Science Daily

Thursday th 18th of April 2019

Novel antibody may suppress HIV for up to four months - 10:00

Ocean circulation likely to blame for severity of 2018 red tide around Florida - 08:40

Wednesday th 17th of April 2019

Solution to riddle of ocean carbon storage - 19:30

Switch from hunting to herding recorded in ancient urine - 19:30

Gene therapy restores immunity in infants with rare immunodeficiency disease - 17:20

Bacterial therapy in a dish - 16:50

Giving robots a better feel for object manipulation - 16:50

Why researchers are mapping the world's manure - 16:50

Factors behind embryonic stem cell state - 16:21

Making a fast ion transporter - 16:21

Decoding the movement patterns of tsunami-like solitary waves - 16:21

School bullying increases chances of mental health issues and unemployment in later life - 16:21

Fragments of cellular machinery reveal unexpected variability among cancers - 16:21

Plants and microbes shape global biomes through local underground alliances - 16:21

Critical errors in inhaler technique common in children with asthma - 16:21

Neotropical cloud forests to lose what most defines them: Clouds - 16:21

Balancing the ocean carbon budget - 16:21

Major study finds one in five children have mental health problems - 16:21

Heart patch could limit muscle damage in heart attack aftermath - 16:21

The Cerrado once connected the Andes with the Atlantic Rainforest - 16:21

Amazonian soils mapped using indicator species - 16:00

Scientists advance a way to track changes in a person's cardiovascular system - 16:00

Features that make lizards appealing to potential mates are resilient to stress - 16:00

Genetics behind the evolution of flightless birds - 16:00

Is one toe really better than three? How horse' legs evolved for travel rather than speed - 15:30

New deep-learning approach predicts protein structure from amino acid sequence - 15:30

Espresso yourself: Coffee thoughts leave a latte on the mind - 15:30

Vitamin D study sheds light on immune system effects - 15:30

Researchers pinpoint tumor-related protein, slow progression of cancers - 15:30

New study targets Achilles' heel of pancreatic cancer, with promising results - 15:30

Mercury has a solid inner core: New evidence - 13:20

Why lightning often strikes twice - 13:20

Coelacanth reveals new insights into skull evolution - 13:20

Scientists restore some functions in a pig's brain hours after death - 13:20

Explosion on Jupiter-sized star 10 times more powerful than ever seen on our Sun - 12:50

Three studies show how tumors hijack the immune system to resist radiation therapy - 11:30

How Enterococcus faecalis bacteria causes antibiotic resistant infection - 11:30

Taking care of people with TBI: New tool could speed caregiver research - 11:30

New study shows people used natural dyes to color their clothing thousands of years ago - 11:02

World-record quantum computing - 11:02

Neuron and synapse-mimetic spintronics devices developed - 11:02

Technology automatically senses how Parkinson's patients respond to medication - 11:01

Green plastic production made easy - 11:01

Oral immunotherapy safe for preschool-aged children with peanut allergies, study suggests - 11:01

Powerful particles and tugging tides may affect extraterrestrial life - 11:01

Small fossils with big applications: BP Gulf of Mexico time scale - 10:40

Five planets revealed after 20 years of observation - 10:40

Solar panel demand causing spike in worldwide silver prices - 10:40

A light-activated remote control for cells - 10:40

Gender identity leaves imprint on human brains - 10:40