Science Daily

Tuesday the 6th of October 2015

Study questions benefit of exercise program following immobilization of ankle fracture - 14:20

Melatonin and mealtime: Common genetic difference could put some at greater risk of diabetes - 14:20

Research calls for stricter screening recommendations for family history of colon cancer - 14:20

From trees to power: Engineers build better energy storage device - 14:20

Mutation involved in neurodegeneration discovered - 13:50

From molecular case studies: Genomics of exceptional responder to NOTCH inhibitor - 13:50

Researchers uncover new genetic markers for wheat improvement - 13:50

Back to the future: Science fiction turns science fact - 13:50

New test predicts teens' future risk of heart disease - 13:50

New species discovered: Hog-nose rat - 13:50

Marijuana extract doesn't reduce postoperative nausea, vomiting - 13:50

New artificial cells mimic nature's tiny reactors - 13:50

Unlikely partners? Cell's waste disposal system regulates body clock proteins - 13:50

Vaginal microbes influence whether mucus can trap HIV - 13:50

How dominant parents affect kids' self-worth - 13:50

Treatment for heparin-induced blood disorder revealed in structure of antibody complex - 13:50

Virus-drug combination shows improved effectiveness against brain tumor cells - 13:50

Tiny ancient fossil from Spain shows birds flew over the heads of dinosaurs - 13:50

Scientists identify how normally protective immune responses kill neurons - 12:50

Foot fossils of human relative illustrate evolutionary 'messiness' of bipedal walking - 12:50

Simulation training saves precious minutes in speeding treatment of trauma patients - 12:20

Routine use of laparoscopic surgery for rectal cancer still to be established - 12:20

Protein reactions identified with subatomic resolution - 12:20

Novel cybercatalog of flower-loving flies suggests the digital future of taxonomy - 12:20

The Majorana Demonstrator: First module of germanium detectors comes online - 12:20

A large-area detector for fundamental neutron science - 12:20

Possible new treatment for bladder cancer using a mycobacterium - 11:20

Male suicide on rise as result of austerity, report suggests - 11:20

New evidence for a strategy to identify patients nearing the end of life - 11:20

The science of retweets - 11:20

Turning T cell immunology on its head - 11:20

Birth weight, poor childhood growth linked to hearing, vision problems in middle age - 10:50

Sugar governs how antibodies work in the immune system - 10:50

Flu shot reduces risk of stroke, study suggests - 10:50

Bankers suppress their identities to survive, thrive at work, finds study - 10:50

Even if imprisoned inside a crystal, molecules can still move - 10:50

Double the (quantum) fun - 10:50

Pushing boundaries in software analytics - 10:50

Saucer-like shields protect two new 'door head' ant species from Africa and their nests - 10:20

More women may have option to get IUD minutes after giving birth - 10:20

Lack of D1 receptor leads to slowness of movements in Parkinson's disease - 10:20

Of skin and teeth: Identifying key differences in Asians - 10:20

Rebates a cost-effective way to boost healthy eating among low-income people, study finds - 10:20

Nutritional needs for skeletal health change as you age, says new scientific review - 10:20

Section speed control reduces the number of killed, severely injured by half - 10:20

New fossils intensify mystery of short-lived, toothy mammal found in ancient North Pacific - 10:20

Wheat choice has lasting effect on soil health and yield - 09:50

Mixed up cell transportation key piece of ALS, dementia puzzle - 09:20

Older patients recover more slowly from concussion - 09:20

Physicists shrink particle accelerator - 09:20