Science Daily

Wednesday th 3rd of April 2019

Scientists discover first organism with chlorophyll genes that doesn't photosynthesize - 16:10

Integrating infant mental health into the neonatal intensive care unit - 15:40

Otherworldly mirror pools and mesmerizing landscapes discovered on ocean floor - 15:40

Thirteen new ant species discovered in Hong Kong - 15:40

Spider monkeys lower their 'whinnies' when making long-distance calls - 15:40

Scientists are first to observe, image all-important molecular vibrations - 13:50

New Metascape platform enables biologists to unlock big-data insights - 13:50

Global warming disrupts recovery of coral reefs - 13:50

Tackling challenge of antifungal resistance - 13:20

Effects of reintroducing top predators questioned - 13:20

Optical tweezers achieve new feats of capturing atoms - 13:20

Advance boosts efficiency of flash storage in data centers - 13:20

Structure of the molecular machine that links carbohydrate and lipid metabolism - 13:20

It's a one-way street for sound waves in this new technology - 13:20

Scientists decipher 3D structure of a promising molecular target for cancer treatment - 13:20

Amplifier for terahertz lattice vibrations in a semiconductor crystal - 11:40

A 5,000-year-old barley grain discovered in Finland changes understanding of livelihoods - 11:40

People with obesity often 'dehumanized,' study finds - 11:40

Order hidden in disorder - 11:40

The whisper room: Moderates on Twitter are losing their voice - 11:40

Racial bias associated with disparities in disciplinary action across US schools - 11:40

Gorillas gather around and groom their dead - 11:40

Abnormalities in a protein affecting how nerve cells change shape - 11:10

Creating blood vessels on demand - 11:10

The brain's auto-complete function - 11:10

Labeling proteins with ubiquitin paves new road to cell regulation research - 11:10

VLA makes first direct image of key feature of powerful radio galaxies - 10:20

Global eradication of 'fly of death' not ethically justified, researchers conclude - 09:52

Elucidation of functional mechanism of 'love hormone,' oxytocin, at molecular level - 09:52

Why men are more likely to develop liver cancer - 09:52

Older women have the highest risk of dying from cervical cancer - 09:52

New insights on liver injury in men taking body building supplements - 09:52

How RNA PoII maintains accurate transcription - 09:30

Dopamine conducts prefrontal cortex ensembles - 09:30

New approach to repairing damaged peripheral nervous system - 09:30

Coral study traces excess nitrogen to Maui wastewater treatment facility - 09:30

New study identifies genetic variant that could help reduce need for liver transplants - 09:30

High throughput method to produce and screen engineered antimicrobial lanthipeptides - 09:00

New study demonstrates radio signal benefits from decades-old theory - 09:00

Optimizing proton beam therapy with mathematical models - 09:00

Circadian clock plays unexpected role in neurodegenerative diseases - 09:00

Transplanted bone marrow endothelial progenitor cells delay ALS disease progression - 09:00

Study reveals genes associated with heavy drinking and alcoholism - 09:00

3D-printed transparent skull provides a window to the brain - 09:00

Nature versus nurture: Environment exerts greater influence on corn health than genetics - 09:00

Caring for an older adult with cancer comes with emotional challenges for caregivers, too - 09:00

Defining obesity in children should be based on health issues, not just BMI - 08:00

Nanomaterials give plants 'super' abilities - 08:00

Doing more with less in the study of plant chemical defense - 08:00

A soft spot for stem cells helps cornea healing - 08:00