Science Daily

Thursday the 22nd of September 2016

'Likes' less likely to affect self-esteem of people with purpose - 08:02

The death of a planet nursery? - 08:02

Molecular switches: Two ways to turn - 08:02

Shedding light on the mutational landscape of the most common pediatric cancer - 08:02

Neutrophils are key to harnessing anti-tumor immune response from radiation therapy, study finds - 08:02

New strategy identified for treating acute myeloid leukemia - 08:02

Reef fish see colors that humans cannot - 08:02

Delaying motor neuron loss - 08:02

Marine life showing its true colors - 08:02

Shaping sound waves in 3D: Tech and medical applications - 08:02

Twin jets pinpoint the heart of an active galaxy - 08:01

Getting ahead of the 'curve' in magnetic study - 08:01

Smoking has a very broad, long-lasting impact on the human genome - 08:01

Wednesday the 21st of September 2016

Beam me up Scotty! Quantum teleportation of a particle of light six kilometers - 08:02

Gene discovery in severe epilepsy may offer clues to unique personalized therapies - 04:01

Acoustic resonator device paves the way for better communication - 04:01

Making catalysts smarter - 04:01

Research explores thermoelectric screen printing - 04:01

Fungus in humans identified for first time as key factor in Crohn's disease - 04:01

Trial offers hope of a treatment for spinal muscular atrophy - 04:01

Health benefits of evening classes revealed - 04:01

Can nicotine protect the aging brain? - 04:01

Examining mitochondrial DNA may help identify unknown ancestry that influences breast cancer risk - 04:01

Study measures effects of congestion on access to jobs by car - 04:01

Tuesday the 20th of September 2016

Climate change means land use will need to change to keep up with global food demand, say scientists - 22:32

New 3D viewer for improved digital geoscience mapping - 22:32

Affordable detectors for gamma radiation - 22:32

Plant diversity alleviates the effects of flooding on crops - 22:32

Addressing climate change as a social issue - 22:32

High status job means you are less likely to respond to treatment for depression - 22:32

Why don't antidepressants work in some patients? - 22:32

Good relationships with parents may benefit children's health decades later - 22:32

Nine innovative approaches that utilities are using to plan for increased rooftop solar - 22:32

A tough day could erase the perks of choosing 'good' fat sources, study finds - 22:32

Researchers identify concussion treatment for persistent cases in children - 22:32

Better, cost-effective depression treatment for teens identified - 22:32

Nanoscale tetrapods could provide early warning of a material's failure - 22:32

Sea otter survey encouraging, but comes up short of the 'perfect story' - 22:32

Body ornamentation among Neanderthals: Dig in France confirmed as Neaderthal remains - 22:32

What causes mass panic in emergency situations? - 22:32

The call of the dung: How flies find their meal - 22:32

Gene therapy for cystic fibrosis lung disease - 22:32

Researchers solve a mystery of early embryonic development - 22:32

A low-cost sensor for cystic fibrosis diagnosis - 22:32

Expanded genetic code is shown phototoxic to cells - 22:32

Breakthrough in salt-tolerance in plants research - 22:32

'False' biosignatures may complicate search for ancient life on Earth, other planets - 22:32

The difficulty of predicting an ice-free Arctic - 22:32

Eteplirsen approved in US for treatment of duchenne muscular dystrophy - 22:31

Graphene nanoribbons show promise for healing spinal injuries - 22:31