Science Daily

Thursday th 11th of April 2019

Gender gap in spatial reasoning starts in elementary school, meta-analysis finds - 21:30

AI identifies risk of cholesterol-raising genetic disease - 21:01

New tunable nanomaterials possible due to flexible process invented by physicists - 21:01

New ways to image, characterize unique material - 21:01

Biologists uncover new rules for cellular decision-making in genetics - 21:00

New genetic factors linked to kidney stones - 21:00

People with a sense of oneness experience greater life satisfaction - 20:30

New super-accurate optical atomic clocks pass critical test - 20:30

Warm winds in autumn could strain Antarctica's Larsen C ice shelf - 20:30

New research adds to work of Prandtl, father of modern aerodynamics - 17:00

In mice, eliminating damaged mitochondria alleviates chronic inflammatory disease - 16:30

Advanced virtual technology captures how coral reefs recover after bleaching - 16:30

NASA's landmark Twins Study reveals resilience of human body in space - 16:30

The truth about a true frog: Unknown Costa Rican frog hidden amongst a widespread species - 16:00

Conservationists discover hidden diversity in ancient frog family - 15:30

Formation of a magnetar 6.5 billion light years away - 15:30

Infinite number of quantum particles gives clues to big-picture behavior at large scale - 15:30

More than a strip of paint needed to keep cyclists safe - 12:30

Sexual behavior may influence gut microbiome - 12:30

Reproduction: How male flies enforce their interests - 12:30

New algorithm optimizes quantum computing problem-solving - 12:00

Ancient 'Texas Serengeti' had elephant-like animals, rhinos, alligators and more - 11:10

Millions of children worldwide develop asthma annually due to traffic-related pollution - 10:40

Universal standards of care to Ebola virus disease - 10:40

Getting back to work after a heart attack - 10:10

Microbes in the human body swap genes, even across tissue boundaries, study indicates - 10:10

Rapid urbanization increasing pressure on rural water supplies globally - 10:10

Driving a wedge into historic gaps of climate science - 10:10

Child vaccination levels falling short in large parts of Africa - 10:10

Chronic diseases restrict the mobility of older people -- often unconsciously - 10:10

Biosynthesis of widespread pigments from bacteria revealed - 10:10

Genome analysis shows the combined effect of many genes on cognitive traits - 09:50

Stress-related disorders linked to heightened risk of cardiovascular disease - 09:50

Scant amounts of DNA reveal conservation clues - 08:30

Wednesday th 10th of April 2019

New imaging reveals previously unseen vulnerabilities of HIV - 20:30

Experimental PET scan detects abnormal tau protein in brains of living former NFL players - 20:30

Releasing an immune system brake could help patients with rare but fatal brain infection - 20:30

Research reveals how the most common ALS mutation dooms cells - 20:30

Biochemical switches identified that could be triggered to treat muscle, brain disorders - 20:30

Archaeologists identify first prehistoric figurative cave art in Balkans - 17:00

Unusual phenomenon in clouds triggers lightning flash - 17:00

Protein pileup affects social behaviors through altered brain signaling - 17:00

Low cholesterol linked to higher risk of bleeding stroke in women - 17:00

Where will flooded fields best replenish groundwater? - 17:00

Breast milk analyses show new opportunities for reducing risk of childhood obesity - 16:30

Nurses use FDNY geospatial mapping of opioid overdoses to inform clinical practice in real time - 16:30

Evolution from water to land led to better parenting - 16:30

New species of early human found in the Philippines - 16:30

Experimental drug delivers one-two punch to vision loss - 16:30

Wonder material: Individual 2D phosphorene nanoribbons made for the first time - 16:30