Science Daily

Wednesday the 30th of November 2016

Tail hairs reveal dietary choices of three horse species in the Gobi Desert - 11:51

Walking a tight line to study the properties of soft materials - 11:01

Sedentary lifestyle may impair academic performance in boys - 11:01

Stop smoking! Quitting at any age reduces the risk of death after 70 - 10:31

Expertise contributes to new guidelines for the investigation of sudden unexpected death in infancy - 10:31

Online epidemic tracking tool embraces open data and collective intelligence to understand outbreaks - 10:31

3D print operational drone with embedded electronics using aerospace-grade material - 10:31

Digital microbes for munching yourself healthy - 10:01

Climate change affects Swedish reindeer herding and increases tularemia infection - 10:01

Combining pathway data resources gives clearer view of complex biological interactions - 10:01

Making flawless graphene coatings - 10:01

Voice appeal: Men and women perceive consonants differently - 10:01

Ready for takeoff: Blues skies thinking to improve aircraft safety - 10:01

Alcohol consumption shows no effect on coronary arteries - 10:01

In one-two punch, researchers load 'nanocarriers' to deliver cancer-fighting drugs and imaging molecules to tumors - 10:01

Young cancer survivors have twice the risk of suicide - 10:01

First signs of weird quantum property of empty space? - 09:31

Tuesday the 29th of November 2016

Ants communicate by mouth-to-mouth fluid exchange - 22:02

Biologists watch speciation in a laboratory flask - 22:02

With climate change, not all wildlife population shifts are predictable - 15:31

Young children's spatial talk predicts their spatial abilities - 15:31

Crunching the numbers: Researchers use math in search for diabetes cure - 15:31

Ancient rocks hold evidence for life before oxygen - 15:31

China's 'missing girls' theory likely far overblown, study shows - 15:31

No association between mother flu in pregnancy, increased child autism risk - 15:01

Stem cells police themselves to reduce scarring - 15:01

Lake ecologists see winter as a key scientific frontier - 14:31

Kratom may have medical benefit as opioid alternative - 14:31

Cause of visual impairment in astronauts identified - 14:31

Amphetamine may slow rise of body temperature, mask fatigue to enhance endurance, study finds - 14:31

Number of symptoms may indicate how likely patients recover from post-concussion syndrome - 14:31

Myocarditis caused by infection on rise globally - 14:01

Evidence of brain injury found in young NFL players - 14:01

Study offers coastal communities better way to prepare for devastating storms - 14:01

New design of neutron spectrometer being tested for manned spaceflight - 14:01

Bioenergy grass can withstand freezing temperatures - 14:01

Researchers create first 'water-wave laser' - 13:31

Glowing crystals can detect, cleanse contaminated drinking water - 13:31

Ultrafast imaging reveals existence of 'polarons' - 13:31

New tool enables viewing spectrum from specific structures within samples - 13:01

This is your brain on God: Spiritual experiences activate brain reward circuits - 12:31

Patients should stop using e-cigarettes before plastic surgery, experts conclude - 12:31

Platypus venom could hold key to diabetes treatment - 12:31

A molecular switch between life, sex and death - 12:31

New technique for structural color, inspired by birds - 12:01

It's all in the eyes: Women and men really do see things differently - 12:01

Secret phenotypes: Disease devils in invisible details - 12:01

Pine product offers fresh take on fine chemical synthesis - 12:01

Bad timing is depressing: Disrupting the brain's internal clock causes depressive-like behavior in mice - 11:31

Management of Feral Horses an Ongoing Challenge in the United States - 11:31