Science Daily

Wednesday the 27th of May 2015

Importance of clinically actionable results in genetic panel testing for cancer - 21:30

Sex chromosomes: Why the Y genes matter - 21:30

Hallucinations and delusions more common than thought - 19:00

Solid-state photonics goes extreme ultraviolet - 19:00

Study tackles evolution mystery of animal, plant warning cues for survival - 19:00

Job-sharing with nursing robots - 18:30

Laser-beam scanning illuminates new details in dinosaur fossils - 18:00

Diagnosing cancer with lumninescent bacteria: Engineered probiotics detect tumors in liver - 15:00

Lethal wounds on skull may indicate 430,000 year-old murder - 15:00

Tiny parasite may contribute to declines in honey bee colonies by infecting larvae - 15:00

Chemists discover key reaction mechanism behind the highly touted sodium-oxygen battery - 15:00

New model for identifying total hip replacement candidates - 14:30

Destructive factors causing deterioration of paints on buildings walls - 14:30

How should Norway legalize egg donation? - 14:30

Researchers discover surprisingly wide variation across species in genetic systems that influence aging - 14:30

Spiraling laser pulses could change the nature of graphene - 14:30

Invisible helpers of the sea: Marine bacteria boost growth of tiny ocean algae - 14:30

Congressional action needed to optimize regulation of genomic tests - 14:30

America's research funding squeeze imperils patient care, say top medical school deans - 14:30

Glacier changes at the top of the world - 14:00

ClinGen: A new era for genetic interpretation - 14:00

America: Who's making sure the power stays on? - 14:00

Researchers identify origin of chromosomal oddity in some cancer cells - 14:00

Scientists one step closer to mimicking gamma-ray bursts - 14:00

Ending Medicaid dental benefit is costly, experts say - 14:00

New algorithm lets autonomous robots divvy up assembly tasks on the fly - 14:00

Tumor surroundings are shown to affect progression of different cancer subtypes - 14:00

'Do' is better than 'don't' when it comes to eating better - 14:00

Challenging students benefit from limit setting - 13:30

Cooperation among viral variants helps hepatitis C survive immune system attacks - 13:30

Shock Collision Inside Black Hole Jet - 13:30

Global climate on verge of multi-decadal change - 13:30

Scientists identify key to preventing secondary cancers - 13:30

Robots can automatically recover from damage in minutes - 13:30

Study could explain why ovarian cancer treatments fail - 13:30

Brain signals contain the code for your next move - 13:30

Pinpointing natural cancer drug's true origins brings sustainable production a step closer - 13:00

Millennials: The least religious generation - 13:00

Medical, magnetic millirobots offer hope for less-invasive surgeries - 13:00

Effective season extension technologies identified for strawberry production - 13:00

Differences in RORA levels in brain may contribute to autism sex bias - 13:00

Potential proteins identified to target in osteosarcoma treatment - 13:00

Using debt to maintain status quo leaves families on rocky road to recovery - 13:00

New human ancestor species from Ethiopia lived alongside Lucy's species - 13:00

A bubbly cosmic celebration - 12:30

Physicists simulate charged Majorana particles, which are not supposed to exist - 12:30

Experiment confirms quantum theory weirdness - 12:30

Physicists solve quantum tunneling mystery - 12:30

State regulations for indoor tanning could lead to a national regulatory framework - 12:30

Study identifies brain regions activated when pain intensity doesn't match expectation - 12:30