - 17:30

Study shows promise in repairing damaged myelin - 17:30

Certain strains of bacteria associated with diabetic wounds that do not heal - 17:30

Genetic variants that protect against obesity could aid new weight loss medicines - 17:30

Does time of day affect the body's response to exercise? - 17:30

How the hepatitis B virus establishes persistent infection - 17:30

Artificial intelligence speeds efforts to develop clean, virtually limitless fusion energy - 16:30

Morphing origami takes a new shape, expanding use possibilities - 16:30

Forecasting contagious ideas: 'Infectivity' models accurately predict tweet lifespan - 16:30

Researchers use gene editing with CRISPR to treat lethal lung diseases before birth - 16:30

Pediatric endocrinologist gives iconic 'Mona Lisa' a second medical opinion - 16:30

Blood pressure drug shows promise for treating Parkinson's and dementia in animal study - 16:30

Green material for refrigeration identified - 16:30

Lasers make magnets behave like fluids - 16:30

Three-dimensional imaging identifies nutrient exchange in the human placenta - 16:00

New software aims to reduce variability in ELISA biomarker tests - 15:00

Life-threatening foot disease found in endangered huemul deer in Chile - 15:00

Firms are better off revealing their environmental practices - 15:00

Infamous 'death roll' almost universal among crocodile species - 15:00

Cell-killing proteins suppress listeria without killing cells - 15:00

Ocean currents bring good news for reef fish - 15:00

How superstitions spread - 15:00

Diabetes drug may reverse heart failure - 15:00

Preliminary study suggests mercury not a risk in dog foods - 15:00

'Induced' driving miles could overwhelm potential energy-saving benefits of self-driving - 14:30

These beetles have successfully freeloaded for 100 million years - 14:30

Flies smell through a Gore-Tex system - 14:30

Data mining digs up hidden clues to major California earthquake triggers - 14:30

Brain's imperfect execution of mathematically optimal perception - 14:00

Fish under threat release chemicals to warn others of danger - 14:00

Taming the genome's 'jumping' sequences - 13:30

Disappearing bumblebee species under threat of extinction - 13:30

Adding human touch to unchatty chatbots may lead to bigger letdown - 13:30

Hubble celebrates its 29th birthday with unrivaled view of the Southern Crab Nebula - 13:30

General anesthesia hijacks sleep circuitry to knock you out - 13:30

Electric skyrmions charge ahead for next-generation data storage - 13:30

Giant tortoises migrate unpredictably in the face of climate change - 13:30

Decline in measles vaccination is causing a preventable global resurgence of the disease - 13:00

Intentions attributed to other people change how we see their actions - 13:00

Researchers use 3D printer to print glass - 13:00

A history of the Crusades, as told by crusaders' DNA - 13:00

Why language technology can't handle Game of Thrones (yet) - 11:30

Fossils found in museum drawer in Kenya belong to gigantic carnivore - 10:30

Can science writing be automated? - 10:30