Science Daily

Wednesday th 19th of September 2018

Oldest-known aquatic reptiles probably spent time on land - 14:00

Origami inspires highly efficient solar steam generator - 14:00

Women who breastfeed for at least five months have more kids - 14:00

Zombie cells found in brains of mice prior to cognitive loss - 14:00

Diverse forests are stronger against drought - 14:00

New nanoparticle superstructures made from pyramid-shaped building blocks - 14:00

Gaia hints at our Galaxy’s turbulent life - 14:00

Anti-inflammatory protein promotes healthy gut bacteria to curb obesity - 14:00

Quantum anomaly: Breaking a classical symmetry with ultracold atoms - 14:00

Unprecedented ice loss in Russian ice cap - 14:00

Moderate warming could melt East Antarctic Ice Sheet - 13:30

How long does a quantum jump take? - 13:30

Light provides spin - 13:00

Plant growth-promoting bacteria enhance plant salinity tolerance - 13:00

Where you live might influence how you measure up against your peers - 12:30

When a chemical tag makes the difference in cell fate and gene expression - 11:33

New insight into aging - 11:33

Mineral weathering from thawing permafrost can release substantial CO2 - 11:32

Co-evolution between a 'parasite gene' and its host - 10:00

Wave-particle interactions allow collision-free energy transfer in space plasma - 10:00

Strength-based exercises could help child obesity fight, study finds - 08:32

How heartfelt guilt affects individuals - 08:32

Creating 3D printed 'motion sculptures' from 2D videos - 08:32

Green tea compound helps siRNA slip inside cells - 08:32

Foraging of mountain gorillas for sodium-rich foods - 08:32

Chemicals linked to endocrine disorder in older pet cats - 08:32

Nucleation a boon to sustainable nanomanufacturing - 08:32

Young children's oral bacteria may predict obesity - 08:32

Why do we love bees but hate wasps? - 07:51

Tuesday th 18th of September 2018

Sugar content of most supermarket yogurts well above recommended threshold - 19:57

Tweaking cells' gatekeepers could lead to new way to fight cancer - 19:03

AI improves doctors' ability to correctly interpret tests and diagnose lung disease - 19:02

Green space near home during childhood linked to fewer respiratory problems in adulthood - 19:00

Searching for errors in the quantum world - 18:29

In a tiny worm, a close-up view of where genes are working - 18:26

For-profit hospitals correlated with higher readmission rates - 18:22

First particle tracks seen in prototype for international neutrino experiment - 18:20

Cash, carbon, crude: How to make oil fields bury emissions - 16:00

International study suggest ancient globalization - 16:00

Better chemo drug adsorption onto targeted delivery capsules - 15:30

Nuclear pasta, the hardest known substance in the universe - 15:30

Jararaca pit vipers: Giant' specimens proliferation linked to fewer predators - 15:30

Making happiness last longer - 15:30

New hurdle for developing immunotherapies - 15:30

How slick water and black shale in fracking combine to produce radioactive waste - 15:30

Glyphosate resistance in junglerice confirmed - 15:00

Chip-sized device can measure laser power in real time - 15:00

Natural climate oscillations in north Atlantic linked to Greenland ice sheet melt - 15:00

Intestinal bacteria produce electric current from sugar - 15:00

Global trade in exotic pets threatens endangered parrots through the spread of a virus - 15:00