Science Daily

Saturday the 13th of September 2014

Anemia: One-minute point-of-care test shows promise in new study - 03:31

Piglet health: A better understanding of the immune response to intestinal parasites - 03:31

From worm muscle to spinal discs: An evolutionary surprise - 03:31

Clues to how giant elliptical galaxies move - 03:31

Iberian Peninsula endured tropical storms in the 18th century and severe droughts in Islamic times - 03:31

A meta-analysis of three types of peer norms and their relation with adolescent sexual behavior - 03:31

Nicotine withdrawal reduces response to rewards across species - 03:31

Potential link between assisted reproduction, autism: No link found - 03:31

Gray matter matters when measuring risk tolerance: May explain why risk tolerance decreases with age - 03:31

Cutting the cloud computing carbon cost - 03:31

New family of materials for energy-efficient information storage and processing - 03:31

Conjecture on the lateral growth of Type I collagen fibrils - 03:31

Moving silicon atoms in graphene with atomic precision - 03:31

Dendritic cells affect onset, progress of psoriasis - 03:31

Protein appears to protect against bone loss in arthritis - 03:31

Corn spots: Study finds important genes in defense response - 03:31

Experts call for massive global response to tackle Ebola - 03:31

Favoritism linked to drug use in 'disengaged' families - 03:30

Brain inflammation dramatically disrupts memory retrieval networks, study finds - 03:30

No innocent bystander: Cartilage contributes to arthritis - 03:30

Environmental costs, health risks, and benefits of fracking examined - 03:30

Worldwide study demonstrates accuracy of genetic analyses - 03:30

New math and quantum mechanics: Fluid mechanics suggests alternative to quantum orthodoxy - 03:30

Ahoy, offshore wind: Advanced buoys bring vital data to untapped energy resource - 03:30

A wife's happiness is more crucial than her husband's in keeping marriage on track - 03:30

How evolutionary principles could help save our world - 03:30

Friday the 12th of September 2014

Lurking bright blue star caught: The last piece of a supernova puzzle - 03:32

Graphene paints a corrosion-free future: Keep food fresh longer? - 03:32

Childhood mentors have positive impact on career success - 03:32

World's largest DNA origami created - 03:32

Breast milk reveals a correlation between dietary fats and academic success - 03:32

Excitonic dark states shed light on TMDC atomic layers: New promise for nanoelectronic and photonic applications - 03:32

Endometriosis a burden on women's lives - 03:32

How bacteria battle fluoride - 03:32

Must women be seen to be heard? Voice and gender bias in TV adverts - 03:32

The quantum revolution is a step closer: New way to run a quantum algorithm - 03:32

Owls provides clues on how humans focus attention - 03:32

Our microbes are a rich source of drugs - 03:32

Neurochemical imbalance in schizophrenia discovered - 03:32

Bioethicists call for greater first-world response to Ebola outbreak - 03:32

Euro creates unified pricing across countries, study finds - 03:32

Not enough vitamin B1 can cause brain damage - 03:32

Legitimacy of corporate ratings and 'best-of' lists questioned - 03:32

Brain differences: Sometimes, adolescents just can't resist - 03:32

The biomethane market needs clear frame conditions for further growth, experts urge - 03:32

Impact on gut microbiota of fermented milk product containing probiotics revealed by new technology - 03:32

Scientists revert human stem cells to pristine state - 03:32

Atmosphere in northern hemisphere has lower self-cleaning capacity than previously thought - 03:32

You can classify words in your sleep - 03:32

Intestinal bacteria needed for strong flu vaccine responses in mice - 03:32