Science Daily

Thursday th 29th of November 2018

Increasing staffing levels could reduce cesarean delivery use - 10:11

Why do some plants live fast and die young? - 10:11

25-year study shows that incidence of type 1 diabetes is increasing by more than 3 percent per year in Europe - 10:11

Stuck in a loop of wrongness: Brain study shows roots of OCD - 09:50

What seabirds can tell us about the tide - 09:50

Snoring poses greater cardiac risk to women - 09:50

Youth football changes nerve fibers in brain - 09:50

Reproducing paintings that make an impression - 09:50

Forest fragmentation disrupts parasite infection in Australian lizards - 09:50

A prosthetic arm that decodes phantom limb movements - 09:50

Study unlocks full potential of 'supermaterial' graphene - 09:50

Wednesday th 28th of November 2018

How much do you trust Dr. Google? - 21:30

Virtual library of 1 million new macrolide scaffolds could help speed drug discovery - 21:30

High costs of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder - 21:30

One in four suicide attempts are associated with perceptual difficulties - 21:00

Healthy blood stem cells have as many DNA mutations as leukemic cells - 21:00

Computer hackers could be thwarted by new 'deception consistency' method - 21:00

Skin cancer rates in England far higher than previously thought, according to new database - 21:00

Vaccine signatures in humanized mice point to better understanding of infectious diseases - 21:00

The virus detectives - 20:30

Jumpin' droplets! Researchers seek to improve efficiency of condensers - 20:30

Link between job titles and gender equality - 20:30

Flounder now tumor-free in Boston Harbor - 20:30

Innate 'fingerprint' could detect tampered steel parts - 20:30

Transfusions with older blood linked to adverse events, death, new study finds - 20:00

The protein that spurs dormant bacteria into reproduction - 20:00

Indian peafowls' crests are tuned to frequencies also used in social displays - 20:00

Children who start school a year early more likely to be diagnosed with ADHD - 20:00

Swapping bacteria may help 'Nemo' fish cohabitate with fish-killing anemones - 20:00

To replicate physical objects for virtual reality, just turn on your smartphone - 20:00

Whale songs' changing pitch may be response to population, climate changes - 20:00

Baby up at night? Inactivity may be a culprit - 20:00

Researchers rise to challenge of predicting hail, tornadoes three weeks in advance - 20:00

Healthy? Stay fit to avoid a heart attack - 20:00

New report calls for health monitoring and research program on Gulf War and post-9/11 veterans - 19:30

Intelligent framework aims to optimize data transfer in 5G networks - 19:30

Global warming increases the risk of an extinction domino effect - 19:30

Scientists solve longtime mystery in innate immunity - 19:30

The secret to better berries? Wild bees - 19:00

Flexible electronic skin aids human-machine interactions - 17:30

Reading rats' minds - 17:30

Scientists discovered a set of enzymes to create glowing organisms - 17:30

People with more knowledge about benefits of physical activity may also exercise more - 17:00

Many regions increasingly suffer hot, dry conditions at the same time - 17:00

Views of ideal female appearance in China are changing - 17:00

Ointment to counter the effects of brown recluse spider bites is tested on humans - 17:00

Single cell sequencing sheds light on why cancers form in specific cell types - 17:00

New device widens light beams by 400 times - 17:00

Why does second-hand experience of neighborhood violence affect some youth, but not others? - 16:30

Re-programming the body's energy pathway boosts kidney self-repair - 16:30