Science Daily

Wednesday the 19th of April 2017

Defective HIV proviruses hinder immune system response and cure - 11:31

Which production attributes are most important to consumers when buying beef, chicken? - 11:31

Evidence of a 'higher' state of consciousness? - 11:01

Elevated levels of mercury in women of child bearing age in Pacific Island countries, new study reveals - 11:01

Shale gas threat to forests can be eased by consolidating infrastructure - 11:01

Online preconception health education tool positively impacts patient care - 11:01

Under-studied boreal habitat key for North America's ducks - 11:01

Gunshot injuries occur primarily in Miami-Dade's poor, black neighborhoods - 11:01

Membranes to remove viruses from drinking water - 10:32

New blood test offers potential for faster, targeted treatment of non-small-cell lung cancer - 10:32

Extraordinary resilience of deadly bacterium explained - 10:32

30% reduction in deaths from bowel cancer - 10:32

Evolution of cooperation through longer memory - 10:32

Gaming helps personalized therapy level up - 10:02

Making artificial blood for transfusions - 10:02

Degradable electronic components created from corn starch - 10:02

Nanoparticles remain unpredictable - 10:02

Speed-dependent attraction governs what goes on at the heart of midge swarms - 10:02

Graphene and gold make a better brain probe - 10:02

A new mineral from the oldest solar system solids in meteorites - 09:32

Low-fat dairy linked to lower tendency towards depression - 09:32

Clues as to why cockroaches are so prolific - 09:32

Fertility can hinge on swimming conditions in the uterus - 09:32

Making oil from algae: Towards more efficient biofuels - 09:32

Bears breed across species borders - 09:32

Genetic control of immune cell proliferation - 09:32

Researchers create red-eyed mutant wasps - 09:02

With beetroot juice before exercise, aging brains look 'younger' - 09:02

Twin research reveals which facial features are most controlled by genetics - 09:02

The tale teeth tell about the legendary man-eating lions of Tsavo - 09:02

Time-lapse cameras provide a unique peek at penguins' winter behavior - 09:02

Reduction of post-traumatic stress symptoms associated with noninvasive technology - 09:02

Plant protein may protect against type 2 diabetes, meat eaters at greater risk - 09:02

Robotic cheetah created - 09:02

Study on mice demonstrates the action of strawberries against breast cancer - 09:02

Tuesday the 18th of April 2017

Novel semiconductor nanofiber with superb charge conductivity developed - 20:01

Research unlocks molecular key to animal evolution and disease - 20:01

New test identifies patients with diabetes who are at high risk of kidney failure - 20:01

Can barnacle geese predict the climate? - 18:31

Researchers identify tactic Dengue virus uses to delay triggering immune response - 17:02

Experimental drug targets nucleus of allergen-sensitized cells - 16:32

Researchers unlock an immunity 'black box' - 16:32

Bacteriophages, natural drugs to combat superbugs - 16:32

Climate change and risk to fossil fuel industry: Sustainability train has left the station - 16:31

How campuses can measure their nitrogen footprints - 16:31

Alerting stem cells to hurry up and heal - 16:31

Fainting episodes may increase risk of workplace accidents, job loss - 16:31

Cannabis-based medicine may cut seizures in half for those with tough-to-treat epilepsy - 16:31

Adherence to USPSTF recommendations could lead to lower number of individuals recommended for statin - 15:02

Study examines effectiveness of steroid medication for sore throat - 15:02