Science Daily

Thursday th 3rd of August 2017

Financial incentives could conserve tropical forest diversity - 12:32

Deadly heat waves could hit South Asia this century - 12:32

Light pollution as a new threat to pollination - 12:32

Physicians evaluate new device to test for cervical cancer - 12:32

Arthritis drug could treat blood cancer patients, breakthrough finds - 12:32

Scientists track Zika virus transmission in mice - 12:32

Why Facebook is so hard to resist - 12:32

Our solar system's 'shocking' origin story - 12:32

Mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer's diagnoses trigger lower self-ratings of quality of life - 12:32

Online assessment could improve math marks of deaf learners - 12:32

Dark Energy Survey reveals most accurate measurement of universe's dark matter - 12:32

Electrical grounding technique may improve health outcomes of NICU babies - 12:32

Fast, noninvasive technique for probing cells may reveal disease - 12:32

Gene therapy via skin could treat many diseases, even obesity - 12:32

How does early life affect the adult brain? - 12:32

First observation of the hyperfine splitting in antihydrogen - 12:32

Cautious but proactive approach to gene editing urged by multiple organizations - 12:32

Secrets of ancient Irish funeral practices revealed - 11:02

Vertical axis wind turbines can offer cheaper electricity for urban and suburban areas - 11:02

Forensic entomologist unearths Chinese migrant fly in Europe - 11:02

The truth about cats' and dogs' environmental impact - 10:02

Tree-of-heaven's prolific seed production adds to its invasive potential - 10:02

Discovery points to drugs that would 'short-circuit' deadly leukemia - 10:02

Stem cell therapy for lung fibrosis conditions - 10:02

Humans have been altering tropical forests for at least 45,000 years - 10:02

Solving the mystery of the sun's hot atmosphere - 10:02

Prediciting TB's behavior - 10:02

Fat shaming in the doctor's office can be mentally and physically harmful - 10:02

Could mutations and inherited genes play a role in cerebral palsy? - 10:02

Molecules that could help to prevent the development of brain tumors - 10:02

Current threats to our oceans revealed - 10:02

Cretaceous snails conceal themselves in monuments in Madrid - 10:02

Researchers find similar characteristics in human-induced, natural earthquakes - 09:02

Wednesday th 2nd of August 2017

Where there's fire, there's smoke -- and social media - 22:12

How to reprogram cells in our immune system - 20:02

A Braf kinase-inactive mutant induces lung adenocarcinoma - 19:32

Saving the monarch butterfly: Biologist explains population census discrepancies - 19:32

Autism may reflect excitation-inhibition imbalance in brain, study finds - 19:32

Collaboration between pet owners, vets and researchers helps dogs and children with a rare and severe epilepsy - 19:32

Marriage of microscopy techniques reveals 3D structure of critical protein complex - 19:32

Pros and cons: Free dental care in exchange for community service - 14:52

Three Klebsiella species cause life-threatening infections and share drug resistance genes - 14:52

Increasing productivity by one day each month - 14:52

Heat-conducting plastic could lead to lighter electronics, cars - 14:52

Ebola detected in semen of survivors two years after infection - 14:52

A dolphin diet - 14:52

First civilizations of Greece are revealing their stories to science - 13:52

'Perfect liquid' quark-gluon plasma is the most vortical fluid - 13:52

Good cellular neighbors combat incipient cancers - 13:52

Comprehensive sequencing program shows promise of precision medicine for advanced cancer - 13:52