Science Daily

Wednesday th 23rd of January 2019

Humpback whales' songs at subarctic feeding areas are complex, progressive - 09:00

Causal link between climate, conflict, and migration - 09:00

It may be possible to restore memory function in Alzheimer's, preclinical study finds - 09:00

Teens keep active despite asthma or eczema, study finds - 00:20

Antarctic krill population contracts southward as polar oceans warm - 00:20

Tuesday th 22nd of January 2019

New explanation for Alexander the Great's death - 23:50

New tool enables imaging of neural activity with near-infrared light - 23:50

Scientists achieve the first stable simulations of DNA crystals - 23:50

Erasing memories associated with cocaine use reduces drug seeking behavior - 23:30

Scientists boost stability of low-cost, large-area solar modules - 23:00

Frequent use of aspirin can lead to increased bleeding, study finds - 23:00

Possible link between rotavirus vaccine and decline in type 1 diabetes - 23:00

Supplement makes (mouse) moms' milk better; pups benefit for life - 23:00

Test for esophageal cancer could save millions of lives - 22:30

Plants blink: Proceeding with caution in sunlight - 22:30

A tradeoff in the neural code - 22:30

Chemists develop new synthesis method for producing fluorinated piperidines - 22:30

Courage to aim for less cleanliness? - 17:40

Cause of bone loss in joint implant patients uncovered in new study - 17:10

Exercise before surgery can protect both muscle and nerves, study suggests - 17:10

Do endangered woods make better guitars? - 17:10

Negative experiences on social media tied to higher odds of feeling lonely - 16:40

Trout, salamander populations quickly bounce back from severe drought conditions - 16:40

Machine learning could reduce testing, improve treatment for intensive care patients - 16:40

Urbanization changes shape of mosquitoes' wings - 16:40

Outbreak of paralyzing disease linked to non-polio enterovirus - 16:40

Blocking toxic-protein production in ALS - 16:10

Graphene and related materials safety: Human health and the environment - 16:10

Multiple sclerosis: Helping cells to help themselves - 16:10

Noninvasive light-sensitive recombinase for deep brain genetic manipulation - 16:10

Aspirin may lower stroke risk in women with history of preeclampsia - 16:10

How sex pheromones diversify: Lessons from yeast - 16:10

Human mutation rate has slowed recently - 15:40

Long-read DNA analysis can give rise to errors - 15:40

Inability to integrate reward info contributes to undervalued rewards in schizophrenia - 15:40

How hot are atoms in the shock wave of an exploding star? - 15:40

Surveillance in our schools, through commercial apps - 15:40

Emerging significance of gammaherpesvirus and morbillivirus infections in cats - 15:40

Frog eggs help researchers understand repair of DNA damages - 15:10

Corals light the way to a healthy partnership - 15:10

New insights into magnetic quantum effects in solids - 15:10

For zombie microbes, deep-sea buffet is just out of reach - 15:10

Invisible labor can negatively impact well-being in mothers - 14:40

Faulty molecular master switch may contribute to AMD - 14:10

Orthodontics no guarantee of long-term oral health - 14:10

New method uses ultraviolet light to control fluid flow and organize particles - 14:10

Migratory schedule of swallows uncovered - 14:10

Breastmilk sugars differ in pregnant women on probiotics - 14:10

Women, your inner circle may be key to gaining leadership roles - 14:10

Unique camera enables researchers to see the world the way birds do - 13:40