Science Daily

Wednesday the 20th of July 2016

North American forests unlikely to save us from climate change - 14:51

Female birds call the shots in divorce - 14:21

New sun cream compound offers unprecedented protection against UVA radiation - 14:21

World first discovery gets to the heart of birth defects - 14:21

Birds on top of the world, with nowhere to go - 14:21

New probe developed for improved high resolution measurement of brain temperature - 14:21

Cancer stem cells in 'robbers cave' may explain poor prognosis for obese patients - 14:21

More for less in pastures - 14:21

New dinosaur species may give clues to evolutionary origin of megaraptorid clade - 14:21

Map provides detailed picture of how the brain is organized - 13:51

RNA: How cells master the art of reading life's recipes - 13:51

Asteroid that formed moon's Imbrium Basin may have been protoplanet-sized - 13:51

A recent pause in Antarctic Peninsula warming - 13:51

Synthetic biology used to limit bacterial growth and coordinate drug release - 13:51

New device lengthens the life of quantum information - 13:51

People estimate their own abilities based on others' performance - 13:21

Three Alzheimer's genetic risk factors linked to immune cell dysfunction - 13:21

Preventing HIV in transgender people - 13:21

'Perfect storm' brought sea louse epidemic to BC salmon - 13:21

Surgeons' disclosures of clinical adverse events - 13:21

Effectiveness of treatment for individuals with brain injury or stroke - 13:21

Ocean acidification: The limits of adaptation - 13:21

Minimally traumatic and inexpensive ceramic laser scalpel - 13:21

Rapid, low-temperature process adds weeks to milk's shelf life - 13:21

Neurons form synapse clusters - 13:21

Higher-income students have an edge when it comes to working memory - 13:21

New data on bird population trends and the climate conditions they occupy - 13:21

Neuroscientists' study sheds light on how words are represented in the brain - 13:21

Urocortin-3: A signaling molecule for making friends - 13:21

Rationing healthcare: More than half of US doctors say no to clinical services - 13:21

Majority of physicians have favorite patients, study finds - 13:21

Improving health facility efficiency could markedly expand HIV treatment - 13:21

'Us versus them' social traits may have evolved in monkeys before humans - 12:51

Functionalized surfaces with tailored wettability determine Influenza A infectivity - 12:51

Using bed bug shed skins to combat the pest - 12:51

Wolves seeks refuge from hunters during breeding periods - 12:51

Indoor tanning rates among New Jersey teens remain stable following state enactment of under age 17 ban - 12:51

Study examines opioid agonist therapy use in Medicare patients - 12:51

How do cells recover their shape after being subjected to external forces? - 12:51

Plant-based Polio booster vaccine - 12:51

First atmospheric study of Earth-sized exoplanets points to possible habitability - 12:51

Changes in brain activity after mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in adolescents - 12:21

Dogs de-stress families with autistic children, new research shows - 11:01

Greener cities become more unjust - 11:01

Diseases that run in families not all down to genes, study shows - 11:01

Diabetes: Factor 'gender' into treatment, say experts - 10:31

Are forests of the future at risk? - 10:31

FDA approves scalpel-free brain surgery for tremor - 10:31

Scientists review methods to prevent bites, suppress ticks that transmit Lyme disease - 10:31

Breastfeeding alters maternal metabolism, protects against diabetes for up to 15 years after delivery - 10:01