Science Daily

Thursday the 23rd of April 2015

Differences in personality influence survival in field crickets - 16:00

A GPS for chromosomes: Microtubules direct chromosomes during cell division - 16:00

Chance and circumstance tip immune control of cancer - 16:00

Many Dry Tortugas loggerheads actually Bahamas residents - 15:30

Astronomers find runaway galaxies - 15:30

Silver nanoclusters inside synthetic DNA to create a programmed, tunable fluorescent array - 15:30

Ultra-sensitive sensor detects individual electrons - 15:00

Nanotech-enabled moisturizer speeds healing of diabetic skin wounds - 15:00

Extra sleep fixes memory problems in flies with Alzheimer's-like condition - 15:00

Can sound help us detect 'earthquakes' on Venus? - 15:00

Looking to fossils to predict tooth evolution in rodents: Ever-growing molars in the future? - 14:30

In search of tinnitus, that phantom ringing in the ears - 14:30

A focus on flight: birds use just two postures to avoid obstacles during flight - 14:30

World Happiness Report 2015 ranks happiest countries - 14:30

Dolphins use extra energy to communicate in noisy waters - 14:30

Reducing school bus pollution improves children's health - 14:00

Scientists see deeper Yellowstone magma - 14:00

Entire genomes of woolly mammoths mapped: Clues to extinction, possibility of bringing mammoths back - 13:30

High mountains warming faster than expected - 10:30

Celestial fireworks celebrate Hubble's 25th anniversary - 10:30

Scientists create the sensation of invisibility - 10:00

Scientists Use Nanoscale Building Blocks and DNA 'Glue' to Shape 3D Superlattices - 08:30

Wednesday the 22nd of April 2015

Stressed-out parasites: Overcoming drug-resistant malaria - 21:30

Proposed breast cancer screening guidelines would increase deaths, experts say - 21:30

Better social media techniques increase fan interest, engagement - 21:30

Epigenetic Marks Lay Foundations for a Child’s Future Abilities - 21:30

Materials scientists putting new spin on computing memory - 21:00

Soy: It's good for eating, baking -- and cleaning up crude oil spills - 18:30

Flame retardants could contribute to hyperthyroidism in older cats - 18:30

Cloud security reaches silicon: System for defending against memory-access attacks implemented in chips - 18:30

Quantum 'paparazzi' film photons in the act of pairing up - 18:30

Phonons, arise! Small electric voltage alters conductivity in key materials - 18:30

Metamaterials shine bright as new terahertz source - 18:30

New class of 3-D-printed aerogels improve energy storage - 18:30

Emotional intelligence critical for leaders - 18:00

Magma intrusion is likely source of Columbia-Ecuador border quake swarms - 18:00

Earthquake potential where there is no earthquake history - 18:00

Nanoparticle drug reverses Parkinson's-like symptoms in rats - 18:00

Vehicle cost, lack of consumer information hinder purchases of plug-in electric vehicles - 18:00

From metal to insulator and back again - 18:00

More Americans at risk from strong earthquakes, says new report - 18:00

'Flameproof' falcons and hawks: Most polluted bird on record found in Vancouver - 17:00

New method to detect most common bacteria contaminating oysters - 15:00

Discovery could impact study of chronic pain conditions - 15:00

Arctic beetles may be ideal marker of climate change - 15:00

Stegosaurus plates may have differed between male, female - 15:00

Sugary drinks boost risk factors for heart disease, study shows - 15:00

Thick atmosphere of Saturn's moon Titan fluctuates with Sun's cycle - 15:00

Backyard birds enhance life in urban neighborhoods - 15:00

Birds show surprising resilience in the face of natural stresses - 15:00