Science Daily

Tuesday the 30th of June 2015

Location isn't everything but timing is for certain spawning fish - 21:00

Protein's impact on colorectal cancer is dappled - 21:00

Hospital-wide program for delirium, alcohol withdrawal and suicide/harm impacts readmission rates - 21:00

Causal pathway may link job stress, sleep disturbances - 21:00

New study reveals mechanism regulating methane emissions in freshwater wetlands - 15:20

Chemists characterize 3-D macroporous hydrogels - 15:20

New model of cosmic stickiness favors 'Big Rip' demise of universe - 15:20

Hello, gorgeous! 'Pulse' technology may replenish skin's collagen - 14:50

New cardiac arrest recommendations: Increased CPR/AED training will improve survival rates - 14:50

Spouses, relatives of celiac disease patients at risk for autoimmune diseases - 14:50

Pinaverium shows promising results for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome - 14:50

Major midwest flood risk underestimated by as much as five feet, study finds - 14:50

High-fat diet may alleviate mitochondrial disease - 14:50

Osteopathic manipulative therapy significantly improves low back pain in postpartum women - 14:50

Yosemite forest fire example of possible things to come - 14:50

Women's faces get redder at ovulation, but human eyes can't pick up on it - 14:50

Innovative imaging study shows that the spinal cord learns on its own - 14:50

Targeting mistreatment of women during childbirth - 14:50

Folate biomarkers determined - 14:50

Careers outside of academia richly rewarding for PhD physicists - 14:50

Improving rice flour to aid food poverty - 14:20

Mapping ocean noise on a round-the-world sailing trip - 14:20

New method of quantum entanglement packs vastly more data in a photon - 14:20

Pension funds are losing billions annually due to end of month trading - 14:20

Using muons from cosmic rays to find fraying infrastructure - 14:20

Physical study may give boost to hydrogen cars - 14:20

Scientists propose new model of mysterious barrier to fusion known as the 'density limit' - 14:20

Scientists program solitary yeast cells to say 'hello' to one another - 13:50

Repeated courses of antibiotics may profoundly alter children's development - 13:20

Chitosan coated, chemotherapy packed nanoparticles may target cancer stem cells - 13:20

Vitamin A supplementation may cause immune system to 'forget' past infections - 13:20

Sialic acid: Key to unlocking brain disorders - 13:20

Cheek muscles hold up better than leg muscles in space - 13:20

Omega-3 supplements, antioxidants may help with preclinical Alzheimer's disease - 13:20

Human urine helps prevent bacteria from sticking to bladder cells - 13:20

Europeans have unknowingly contributed to spread of invasive plant species in USA - 13:20

Healthy diet linked to lower death rates among low-income residents in Southeastern USA - 13:20

For women with bipolar disorder, sleep quality affects mood - 13:20

Cardiac survival rates around 6 percent for those occurring outside of a hospital - 13:20

Atomic force microscope advance leads to new breast cancer research - 13:20

Water: The province of provinces - 13:20

Eye color may be linked to alcohol dependence - 13:20

Hantaviruses are highly dependent on cell membrane cholesterol to infect humans - 12:50

Research redefines the properties of faults when rock melts - 12:50

Ocean algae will cope well in varying climates, study shows - 12:50

Research reveals new insights into a key antibiotic target in the fight against TB - 12:50

340 undiscovered meteorite impact sites on Earth, geologists calculate - 12:20

Biodegradable, flexible silicon transistors - 12:20

Water used for hydraulic fracturing varies widely across United States - 12:20

Graphene flexes its electronic muscles - 12:20