Science Daily

Wednesday the 25th of May 2016

Tiny 'vampires': Paleobiologist finds evidence of predation in ancient microbial ecosystems - 21:31

Is symptom expression a form of communication? - 21:30

Making AI decision-making accountable - 21:30

Study reveals protein that dials immune responses up and down - 21:30

High altitude archaeology: Prehistoric paintings revealed - 21:30

Near-Earth asteroid Bennu: NASA's OSIRIS-REx mission will have a map for that - 21:30

Scientists explain the art of creating digital hurricanes - 21:30

Human amyloid-beta acts as natural antibiotic in the brain: Alzheimer's-associated amyloid plaques may trap microbes - 16:21

Dose of transplanted blood-forming stem cells affects their behavior - 14:21

First large-scale proteogenomic study of breast cancer provides insight into potential therapeutic targets - 14:21

Humiliation from stares are worse than tiny seats for obese air travelers, new study - 14:21

Oldest well-documented Blanding's Turtle recaptured at reserve at age 83 - 13:51

40-year math mystery and four generations of figuring - 13:51

Dialing up chemotherapy for pancreatic cancer with ultrasound - 13:51

Female meerkats compete to outgrow their sisters - 13:51

Out of tune: Mismatch of vascular, neural responses suggests limits of fMRI - 13:51

Why fruit fly sperm are giant - 13:51

Close encounters of a tidal kind could lead to cracks on icy moons - 13:51

Saving Nemo: Bleaching threatens clownfish - 13:51

Scientists capture the elusive structure of essential digestive enzyme - 13:51

Exploring gender perception via speech - 13:21

Is aging inevitable? Not necessarily for sea urchins - 13:21

Humans less likely to return to an automated advisor once given bad advice - 13:21

Early use of 'hurricane hunter' data improves hurricane intensity predictions - 13:21

Wireless study predicts trouble and solution for 5G cellular - 13:21

Supermassive black holes in 'red geyser' galaxies cause galactic warming - 13:21

Scientists explore new concepts of plant behavior, interactions - 12:51

Monitoring sun exposure with a portable paper sensor - 12:51

Investigating how 'chemo brain' develops in cancer patients - 12:51

Harnessing solar and wind energy in one device could power the 'Internet of Things' - 12:51

Neuroscientists illuminate role of autism-linked gene - 12:51

Common antibacterial triclosan found in most freshwater streams - 12:51

Scientists show commonly prescribed painkiller slows cancer growth - 12:51

Researchers make a key discovery in how malaria evades the immune system - 12:21

Study finds elevated cancer risk among women with new-onset atrial fibrillation - 12:21

Antiretroviral therapy may not be enough to reduce HIV-associated arterial inflammation - 12:21

Fixing cystic fibrosis: In vitro studies show therapeutically robust correction of the most common CF gene mutation - 12:21

Students design prosthetic foot for high heels - 12:21

Spring comes sooner to urban heat islands, with potential consequences for wildlife - 12:21

No dessert for you! When it comes to diabetes, 'nagging is caring' - 12:21

What can Pavlov's dogs tell us about drinking? - 12:21

Anemia negatively affects recovery from traumatic brain injuries - 12:21

New concept turns battery technology upside-down - 12:21

Study examines suicide attempt risk factors, methods and timing, related to deployment among active duty soldiers - 11:51

Many unknown chemicals in the Baltic Sea - 11:51

Abundance inequality in freshwater communities has an ecological origin - 11:21

Family size, education levels: The right support could reverse long-held theory - 11:21

Blockade of histamine receptors suppresses intestinal anaphylaxis in peanut allergy - 11:21

Lung function may affect vocal health for women - 11:21

Australian cricket team uses guided missile technology to improve bowling - 11:21