Science Daily

Wednesday the 3rd of February 2016

Fruit flies adjust their courtship song based on distance - 21:02

'How much does it hurt?' For preschoolers, cognitive development can limit ability to rate pain - 21:02

Researchers try to determine the cause of female red flour beetle promiscuity - 21:01

Why is calcific tendinitis so painful? - 21:01

Preventive surgery for women at high risk of breast, ovarian cancer - 21:00

Enzyme key to link between age-related inflammation and cancer - 20:30

Researchers discover new phase of boron nitride and a new way to create pure c-BN - 20:30

Purified cashew proteins lend insight into allergic reactions - 20:00

Genetic cause of rare allergy to vibration discovered - 19:30

Discovery of 'Jurassic butterflies' - 16:23

Sluggish electrons caught in action - 16:23

It's all about the timing: Fetal expression of core clock gene determines lifespan in mice - 16:22

Research may explain mysterious deep earthquakes in subduction zones - 16:22

In the Southern Ocean, a carbon-dioxide mystery comes clear - 16:22

Women more sensitive to irksome behavior than men - 15:54

Only a minority of cancer cells affect the growth, metastasis of tumors - 15:53

Clean kitchens cut calories - 15:52

Anonymous browsing hinders online dating signals - 15:52

'Gene fusion' mutation uses three-way mechanism to drive childhood brain cancers - 15:51

On the origin of eukaryotes: When cells got complex - 15:51

Lifespan of mice extended by as much as 35 percent; no adverse effects found - 15:21

Anxiety disorder three times more likely among older adults with COPD - 14:21

The future of medicine could be found in this tiny crystal ball - 13:40

Most NFL arrests not for violent crimes - 13:40

How variation in body size correlates with en-route migration performance of songbirds - 13:40

New piece of the HIV puzzle uncovered - 13:39

44,000 healthy years lost in Europe, 72,000 years could still be lost in the future - 12:07

Helping turn waste heat into electricity - 12:07

Antarctic study identifies melting ice sheet's role in sea level rise - 12:07

Examining how terrestrial life's building blocks may have first formed - 12:06

Orangutans: Lethal aggression between females - 12:06

Galactic center's gamma rays unlikely to originate from dark matter, evidence shows - 12:05

Energy from cellphone towers amplify pain in amputees - 12:03

Practice makes perfect: Switching between languages pays off - 12:03

New study challenges Jupiter's role as planetary shield, protecting Earth from comet impacts - 12:02

Location may be key to effectively controlling pain - 12:02

Tuesday the 2nd of February 2016

Super Mario gets social intelligence - 22:51

Lava flow crisis averted (for now) - 22:51

Helicopter parents take extreme approach to homework - 22:50

Flu vaccine shows promise for reducing risk of influenza-associated atrial fibrillation - 22:22

Smallest lattice structure worldwide - 22:22

Drug prevents key age-related brain change in rats - 22:21

Clip-on device offers protection against mosquitoes that transmit Zika - 22:21

Four new algae species discovered in Hawaii's deep waters - 22:20

Professor creates video games that redefine art - 22:20

Study shows North Atlantic Ocean CO2 storage doubled over last decade - 21:50

What goes wrong in the brain when someone can't spell - 19:31

Sstudy identifies mechanism for drug target to help block HIV's ability to spread - 16:02

New drug target for Rett syndrome - 16:02

Gray treefrogs provide clues to climate change - 16:01