Science Daily

Thursday the 28th of August 2014

Three-quarters of depressed cancer patients do not receive treatment for depression; new approach could transform care - 04:00

Wednesday the 27th of August 2014

Specialization: Choosy wasps survive better, study shows - 16:01

Gamblers are greedy bird-brains, new research finds - 16:01

What lit up the universe? - 16:01

Museum specimens, modern cities show how an insect pest will respond to climate change - 16:01

Soda tax for adolescents, exercise for children best strategies for reducing obesity - 16:01

Fighting prostate cancer with tomato-rich diet - 16:01

Leading scientists call for a stop to non-essential use of fluorochemicals - 16:01

Measurement at Big Bang conditions confirms lithium problem - 16:01

Why Listeria bacterium is so hard to fight - 16:01

Prescription for better stroke care: Prescription at discharge improves outcomes - 16:01

Marching in unison may increase risk of use of excessive force in policing protests - 16:01

potential target for ameliorating skeletal muscle abnormalities in Parkinson's disease - 16:01

Baicalin suppresses iron accumulation after substantia nigra injury - 16:01

Factors predicting functional recovery of upper limb after peripheral nerve injuries - 16:01

Gifts that generate gratitude keep customers loyal - 16:01

Orion rocks! Pebble-size particles may jump-start planet formation - 16:01

Statistical Approach for Calculating Environmental Influences in Genome-Wide Association Study (GWAS) Results - 16:01

Shy people use Facebook longer but disclose less, research reveals - 16:01

Patent Issued for Research Related to Alleviating Pain in Cattle - 16:01

Student debt growing, number of university financial education programs still deficient - 16:01

Greenhouse gases: New group of soil micro-organisms can contribute to their elimination - 16:01

Potential therapy for incurable Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease found - 16:01

Common anemia: Drug represents first potential treatment - 16:01

Paleontologists describe a possible dinosaur nest and young 'babysitter' - 16:01

Pacific plate shrinking as it cools - 16:01

NOAA's Marine Debris Program reports on national issue of derelict fishing traps - 16:01

Promising new cancer therapy uses molecular 'Trash Man' to exploit a common cancer defense - 16:01

Group identity emphasized more by those who just make the cut - 16:01

Southwest U. S. may face 'megadrought' this century - 16:01

New smartphone app can detect newborn jaundice in minutes - 16:01

Yellowstone supereruption would send ash across North America - 16:01

'Junk' blood tests may offer life-saving information - 16:01

Impact of cultural diversity in brain injury research - 16:01

Parents, listen next time your baby babbles - 16:00

Educated consumers more likely to use potentially unreliable online healthcare information - 16:00

Walking fish reveal how our ancestors evolved onto land - 16:00

Early growth of giant galaxy, just 3 billion years after the Big Bang, revealed - 16:00

Red Planet's Climate History uncovered in Unique Meteorite - 16:00

Flexing the brain: Why learning tasks can be difficult - 16:00

Detecting neutrinos, physicists look into the heart of the sun - 16:00

Evolution used similar molecular toolkits to shape flies, worms, and humans - 16:00

Neuroscientists reverse memories' emotional associations: Brain circuit that links feelings to memories manipulated - 16:00

Breaking benzene selectively, at relatively mild temperatures - 16:00

Shared biology in human, fly and worm genomes: Powerful commonalities in biological activity, regulation - 16:00

Snowfall in a warmer world - 16:00

More accurate Twitter analysis tools developed - 16:00

Marijuana compound may offer treatment for Alzheimer's disease - 16:00

emotional association of memories changed by researchers - 16:00

More wolf spiders feasting on American toads due to invasive grass, study shows - 16:00