Science Daily

Sunday the 21st of August 2016

Teens in therapeutic boarding school adopt atypical gender behaviors to reassert dominance - 05:01

Saturday the 20th of August 2016

Smoking marijuana provides more pain relief for men than women - 05:02

Ethnicity of women undergoing fertility treatment can affect outcomes, study finds - 05:02

Being the primary breadwinner is bad for men's psychological well-being and health - 05:02

Bartending and family life might not mix, study says - 05:02

'Born to be bad' or 'born to be benign:' Testing cells for esophageal cancer risk - 05:02

Researcher provides recommendations to stop violence against clinicians in China - 05:02

'Missing evolutionary link' of a widely used natural drug source found - 05:02

Hawaiian fruit flies had multiple ancestors - 05:02

Brain more robust than previously thought - 05:02

How safe are our tattoos and permanent makeup? - 05:02

Vaping may lead to fewer respiratory infections for ex-smokers - 05:02

The golfer's steady gaze - 05:02

Maternal language shapes infants' cry melodies - 05:02

People favour expressive, communicative robots over efficient and effective ones - 05:02

Powerful new metric quickly reveals network structure at multiple scales - 05:02

Tool or weapon? Research throws light on stone artifacts' use as ancient projectiles - 05:02

Mathematical analysis conducted of a rare cavernicolous crustacean - 05:02

NASA monitors the 'new normal' of sea ice - 05:02

The first stage of the cascade - 05:02

Scientists have created a ceramic, resistant to extreme temperatures - 05:02

Europe's oldest known living inhabitant - 05:01

Cloth masks offer poor protection against air pollution - 05:01

Vertebroplasty helps reduce acute pain among patients with spinal fractures - 05:01

Swimming is an effective part of the treatment for fibromyalgia, study suggests - 05:01

Physicists discover 'apparent departure from the laws of thermodynamics' - 05:01

First 3-D map of cell-building protein linked to cancer - 05:01

Revolutionary method to map brains at single-neuron resolution successfully demonstrated - 05:01

Cybersecurity student researches how to keep cars safe from hacking - 05:01

Spider silk: Mother Nature's bio-superlens - 05:01

2014 Napa earthquake continued to creep, weeks after main shock - 05:01

From pollution to caffeine intake: Researcher reveals dementia risks - 05:01

Seawalls, forests show mixed effectiveness at reducing deaths, damage from tsunami - 05:01

Young, gifted, first-generation minority science students motivated by prosocial values - 05:01

Electrical synapses in the brain offer new avenue for epilepsy research and possible treatment - 05:01

Flesh-eating infections in rheumatoid arthritis patients spur new discovery - 05:01

A new Goldilocks for habitable planets - 05:01

Increased eye cancer risk linked to pigmentation genes that dictate eye color - 05:01

New study challenges assumption of asbestos' ability to move in soil - 05:01

Proton pump found to regulate blood pH in stingrays - 05:01

Researchers find herpes strain in the nervous system - 05:01

Keeping mosquitoes away: Insect repellent and children - 05:01

MRI technology quantifies liver response in nonalcoholic steatohepatitis patients - 05:01

Study finds better definition of homelessness may help minimize HIV risk - 05:01

New discovery about sensory system of deep-sea fish - 05:01

Standing up for beliefs in face of group opposition is worth the effort, study shows - 05:01

The comet that disappeared: What happened to Ison? - 05:01

Refining optogenetic methods to map synaptic connections in the brain - 05:01

Why do they treat me like that? Taking the mask off of envy - 05:01

That's not fair! Managing envy in the workplace - 05:01