Science Daily

Tuesday th 19th of March 2019

Water-bearing minerals on asteroid Bennu - 13:33

Natural selection favors cheaters - 13:33

Woolly star plants need catastrophes to live - 13:33

Sensor created to detect dopamine, brain disorders, in seconds - 12:40

First Anatolian farmers were local hunter-gatherers that adopted agriculture - 12:40

Different bacteria use same cell surface molecule to invade tissue and promote infection - 12:40

Hayabusa2 probes asteroid Ryugu for secrets - 12:40

People choose healthy and sustainable lunches if given the green light - 12:10

Deep brain stimulation provides sustained relief for severe depression - 12:10

Cost-effective method for hydrogen fuel production process - 12:10

Where does chronic pain begin? Scientists close in on its origins - 11:50

When development and conservation clash in the Serengeti - 11:50

Go for a run or eat chocolate: A choice dictated by the cannabinoid receptors - 11:50

Androgen receptor, treatment target for prostate cancer, imports into mitochondria - 11:50

3D mammography significantly reduces breast biopsy rates - 10:53

Epigenetic protein could be new therapeutic target in acute myeloid leukemia - 10:30

Discovery of parasitic arsenic cycle may offer glimpse of life in future, warmer oceans - 10:30

Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life - 10:30

Computer program developed to find 'leakage' in quantum computers - 10:30

Scientists study fish to learn how to adapt to the impacts of climate change - 10:30

Electron accelerators reveal the radical secrets of antioxidants - 10:30

Eating fish may help prevent asthma - 10:30

Making xylitol and cellulose nanofibers from paper paste - 10:00

Milk or no milk? Study fills long-time knowledge gap on babies with genetic disorder - 10:00

Floodplain forests under threat - 10:00

New technique for in-cell distance determination - 10:00

Measuring differences in brain chemicals in people with mild memory problems - 10:00

A nutty solution for improving brain health - 09:33

Researchers discover new material to help power electronics - 09:10

Study finds test of protein levels in the eye a potential predictor of (future) Alzheimer's disease - 09:10

Ultrasound provides precise, minimally invasive way to measure heart function in children - 09:10

A new first: Scientists mimic nature's self-affinity using computer simulations - 09:10

Bromethalin is poisoning the parrots of Telegraph Hill, study finds - 08:40

From foam to bone: Plant cellulose can pave the way for healthy bone implants - 08:40

Bright skies for plant-based jet fuels - 08:40

Superbugs have colonized the International Space Station -- but there's a silver lining - 08:40

Heading towards a tsunami of light - 08:40

Study explaining side effects of statins finds drug can have unexpected benefits - 08:40

Levitating objects with light - 08:40

Smarter automatic defibrillator - 08:40

Monday th 18th of March 2019

Mammals' unique arms started evolving before the dinosaurs existed - 22:00

Researchers create hydrogen fuel from seawater - 22:00

Social environment helps determine attitudes toward risk - 22:00

'Inflamm-aging' causes loss of bone healing ability in the elderly - 22:00

Algal library lends insights into genes for photosynthesis - 22:00

People who don't drink may still suffer harms from alcohol - 22:00

Researchers predict 1.4 million deaths from all cancers in 2019 in the EU - 22:00

Inflammation links heart disease and depression - 22:00

Semimetals are high conductors - 20:30

Brain research reveals a circuit for cocaine relapse - 20:30