Science Daily

Wednesday th 17th of October 2018

Attending the 'best' high school may yield benefits and risks for students - 14:00

Bacterioplankton: Taking their vitamins - 14:00

Unprecedented look at electron: Size limit for undiscovered subatomic particles determined - 14:00

Pupil's brain recognizes the perfect teacher - 14:00

Dandelion seeds reveal newly discovered form of natural flight - 14:00

Picture perfect: Researchers gain clearest ever image of Ebola virus protein - 14:00

Vast leukemia dataset could help researchers match therapies to patients - 14:00

Wind farms and reducing hurricane precipitation - 14:00

Stem cell proliferation is controlled directly by nervous system, scientists find - 14:00

How does brain structure influence performance on language tasks? - 14:00

Breastfeeding protects infants from antibiotic-resistant bacteria - 12:01

New imaging tool captures how sound moves through the chinchilla ear - 11:40

Double dust ring test could spot migrating planets - 11:10

Regulating microglial activity may reduce inflammation in neurodegenerative diseases - 11:10

Selfish people have fewer children and earn less money - 11:10

Taking steps toward a wearable artificial kidney - 11:10

World Heritage Sites threatened by rising sea levels - 10:44

Moss rapidly detects, tracks air pollutants in real time - 10:44

3D-printed lithium-ion batteries - 10:44

Astronomers find a cosmic Titan in the early universe - 10:44

Electrical enhancement: Engineers speed up electrons in semiconductors - 10:20

Societies can remain distinct despite migration - 10:20

Plant hormone makes space farming a possibility - 10:20

Dual vaccine against anthrax and plague - 08:10

No sweat required: Hypertension treatment mimics effect of exercise - 07:40

Paternal transmission of epigenetic memory via sperm - 07:40

Penetrating the soil's surface with radar - 07:40

Nutrition has a greater impact on bone strength than exercise - 07:40

Controlling organic semiconductor band gaps by electron-acceptor fluorination - 07:40

Supermassive black holes and supercomputers - 07:40

Winter ticks killing moose at alarming rate - 07:40

Participating in sports during childhood may have long-term benefits for bone health - 07:40

Tuesday th 16th of October 2018

Lymphatic system, key player in human health - 16:50

Polio: Environmental monitoring will be key as world reaches global eradication - 16:20

How communication among cells affects development of multicellular tissue - 16:20

Diets rich in fish oil could slow the spread and growth of breast cancer cells - 16:20

Automated system identifies dense tissue, a risk factor for breast cancer, in mammograms - 16:20

A bad influence: Interplay between tumor cells and immune cells - 16:20

New reservoir computer marks first-ever microelectromechanical neural network application - 16:20

Age-related increase in estrogen may cause common men's hernia - 16:20

New memristor boosts accuracy and efficiency for neural networks on an atomic scale - 16:20

Modifiable dementia risk factor in older adults identified - 16:20

Research assesses geographic distribution of new antibiotics following market introduction - 16:20

New method to address deep-seated biases in science - 16:20

New understanding of Mekong River incision - 16:20

Youth violence lower in countries with complete ban on corporal punishment - 15:20

Infants are more likely to learn when with a peer - 15:20

Environmental factors may trigger onset of multiple sclerosis - 15:20

Looking and listening for signals of navy test explosions off Florida coast - 15:20

The science of sustainability - 15:20