Science Daily

Tuesday th 1st of August 2017

Structures, mechanisms that enable bacteria to resist antibiotics - 11:53

Teen depression increases risk for violence - 11:53

Help from the stomach for dry eyes - 11:53

Diagnosing and treating invasive fungal infections - 11:53

Algorithms that can sketch, recreate 3-D shapes - 11:53

Sun's core rotates four times faster that its surface - 11:53

Successful prediction of multi-year US droughts and wildfire risk - 11:53

Flu shot's impact on pregnant women and their babies - 11:53

Pathologic hallmarks of Alzheimer's found in aged chimpanzee brains - 11:53

Bird with super senses inspires researchers - 11:53

Nanoparticles for 3-D printing in water open door to advanced biomedical materials - 11:53

Kids, cash, and snacks: What motivates a healthier food choice? - 11:53

Statistical analysis of batter productivity from changed strike zone could spell trouble - 11:53

Engineers produce long lasting, energy density battery - 11:53

Poor appetite and food intake in older adults - 11:53

Missing signals lead to diabetic nerve injury - 11:53

Wildfires continue to beleaguer Western Canada - 11:53

Genome sequencing shows spiders, scorpions share ancestor - 11:53

Hospital patients with dementia and other causes of confusion 'have worse outcomes' - 11:53

New algorithm finds the optimal bond breaking point for single molecules - 11:53

Taking it to the Tweets: Statistics proves Twitter a powerful tool in forecasting crime - 10:22

Oral bacteria may help forensic scientists estimate time since death - 10:22

Scientists challenge next-generation sequencing dogma - 09:52

Energy storage solution combines polymers, nanosheets - 09:52

Study reinforces the Amazon forest's importance in regulating atmospheric chemistry - 09:52

A semiconductor that can beat the heat - 09:52

Ferroelectric phenomenon proven viable for oxide electrodes, disproving predictions - 09:52

Beware doping athletes! This sensor may be your downfall - 09:22

Boat noise disrupts fish cooperation - 09:22

Can insects be used as evidence to tell if a body has been moved? - 09:22

Bacterial biofilms, begone - 09:22

Evolution of fan worm eyes - 09:22

Cheap and simple detection of neurotoxic chemicals - 09:22

Gene-regulatory factors shown to improve pancreatic cancer response to chemotherapy - 09:22

Adorable alpine animal acclimates behavior to a changing climate - 09:22

It's never too cold for quantum - 09:22

Monday th 31st of July 2017

Scientists watch 'artificial atoms' assemble into perfect lattices with many uses - 22:22

Aalto-1 satellite sends first image - 22:22

Insufficient sleep may be adding an inch to your waistline - 22:22

Netflix drama '13 Reasons Why' linked to suicidal thoughts - 21:52

New drug therapy targets in a range of diseases - 21:52

How central are female characters to a movie? - 21:52

Home-based kit to increase HIV testing - 21:52

Nitric oxide-releasing nanoparticles: Viable skin infection treatment - 21:52

Chemists make laser-induced graphene from wood - 21:52

Cell senescence is regulated by innate DNA sensing - 21:52

New genomics tool CITE-Seq enables large-scale multidimensional analysis of single cells - 21:52

Two new studies offer insights into gastrointestinal dysfunction in Parkinson's patients - 21:22

Biofeedback technology helping improve balance in Parkinson's patients - 21:22

New drug may treat and limit progression of Parkinson's disease - 21:22