Science Daily

Friday th 12th of April 2019

Electric vehicle adoption improves air quality and climate outlook - 14:40

Want to learn a new skill? Take some short breaks - 14:10

Diesel exhaust filtered of its tiny particles may worsen allergy-induced lung impairment - 13:10

SLAC develops novel compact antenna for communicating where radios fail - 12:40

SRC-1 gene variants linked to human obesity - 12:40

Want to quit smoking? Partner up - 12:40

Bacteria surrounding coral reefs change in synchrony, even across great distance - 12:40

New research supports volcanic origin of Kiruna-type iron ores - 12:40

Unique oil-eating bacteria found in world's deepest ocean trench, Mariana Trench - 12:40

Move more to live longer - 12:40

Ability to lift weights quickly can mean a longer life - 12:40

One-third of cancer patients use complementary and alternative medicine - 12:10

One-two punch helps solve greatest unmet need in cardiology - 12:10

Itchy skin affects the health and quality of life of many patients with kidney disease - 12:10

Earliest life may have arisen in ponds, not oceans - 12:10

Inner electrons behave differently in aromatic hydrocarbons - 10:40

New method may transport medicine better through the body - 10:40

Opioid epidemic may have cost US governments $37.8 billion in tax revenue - 10:40

Biophotonic therapy eliminates bacteria and viruses from organs before transplantation - 10:40

Keeping the taste, reducing the salt - 10:40

Body mass index may play a significant role in the progression of multiple sclerosis - 10:40

Rethinking conservation efforts for improved biodiversity - 10:40

Mice reveal 38 new genes involved in hearing loss - 10:40

Case of tick-borne relapsing fever in Mexico - 10:40

Longer neutrophil lifespan may contribute to HIV-associated intestinal inflammation - 10:40

Broken mitochondria use 'eat me' proteins to summon their executioners - 10:40

New imaging technique reveals 'burst' of activity before cell death - 10:40

Scientists capture a 'snapshot' of bacterial stress-response regulator's 'recycling truck' - 10:40

CRISPR-Cas3 innovation holds promise for disease cures, advancing science - 10:40

Anesthesia sends neurons down the wrong path in unborn rat babies - 10:40

Getting to the root of plant simulations - 10:40

AI agent offers rationales using everyday language to explain its actions - 10:40

Hubble peers at cosmic blue bauble - 10:40

Ice Ages occur when tropical islands and continents collide - 10:10

How will tropical mammals react to rising temperatures? - 10:10

Shutting down deadly pediatric brain cancer at its earliest moments - 10:10

Discovery of 'kingpin' stem cell may help in the understanding of cancerous tumors - 10:10

'Mindreading' neurons simulate decisions of social partners - 10:10

I feel you: Emotional mirror neurons found in the rat - 10:10

Lower pension, shorter life - 10:10

New study advances treatment options for PTSD - 10:10

Autism rate rises 43 percent in New Jersey, study finds - 10:10

Remedy for painful jaw disease - 09:40

World's fastest hydrogen sensor could pave the way for clean hydrogen energy - 09:40

Loss of a DNA repair system creates a unique vulnerability in many cancer types - 09:40

Eggs for breakfast benefits those with diabetes - 09:40

Thursday th 11th of April 2019

Prostate medicines linked to type 2 diabetes risk, study suggests - 21:30

The right polymers for the job - 21:30

Getting closer: Finding out why the immune system attacks itself - 21:30

Scientists drill into white graphene to create artificial atoms - 21:30