Science Daily

Monday th 6th of August 2018

Mosquito populations give a new insight into the role of Caucasus in evolution - 12:50

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia: Comprehensive pediatric CAR T guidelines developed - 12:50

Injectable trace minerals improve mineral status in beef heifers - 12:50

Animations prove effective in accurately measuring pain - 12:50

A system to synthesize realistic sounds for computer animation - 12:50

Alexa, be my friend: Children talk to technology, but how does it respond? - 12:50

Combining on and off switches, one protein can control flowering in plants - 12:50

PET tracer identifies estrogen receptor expression differences in breast cancer patients - 11:20

Expanding the limits of Li-ion batteries: Electrodes for all-solid-state batteries - 11:20

African killifish becomes fastest maturing vertebrate on record - 11:20

Learning while sleeping? - 11:00

The bark side of the force - 11:00

Small birds fly at high altitudes towards Africa - 11:00

Possible connection between U.S. tornado activity, Arctic sea ice - 11:00

Ricocheting radio waves monitor the tiniest movements in a room - 11:00

New system allows rapid response to heart attacks, limits cardiac damage - 11:00

NASA's Planet-hunting TESS catches a comet before starting science - 11:00

Novel vaccine approach proves powerful against Zika virus - 11:00

Analysis chronicles changes in US investment - 10:00

Earthquakes can be weakened by groundwater - 10:00

Concepts for new switchable plasmonic nanodevices - 10:00

CPM for knee or shoulder joints: Advantage only in two therapeutic indications - 10:00

Probiotic use is a link between brain fogginess, severe bloating - 10:00

First North American co-occurrence of Hadrosaur and Therizinosaur tracks found in Alaska - 10:00

Oldest-ever igneous meteorite contains clues to planet building blocks - 10:00

Male birds sing less to females on antidepressants from eating worms in sewage - 10:00

Differences in immune responses due to age, sex, and genetics - 10:00

Small-scale fisheries threatened: Shared management, communication key to success - 10:00

Soft multi-functional robots get really small...and spider-shaped - 09:30

IVF: Genetic screening before embryo transfer fails to improve the chance of a baby - 07:32

Mice individuality is influenced by their relations - 07:32

Vaping draws strong support -- from bots - 07:32

More sensitive blood test diagnoses heart attacks faster - 07:00

New tools, old rules: Limit screen-based recreational media at home - 07:00

Saturday th 4th of August 2018

Insulin resistance under-diagnosed in non-diabetics with Parkinson's disease - 13:32

Groundbreaking poplar study shows trees can be genetically engineered not to spread - 13:29

Math with good posture means better scores - 13:27

How age and ethnicity impact HIV testing - 13:24

The rules of attraction: Scientists find elusive molecule that helps sperm find egg - 13:22

Cocaine relapse is reversed with BDNF microinjections in the brain - 13:20

A deeper look at severe asthma yields NET results - 12:54

New research opens door to expanding stem cells available for transplants - 12:52

Quiet viruses alter body's response to vaccines, pathogens - 12:50

A new reality for beauty standards: How selfies and filters affect body image - 09:50

Friday th 3rd of August 2018

Improved passphrases could make online experiences both user-friendly and secure - 16:20

Ensuring equality: New method to measure and operationalize inclusive culture - 15:50

Nanotube 'rebar' makes graphene twice as tough - 15:50

Reading the motor intention from brain activity within 100ms - 15:50

Each tropical tree species specializes in getting the nutrients it needs - 15:20

The marriage of topology and magnetism in a Weyl system - 14:20