Science Daily

Tuesday th 2nd of October 2018

Weak magnetic fields affect cells via a protein involved in bird migration - 17:20

Could less deadly therapies be a better way to keep cancer in check? - 17:20

New algorithm efficiently finds antibiotic candidates - 17:20

In tiny worms, researchers find spiking neurons -- and clues about brain computation - 17:20

Molecule studies reveal potential treatment for stroke patients - 17:20

A central signal sorting hub in plants - 16:51

Global warming increases wildfire potential damages in Mediterranean Europe - 16:51

Detailed look at white dwarf orbited by planetary fragments - 16:30

Making mice a tiny bit more human to study preterm birth - 16:30

Atomically thin, transition metal dichalcogenides could increase computer speed, memory by a million times - 16:30

Miniature magnetic swimming devices to revolutionize diagnostics and drug delivery - 15:30

Take my hand and ride with me -- Over the genome - 15:30

Learning to see friendly faces in different places - 15:00

Black holes ruled out as universe's missing dark matter - 15:00

Supersizing solar cells: Researchers print module six times bigger than previous largest - 15:00

The immune system of the alpaca reveals a potential treatment for cancer - 15:00

Diet affects the breast microbiome in mammals - 15:00

Natural killer cells may open lifesaving cancer treatements to more patients - 15:00

Comparing nocturnal and diurnal rodents helps scientists understand a human eye disease - 15:00

Cobra cannibalism more prevalent than previously thought - 15:00

Secondary forests have short lifespans - 14:30

Hand-drawn maps imitating the printed maps in the 1st days of Hispano-American cartography - 14:30

More mammals than expected live near people - 14:30

Can we trust digital forensic evidence? - 14:30

New tool helps scientists better target the search for alien life - 14:30

New simulation sheds light on spiraling supermassive black holes - 14:30

Chemists discover unexpected enzyme structure - 14:30

New extremely distant solar system object found during hunt for Planet X - 13:30

Researchers have discovered how to slow aging - 12:00

Insomnia therapy may slow or reverse cortical gray matter atrophy in fibromyalgia - 12:00

Processed meat consumption linked to breast cancer risk - 12:00

Human milk components found in amniotic fluid - 12:00

Making the right connections - 12:00

Free thinking: Origins of free will in the brain - 12:00

Having an online social forum for class networking gives physics students a boost - 11:00

New knowledge on how neurons talk to muscles - 11:00

How sleep deprivation hinders memory - 11:00

Immune system's balancing act keeps bowel disease in check - 11:00

Irreversible damage to color vision linked to popular erectile dysfunction drug - 10:30

Set in amber, fossil ants help reconstruct evolution of fungus farming - 10:30

A wrench in Earth's engine: Stagnant slabs - 10:30

Gaia spots stars flying between galaxies - 10:30

Quantum physics: Reaction of quantum fluid to photoexcitation of dissolved particles - 10:30

Imaging accumulated charges at solid-electrolyte interfaces - 10:30

Breaking supersymmetry - 10:30

Novel mechanism for generating our skeleton - 10:30

Age-related changes in skin structure and lymphatic system promote melanoma metastasis - 10:30

Robot masters human balancing act - 10:30

Artificial leaf: Highly active organic photocatalyst discovered - 10:00

Disease causing mutation found in French-Canadians - 10:00