Science Daily

Thursday th 17th of August 2017

Florida flood risk study identifies priorities for property buyouts - 09:42

Brain chemical NPGL controls appetite and body fat composition: Beneficial for our ancestors; potential cause of obesity pandemic - 09:42

‘Euro Devil’: Fossil of carnivorous marsupial relative discovered in E Europe - 09:42

How the genome sets its functional micro-architecture - 09:42

Four Earth-sized planets detected orbiting the nearest sun-like star - 09:42

Wednesday th 16th of August 2017

Fundamental pathology behind amyotrophic lateral sclerosis - 21:42

Computer scientists use music to covertly track body movements, activity - 21:42

Stress in the nest can have lifelong effect - 21:12

Being in a sports club is good for mental health - 21:12

HIIT helps combat high insulin resistance -- a warning sign for diabetes - 21:12

Toxic formaldehyde is produced inside our own cells, scientists discover - 21:12

Online education boosts proper use of drugs that prevent blood clots - 21:12

Heavily-used pesticide linked to breathing problems in farmworkers' children - 21:12

Larvaceans provide a pathway for transporting microplastics into deep-sea food webs - 18:52

Comparing the jaws of porcupine fish reveals three new species - 18:52

Scientists discover powerful potential pain reliever - 18:52

Changing tides: Lake Michigan could best support lake trout and steelhead - 18:22

Fizzy soda water could be key to clean manufacture of flat wonder material: Graphene - 18:22

Problems with DNA replication can cause epigenetic changes that may be inherited for several generations - 15:02

Supermassive black holes feed on cosmic jellyfish - 14:32

Scientists give star treatment to lesser-known cells crucial for brain development - 14:02

Popular immunotherapy target turns out to have a surprising buddy - 14:02

Boron nitride foam soaks up carbon dioxide - 14:02

Lithium-air batteries: Mystery about proposed battery material clarified - 14:02

Compounds in desert creosote bush could treat giardia, 'brain-eating' amoeba infections - 13:32

Going 'green' with plant-based resins - 13:32

Trying to resist the urge to splurge? Ditch the smartphone - 13:32

Starting opioid addiction treatment in the ED is cost-effective - 13:32

Why teens take risks: It's not a deficit in brain development - 13:32

The nerve-guiding 'labels' that may one day help re-establish broken nervous connections - 13:32

Modern genetic sequencing tools give clearer picture of how corals are related - 13:32

Using barcodes to trace cell development - 13:32

Scientists use magnetic fields to remotely stimulate brain -- and control body movements - 13:32

Mystery of how first animals appeared on Earth solved - 13:32

Smart fabric neutralizes nerve gas - 13:32

Superconductivity research reveals potential new state of matter - 13:32

Spray-on electric rainbows: Making safer electrochromic inks - 13:32

Chewing gum rapid test for inflammation - 13:02

Turning pollen into a low-cost fertilizer - 13:02

Combination of traditional chemotherapy, new drug kills rare cancer cells in mice - 13:02

Elevated testosterone causes bull market trading - 13:02

Could olfactory loss point to Alzheimer's disease? - 13:02

Depression overshadows the past as well as the present - 12:32

Drug-delivering micromotors treat their first bacterial infection in the stomach - 12:32

The environmental injustice of beauty - 12:32

Popular sungazer lizards under threat from poaching - 12:32

Study: Playing smartphone app aids concussion recovery in teens - 12:32

Stop thinking your wife is bad with money - 12:32

Tough, self-healing rubber developed - 12:32

Moving beyond nudges to improve health and health care policies - 12:32