Science Daily

Tuesday th 11th of December 2018

Citations show academic and non-academic researchers 'win' when they collaborate - 10:10

Sierra snowpack could drop significantly by end of century - 09:40

Pushing closer to a new cancer-fighting strategy - 09:40

Depression: New tool delivers swifter picture of cognitive deficit - 09:40

Music evokes powerful positive emotions through personal memories - 09:40

New sepsis treatment a step closer - 09:10

When less is more: A promising approach for low-cell-number epigenomic profiling - 09:10

Study links frequent red meat consumption to high levels of chemical associated with heart disease - 09:10

Buridan's donkey: Neuroscience resolves medieveal decision-making conundrum - 08:40

The source of stem cells points to two proteins - 08:40

The richer the reward, the faster you'll likely move to reach it - 08:40

Bioenergy crops could be as bad for biodiversity as climate change - 08:13

New evidence that females might benefit most from a low-salt diet - 08:12

Human antibody discovery could save lives from fungal killer - 08:12

Using water molecules to unlock neurons' secrets - 08:12

Online game trains players how to sort waste correctly - 08:12

Tenacious and flexible goal pursuit gets older people on the move - 08:11

Women having a heart attack wait longer than men to get help - 08:10

Monday th 10th of December 2018

Shape-shifting origami could help antenna systems adapt on the fly - 17:51

New study finds bias against women and girls when intellectual ability is sought - 17:51

Ocean fertilization by unusual microbes extends to frigid waters of Arctic Ocean - 17:51

Reducing variations in feeding practices and fortifying breast milk helps micro-preemies grow - 17:51

Small and isolated habitat patches crucial to species survival - 17:51

Lifespan extension at low temperatures is genetically controlled - 17:51

Increased risk for breast cancer after childbirth may last more than 20 years - 17:51

Addressing research gaps could help with development of disability-inclusive workplaces - 17:30

Rapid genetic evolution linked to lighter skin pigmentation - 17:30

'Dropout' rate for academic scientists has risen sharply in past 50 years, study finds - 16:10

Regrowing damaged nerves hinges on shutting down key genes - 16:10

Millions of low-risk people with diabetes may be testing their blood sugar too often - 15:40

Water found on asteroid, confirming Bennu as excellent mission target - 15:40

Humans may be reversing the climate clock, by 50 million years - 15:40

How will the winds of climate change affect migratory birds? - 15:40

Topological material switched off and on for the first time - 15:12

Some brain tumors may respond to immunotherapy - 15:12

Sprayable gel could help the body fight off cancer after surgery - 15:12

Optimal blood pressure treatment for stroke patients - 15:12

Your brain on imagination: It's a lot like reality, study shows - 15:12

Key cellular mechanism that triggers pneumonia in humans - 15:12

Smelling the forest not the trees: Why animals are better at sniffing complex smells - 15:12

Providers show interest in prescribing therapeutic cannabinoids - 14:50

Personalized medicine tool for inherited colorectal cancer syndrome - 14:50

Key players in the marine nitrogen cycle can utilize cyanate and urea - 14:50

Physicist creates tiny sensors to assist in cancer detection - 14:50

Editing consciousness: How bereaved people control their thoughts without knowing it - 14:50

Dopamine's yin-yang personality: It's an upper and a downer - 14:50

Predicting leaky heart valves with 3D printing - 14:20

Antenna evaluation method could help boost 5G network capacity and cut costs - 14:20

Two compounds in coffee may team up to fight Parkinson's - 14:20

Imaging atomic structure of important immune regulator - 14:20