Science Daily

Wednesday th 9th of August 2017

Turning homes into power stations could cut household fuel bills by more than 60 percent - 13:32

Post-glacial history of Lake of the Woods - 13:32

Assembling nanomachines in bacteria - 13:32

Antidepressant use increases risk of head injuries among persons with Alzheimer's disease - 13:32

'Robin Hood effects' on motivation in math - 13:32

Transforming skin cells to insulin - 13:32

When robots help with shopping - 13:32

Rewired taste system reveals how flavors move from tongue to brain - 13:32

Climate change may confuse plant dormancy cycles - 13:02

Calcium in arteries influences heart attack risk - 13:02

First-in-class drug holds promise for therapy-resistant breast cancer - 13:02

Novel poxvirus threatens juvenile squirrels - 13:02

Heartbeats could hold the key to understanding babies' inner world - 13:02

One step closer in explaining MS relapse during upper respiratory infection - 13:02

Eradicating exotic pests with 'infertility genes' may be possible - 13:02

Super-heatwaves of 55°C to emerge if global warming continues - 12:32

Blocking enzyme linked to Alzheimer's may reverse memory loss - 11:02

Sea urchins: From pest to plate - 11:02

Lizard venom may contain clues to treating blood clots - 10:32

The mystery of the yellowing sugarcane - 10:32

Proper eating habits can help young athletes on and off the field - 10:32

Parents' disagreements about bedtime can affect coparenting relationship - 10:32

'Ego-dissolving' psychedelic drugs could assist with mental health - 10:02

Magnetic fields turn up the heat on bacterial biofilms - 10:02

Extreme heat linked to climate change may adversely affect pregnancy - 10:02

Insights into causes of miscarriages for some women revealed by mice study - 10:02

Amniotic sac in a dish: Stem cells form structures that may aid of infertility research - 09:32

UK: North-South health divide bigger than ever with alarming rise in deaths of northern 25-44 year olds - 09:32

Replacing some old pipes can still result in lead-contaminated water - 09:32

When you're blue, so are your Instagram photos - 09:32

Scientists prevent neurodegeneration-associated protein clumping in lab study - 08:02

New ultrafast method for determining antibiotic resistance - 08:02

Machine learning could be key to producing stronger, less corrosive metals - 08:02

Potentially harmful nanoparticles produced through burning coal - 08:02

New theory on the origin of dark matter - 08:02

2016 was another warm year, report confirms - 08:02

Big data yields surprising connections between diseases - 07:32

Successful guide dogs have 'tough love' moms, study finds - 07:32

Tiny molecule has big effect on brain's ability to learn - 07:32

Marijuana associated with three-fold risk of death from hypertension - 07:32

Weight loss surgery's effects on bone marrow fat and bone mass - 07:32

Tuesday th 8th of August 2017

Some land conservation measures unpopular among property owners - 22:02

Can a Zika outbreak be sustained sexually? It's complicated - 22:02

Tiny terahertz laser could be used for imaging, chemical detection - 22:02

Playing with your brain - 22:02

Not all glaciers in Antarctica have been affected by climate change - 22:02

'Killer peptide' discovered that helps eliminate resistant cancer cells - 22:02

Human gut microbe may lead to treatment for multiple sclerosis - 21:32

Hormone shows promise as cognition enhancer - 21:32

Sleep disorders linked to preterm birth in large California study - 21:32