Science Daily

Thursday the 18th of May 2017

Sexual satisfaction: Treating a woman with oxytocin also benefits her male partner - 08:31

Wednesday the 17th of May 2017

Tiny bubbles help heal broken bones, in pigs - 20:51

Migrant children less obese due to absent grandmothers - 18:51

Wild orangutan teeth provide insight into human breast-feeding evolution - 18:51

Autonomous 'soaring with solar' concept - 17:51

Blind people have brain map for 'visual' observations too - 17:51

Bumblebee populations higher in Detroit than in some less-urbanized areas; vacant lots could be a factor - 17:51

'Trojan fish': Invasive rabbitfish spread invasive species - 17:51

Current stimulation may keep visual neurons alive after injury -- but at a cost - 17:51

Blue and purple corn: Not just for tortilla chips anymore - 17:51

Friendship group influences dating violence risk for early-maturing girls - 17:51

Proof-of principle study finds imatinib improves symptoms for patients with severe asthma - 17:51

Parents with bipolar benefit from self-help tool - 17:21

Computer game could help children choose healthy food - 17:21

Gene that affects cell power supply may hold key to bowel disease - 17:21

Better cathode materials for lithium-sulphur-batteries - 17:21

Shared genetic heritage from Sicily to Cyprus - 17:21

Why more intelligent people tend to be atheistic - 17:21

Are we educating educators about academic integrity? - 17:21

Pain linked to non-medical prescription opioid use in young adults - 17:21

Why a crackly crust is essential to a baguette's aroma and taste - 15:51

Social networking for the proteome, upgraded - 15:51

Same genes, same environment, different personality: Is individuality unavoidable? - 15:51

Even small quantities of opioids prescribed for minor injuries increase risk of long-term use - 15:51

Cutting down on cancer surgeries - 15:51

Advancing cancer immunotherapy with computer simulations and data analysis - 15:21

Few willing to pay a price for equitable treatment in aviation screenings - 15:21

Metabolism harnessed to reverse aggressiveness in leukemia - 15:21

Early MRI may lower costs for prostate cancer treatment - 15:21

Shedding light on Earth's first animals - 15:21

Climate change refuge for corals discovered (and how we can protect it right now) - 14:51

Cancer-cardiac connection illuminates promising new drug for heart failure - 14:51

Study results show reduction in disability from stroke up to 24 hours of onset - 14:21

Tea-time means leopard-time in India - 14:21

New study sheds light on origins of life on Earth through molecular function - 14:21

Monarch butterflies: Looking beyond the breeding grounds - 14:21

Exposure to BPA potentially induces permanent reprogramming of painted turtles' brains - 14:21

Microbes seen controlling action of host's genes - 14:21

Novel device significantly reduces blood draw contamination, reduces risks to patients, study shows - 13:51

Sacrificing sleep for love - 13:51

Destruction of a quantum monopole observed - 13:51

Fate of marine carbon in last steps toward sequestration - 13:51

Building a better 'bot': Artificial intelligence helps human groups - 13:51

Improving drugs for type 2 diabetes - 13:51

Approaching a decades-old goal: Making blood stem cells from patients' own cells - 13:51

When birds of a feather poop together: Excessive birds feces and algal blooms - 13:51

Myanmar's extensive forests are declining rapidly due to political and economic change - 13:51

Diagnostic biomarkers in saliva show promise in recognizing early Alzheimer's disease - 13:22

Under cyber attack: Researchers look at how to catch a 'phisher' - 13:22

Plants call 911 to help their neighbors - 13:22