Science Daily

Saturday th 5th of August 2017

New biosensor stimulates sweat even when patient is resting and cool - 15:02

Desert tortoises can't take the heat of roadside fencing - 15:02

How do birds get their colors? - 15:02

New, more sensitive sensor for evaluating drug safety - 15:02

Can discrimination contribute to feelings of radicalization? - 15:02

Quantum magnets doped with holes - 14:32

Friday th 4th of August 2017

Dual-surface graphene electrode splits water into hydrogen and oxygen - 15:42

Possible explanation for the dominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe - 14:12

Primordial black holes may have helped to forge heavy elements - 14:12

Bioprinted veins reveal new drug diffusion details - 13:12

Sense of smell deficits are common, linked to malnutrition in patients with kidney disease - 13:12

Improving students' academic performance -- there's an app for that - 13:12

Diabetes drug shows potential as disease-modifying therapy for Parkinson's disease - 13:12

Molecular biologists discover an active role of membrane lipids in health and disease - 13:12

New model for bimolecular reactions in nanoreactors - 13:12

New mindfulness method helps coaches, athletes score - 13:12

Skin-ditching gecko inexplicably leaves body armor behind when threatened - 13:12

Verbal aggression by patients linked with higher level of anger among mental health nurses than physical advances, new research shows - 13:12

Immune cells may be key to better allergy, infection therapies - 13:12

Recreating the wild: De-extinction, technology, and the ethics of conservation - 13:12

Drug short-circuits cancer signaling - 13:12

We Tolerate Political Lies for Shared Views - 12:42

How long do batters 'keep their eye on the ball'? Eye and head movements differ when swinging or taking a pitch - 12:42

Countering atopic dermatitis immune reactions - 12:42

Older adults with HIV: An overlooked population? - 12:42

Drug safety for penguins - 12:42

Clues about immune resolution identified in blood - 12:42

Lightweight catalyst for artificial photosynthesis - 12:42

Cell aging in lung epithelial cells - 12:42

Parents have more conflicts with their in-laws than do childless couples - 12:42

Simultaneous design and nanomanufacturing speeds up fabrication - 12:42

Software lets designers exploit the extremely high resolution of 3-D printers - 12:42

Prior dengue or yellow fever exposure does not worsen Zika infection in monkeys - 12:12

Study identifies multiple roles of glucose metabolism in platelet activation and survival - 12:12

Coming face-to-face with disability could end supernatural myth-making in Africa - 11:43

Materials governed by light - 11:43

Unknown virus discovered in 'throwaway' DNA - 11:43

Wildlife royalties: A future for conservation? - 11:43

Why humans find faulty robots more likeable - 11:43

Cultural activities may influence the way we think - 10:22

Brain tumor scientists map mutation that drives tumors in childhood cancer survivors - 09:52

On the Early Human's Menu: Mammoth and Plenty of Raw Vegetables - 09:52

Seasonal effects: 'Winter foals' are smaller than foals born in summer - 09:52

Origin of human genus may have occurred by chance - 09:52

Clever experiment documents multiscale fluid dynamics - 09:22

Muscle, not brain, may hold answers to some sleep disorders - 09:22

Aggressive breast cancers may contribute to racial survival disparities - 09:22

Cognitive hearing aid filters out the noise - 09:22

Blood test to detect brain metastases while still treatable - 09:22

Temperatures rising: Achieving the global temperature goals laid out in the Paris Climate Agreement is unlikely, according to research - 09:22