Science Daily

Tuesday th 15th of August 2017

How Gata4 helps mend a broken heart - 10:02

Monday th 14th of August 2017

'Smiley' emojis in formal workplace e-mails could create frowns - 16:12

Probiotics help poplar trees clean up contaminated groundwater - 16:12

Genetic mechanism prevents kidney injury after severe dehydration - 14:52

From thousands of suspects, researchers ferret out cancer-causing genes - 14:52

High use of electronic cigarettes seen in 8th-9th graders in Oregon - 14:52

Granulins are brain treasure, not trash - 14:52

Research review recommends eliminating widely ordered blood test for diagnosing heart attacks - 14:22

Seafood for thought - 14:22

Studying the Sun's atmosphere with the total solar eclipse of 2017 - 14:22

ATLAS sees first direct evidence of light-by-light scattering at high energy - 14:22

Doctors trained at lowest-ranked medical schools prescribe more opioids - 14:22

A fleeting blue glow - 14:22

Discovery of new prostate cancer biomarkers could improve precision therapy - 14:22

From cancer evolution to personalized therapies - 13:52

Drug approval: New country comparison shows great savings potential - 13:52

Smartphone tracking shows fear affects where youth spend time - 13:52

Blood biopsy test reads platelets to detect human lung cancer - 13:52

Coke or Pepsi? Partner's choices can make you miserable - 13:52

New study reveals late spread of breast cancer and backs key role of early diagnosis - 13:52

Killing bacteria by hacking plastics with silver and electricity - 13:52

Cancer detection with sugar molecules - 13:52

First truly microfluidic 'lab on a chip' device 3-D printed - 13:22

Two-faced 2-D material: flat sandwich of sulfur, molybdenum and selenium - 13:22

Automated fingerprint analysis is one step closer to reality - 13:22

Exotic quantum states made from light - 13:22

Injectable tissue patch could help repair damaged organs - 13:22

Seeing a virus in action - 13:22

New way to activate stem cells to make hair grow - 13:22

The secret to beating bone and joint health injuries? Get to the right medical team - 13:22

New 3-D simulations show how galactic centers cool their jets - 12:22

Varroa mites -- bees' archenemies -- have genetic holes in their armor - 12:22

Critical point in breaking the glass problem - 12:22

How did the Franklin expedition crew die? Professor analyzes sailors' mouths for clues - 12:22

New class of chemical reaction discovered - 11:52

Single molecules can work as reproducible transistors -- at room temperature - 11:52

Ozone treaty taking a bite out of US greenhouse gas emissions - 11:52

Brain injury in kids might lead to alcohol abuse - 11:52

Neonics put bumblebees at risk of extinction by hindering colony formation, study reveals - 11:52

High sugar consumption gives rise to dental treatment costs in the billions - 11:22

X-ray imaging with a significantly enhanced resolution - 11:22

Cognitive abilities seem to reinforce each other in adolescence - 11:22

Secret to happiness may include more unpleasant emotions - 11:22

Analysis finds defeat of Hannibal 'written in the coins of the Roman Empire' - 10:54

Experiments cast doubt on theory of how Earth was formed - 10:54

Long-term diabetes complication: Liver inflammation raises cholesterol levels - 10:54

Are your tweets feeling well? - 10:52

Urban floods intensifying, countryside drying up - 10:52

Brain scan study adds to evidence that lower brain serotonin levels are linked to dementia - 10:52

Researchers obtain decacene, the largest acene synthesized ever - 10:52