Science Daily

Tuesday th 11th of February 2020

Replacing animal testing with synthetic cell scaffolds - 16:40

Storm-induced sea level spikes differ in origin on US east, Gulf coasts - 16:40

Disease found in fossilized dinosaur tail afflicts humans to this day - 14:11

Software updates slowing you down? - 14:11

Researchers look to fungus to shed light on cancer - 14:11

Hot climates to see more variability in tree leafing as temperatures rise - 14:11

'Women my age tend to drink -- it's normal' - 13:20

New method offers more stable, efficient electrocatalytic reactions - 12:50

Adapting to climate change: We're doing it wrong - 12:50

Using sound and light to generate ultra-fast data transfer - 12:20

Orb-weaver spiders' yellow and black pattern helps them lure prey - 12:20

A happy partner leads to a healthier future - 12:20

Why the goby can conquer the waters of the world - 12:20

How the brain's immune system could be harnessed to improve memory - 11:50

Live imaging of flowers reveals hidden secrets of plant reproduction - 11:50

Taller young men may have lower dementia risk - 11:50

New technique allows scientists to study parasitic infections one cell at a time - 11:50

Coincidences influence the onset and ending of ice ages - 11:50

How some butterflies developed the ability to change their eyespot size - 11:50

Monday th 10th of February 2020

To slow an epidemic, focus on handwashing - 17:10

Gulf coast mollusks rode out past periods of climate change - 17:10

Himalayan glacier shows evidence of start of Industrial Revolution - 17:10

The human brain's meticulous interface with the bloodstream now on a precision chip - 15:50

Reimagining the link between space and species could boost wildlife conservation - 15:50

Alcoholism in the family affects how your brain switches between active and resting states - 15:50

Impact of oil contaminated water on tubeworms and brittlestars - 15:50

Chemistry technique is 'warp drive' for creating better synthetic molecules for medicine - 15:50

Global warming and extinction risk - 15:20

DNA-like material could bring even smaller transistors - 15:20

The many lives of charcoal - 15:20

Chemists develop safer hydrogenation processes - 15:20

Superior 'bio-ink' for 3D printing pioneered - 15:20

What makes a 'good Samaritan' good? That opinion depends on the beneficiary - 15:20

Twist in the story of volcanism and mass extinctions - 15:20

Coronavirus outbreak raises question: Why are bat viruses so deadly? - 15:20

Is it hemp or marijuana? New scanner gives instant answer - 14:30

Oral traditions and volcanic eruptions in Australia - 14:30

Finding a cure for dog's brain cancer may help us find a cure for ourselves - 14:30

Human textiles to repair blood vessels - 14:30

New treatment discovered for rare eye disease may prevent blindness - 14:00

Inner 'clockwork' sets the time for cell division in bacteria - 14:00

Sensory perception is not superficial brain work - 12:40

Supercharged light pulverizes asteroids - 12:40

AI, brain scans may alter how doctors treat depression - 12:40

Model shows how to make on-farm sustainable energy projects profitable - 12:10

New world map of fish genetic diversity - 12:10

Epigenetics: Inheritance of epigenetic marks - 12:10

The brain of migraine sufferers is hyper-excitable - 12:10

Not everything is ferromagnetic in high magnetic fields - 12:10

Innate protein restricts HIV replication by targeting lipid rafts - 12:10