Science Daily

Tuesday the 22nd of July 2014

Global temperature reaches record high in June following record warmth in May - 15:02

Can strong parental bond protect infants down to their DNA? - 15:01

Self-cooling solar cells boost power, last longer - 15:01

Creating optical cables out of thin air - 15:01

Hubble traces halo of a galaxy more accurately than ever before: An in-depth look at giant elliptical galaxy Centaurus A - 15:01

Mixed genes mix up the migrations of hybrid birds - 15:01

Anti-cancer drug kicks HIV out of hiding - 15:01

Jeju Island, Korea is a live volcano - 15:01

Meerkats' sinister side is secret to their success, study shows - 15:01

African-American homeownership increasingly less stable, more risky - 15:01

Study reveals 'unhappiest' cities in the U.S. - 15:01

A new multi-bit 'spin' for magnetic random access memory storage - 15:01

Fly-inspired sound detector: New device based on a fly's freakishly acute hearing for futuristic hearing aids - 15:01

Asian genes in European pigs result in more piglets - 15:01

Dangers of desert dust: New diagnostic tool for valley fever - 15:01

Law of physics governs airplane 'evolution': Constructal law explains progression of passenger jets, sets guidelines for future aircraft - 15:01

Bats use polarized light to navigate: First mammal known to use polarization patterns in the sky to navigate - 15:01

New water balance calculation for Dead Sea - 15:01

Cost-effectiveness of weight-loss programs, drugs - 15:01

'Comb on a chip' powers new atomic clock design - 15:01

Overdoing it: Multiple perspectives confuse consumers - 15:01

Fill 'er up: Prototype meter test for hydrogen refueling stations developed - 15:01

Why consumers choose high-effort products - 15:01

NASA's Fermi finds a 'transformer' pulsar - 15:01

Freezing blueberries improves antioxidant availability - 15:01

NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory celebrates 15th anniversary - 15:01

NASA's HS3 mission spotlight: The HIRAD instrument - 15:01

The heart of an astronaut, five years on - 15:00

Report on viruses looks beyond disease - 15:00

Communication between nostril/skin microbiome bacteria can influence pathogen behavior - 15:00

Understanding how neuro cells turn cancerous - 15:00

Radio frequency ID tags on honey bees reveal hive dynamics - 15:00

How children categorize living things - 15:00

Quantum leap in lasers brightens future for quantum computing - 15:00

Technique simplifies creation of high-tech crystals - 15:00

Ultrasonically propelled nanorods spin dizzyingly fast - 15:00

3-D printed tissues advance stem cell research - 15:00

African elephant genome suggests they are superior smellers - 15:00

High-salt diet doubles threat of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes - 15:00

Vitamin D deficiency raises risk of schizophrenia diagnosis - 15:00

Enhanced instrument enables high-speed chemical imaging of tissues - 15:00

Preschoolers can reflect on what they don't know - 15:00

Therapeutic bacteria prevent obesity in mice, study finds - 15:00

Extra exercise helps depressed smokers kick the habit faster - 15:00

Vulnerability of sharks as collateral damage in commercial fishing shown by study - 15:00

Srikingly early seeding of HIV viral reservoir shown in study - 06:00

Bioprinting methods on 2-D surfaces to link 3-D cellular structures - 06:00

Global warming 'pause' since 1998 reflects natural fluctuation - 06:00

Mammoth and mastodon behavior was less roam, more stay at home - 06:00

'Moral victories' might spare you from losing again - 06:00