Science Daily

Monday the 20th of October 2014

Medication frequently, unintentionally given incorrectly to young children - 12:32

Mummy remains refute antiquity of ankylosing spondylitis - 12:32

Earlier unknown molecular-level mechanism may contribute to growth rate of breast cancer - 12:32

Roman Gladiators ate a mostly vegetarian diet and drank a tonic of ashes after training - 12:32

New molecule from herb discovered, potential for drug development - 12:32

Pediatric allergology: Fresh milk keeps infections at bay - 12:31

In between red light and blue light: New functionality of molecular light switches - 12:31

Later supper for blackbirds in the city: Artificial light gives birds longer to forage for food - 12:31

Work to improve children's health should start before mother becomes pregnant - 12:31

Group B streptococcus incidence rises significantly among newborns despite widespread adoption of prevention initiatives - 12:31

Panic attacks associated with fear of bright daylight - 12:31

Fish intake associated with boost to antidepressant response - 12:31

Aspirin shown to benefit schizophrenia treatment - 12:31

New tracers can identify frack fluids in the environment - 12:31

Head Start program benefits parents - 12:31

Metabolic genetics research paves way to treating diabetes, obesity - 12:31

Viagra protects the heart beyond the bedroom, study finds - 12:31

Head injury causes immune system to attack brain, new study finds - 12:31

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter studies comet flyby - 12:31

NASA's MAVEN studies passing comet and its effects - 12:31

NASA's Mars Odyssey Orbiter watches comet fly near - 12:31

Origins of sex discovered: Side-by-side copulation in distant ancestors - 12:31

Goldilocks principle wrong for particle assembly: Too hot and too cold is just right - 12:31

Earthquakes in the ocean: Towards a better understanding of their precursors - 12:31

New antidepressant: Rapid agent restores pleasure-seeking ahead of other antidepressant action - 12:31

1980s American aircraft helps quantum technology take flight - 12:31

Physicists build reversible laser tractor beam - 12:31

Scientists create possible precursor to life - 12:31

Fairness is in the brain, scientists say - 12:31

Wild molecular interactions in a new hydrogen mixture - 12:31

Facetless crystals that mimic starfish shells could advance 3-D-printing pills - 12:31

Fish just want to have fun, according to a new study that finds even fish 'play' - 12:30

Sunday the 19th of October 2014

Using feminist theory to understand male rape - 12:30

Climate change alters cast of winter birds - 12:30

Australian volcanic mystery explained - 12:30

YouTube as peer support for severe mental illness - 12:30

Scale of declines of UK migratory birds wintering in Africa revealed - 12:30

Women driven by status, wealth rather than wanting babies, study suggests - 12:30

New test scans all genes simultaneously to identify single mutation causing child's rare genetic disease - 12:30

Friday the 17th of October 2014

Atomic trigger shatters mystery of how glass deforms - 13:30

Human cancer prognosis related to newly identified immune cell - 12:31

Cell architecture: Finding common ground - 12:31

That pregnant feeling makes a fly start nesting - 12:31

Impact of offshore wind farms on marine species - 12:31

MicroRNA molecules serve as on/off switches for inflammation - 12:31

Engineers find a way to win in laser performance by losing - 12:31

Resveratrol boosts spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome - 12:31

To wilt or not to wilt: MicroRNAs determine tomato susceptibility to Fusarium fungus - 12:31

Wobbling of a Saturn moon hints at what lies beneath - 12:31

Myelin vital for learning new practical skills - 12:31