Science Daily

Tuesday the 28th of June 2016

Early screening spots emergency workers at greater risk of mental illness - 11:11

Study uses diverse sample to examine childhood weight's link to age of first substance use - 11:11

Helicopter parents: Hovering may have effect as kids transition to adulthood - 11:11

Liquid biopsy biomarkers identify prostate cancer before surgery - 11:11

New method to grow and transplant muscle stem cells holds promise for treatment of muscular dystrophy - 11:11

Tiniest Imperfections Make Big Impacts in Nano-Patterned Materials - 11:11

Methylene blue shows promise for improving short-term memory: Study in humans - 10:41

Clandestine black hole may represent new population - 10:41

World's first successful artificial insemination of southern rockhopper penguin - 10:41

Rotating ring of complex organic molecules discovered around newborn star: Chemical diversity in planet forming regions unveiled - 10:41

Researchers discover a new method to boost oil recovery - 10:11

Testicular cancer survivors may have hearing loss after cisplatin therapy, study shows - 10:11

Car ownership has the biggest influence over how much exercise londoners do while traveling - 10:11

Previously unknown global ecological disaster discovered - 10:11

Two-in-one approach could help keep brain cancer in check - 10:11

Research links high zinc levels, kidney stones - 10:11

What happens when you steam a planet? - 10:11

Lionfish invading the Mediterranean Sea - 09:41

trees with altered lignin are better for biofuels, Study shows - 09:41

Lost hormone is found in starfish - 09:41

Synthesized microporous 3D graphene-like carbons - 09:41

Blocking key enzyme halts parkinson's disease symptoms in mice - 09:11

Five new confirmed microcephaly cases in Colombia may be harbingers of epidemic - 09:11

Greenery in Neighborhoods May Reduce Adolescent Aggressive Behavior - 07:11

Monday the 27th of June 2016

Huge helium discovery 'a life-saving find' - 22:01

Study explores emotional intelligence and stress in social work - 22:01

Scientists decode how anthrax toxin proteins might help treat cancerous tumors - 22:01

How the spleen filters blood - 22:01

People can hear the difference in high resolution audio, study finds - 21:31

Moon discovered over dwarf planet Makemake in the Kuiper Belt - 21:31

New, non-invasive method developed to wipe out cancerous tumors - 21:31

Meet RobERt, the dreaming detective for exoplanet atmospheres - 21:31

Drones to keep tabs on light pollution - 21:31

Minor mergers are major drivers of star formation - 21:31

Softwares for fMRI yield erroneous results - 21:01

Picky eaters: Bumble bees prefer plants with nutrient-rich pollen - 21:01

Getting a grip on slippery cell membranes - 20:31

New software improves ability to catalog bacterial pathogens - 20:31

Chronic fatigue syndrome is in your gut, not your head - 20:31

Diabetes sniffer dogs? 'Scent' of hypos could aid development of new tests - 15:41

Water windfall' discovered beneath California's Central Valley - 15:41

Antibodies to dengue may alter course of Zika virus infection - 15:41

When it comes to brown dwarfs, 'how far?' is a key question - 15:10

Lower levels of coenzyme Q10 in blood associated with multiple system atrophy - 14:11

Anthrax capsule vaccine completely protects monkeys from lethal inhalational anthrax - 14:11

Scientists develop nanomachines to diagnose illness - 14:11

Political pitfalls in handling ebola may carry over to zika - 14:11

Drug that helps addicts may help treat cancer too, say experts - 14:11

E-wheelchair should weigh less - 13:41

Food’s transit time through body is a key factor in digestive health - 13:41