LA Times - Science

Thursday th 16th of February 2017

NASA's Dawn mission finds life's building blocks on dwarf planet Ceres - 17:31

Wednesday th 15th of February 2017

UC Berkeley loses epic fight over patent for CRISPR gene-editing technique - 23:31

Industrial pollution has contaminated even the deepest parts of the Pacific Ocean - 07:31

Woman pleads guilty to helping smuggle ammo, gun parts to Philippines - 01:01

Tuesday th 14th of February 2017

To prevent serious medical conditions, scientists should be able to edit people's DNA, panel says - 22:31

How last winter’s El Niño reshaped the California coast - 11:31

Saturday th 11th of February 2017

Here’s what the president of MIT thinks of the Trump administration’s early moves - 06:31

Friday th 10th of February 2017

African penguins are being ‘trapped’ by climate change - 22:01

How scientists plan to reduce the temperature in Los Angeles by 3 degrees - 14:11

Thursday th 9th of February 2017

Oroville dam releases tear bigger hole in damaged spillway - 23:31

As bee populations dwindle, robot bees may help pick up some of their pollination slack - 14:31

LA’s mayor wants to lower the city’s temperature, and these scientists are figuring out how to do it - 07:31

Concerned about Trump, scientists are leaning into politics - 06:31

Tuesday th 7th of February 2017

Fish-scale gecko in Madagascar evades predators by getting naked - 21:31

Monday th 6th of February 2017

Using science to see which countries are following through on Paris climate change goals - 14:32

Friday th 3rd of February 2017

What makes a frog’s tongue so sticky? The secret is in the spit - 06:31

Thursday th 2nd of February 2017

How to reset your body clock — and get better sleep — with hiking boots and a tent - 21:01

Why conservatives are more likely than liberals to believe false information about threats - 19:01

Dinosaur surprise: Scientists find collagen inside a 195-million-year-old bone - 16:31

Tuesday th 31st of January 2017

The surprising link between air pollution and Alzheimer’s disease - 22:02

Humans, meet the ancient sea creature at the other end of your family tree - 18:51

Saturday th 28th of January 2017

What all those dead trees mean for the Sierra Nevada - 08:31

Swarm of underwater robots helps scientists study ocean dynamics - 07:31

Friday th 27th of January 2017

Al Gore puts the CDC's health and climate conference back on track - minus the CDC - 14:31

Embryos that are human-pig hybrids offer hope for patients who need organ transplants - 08:31

These colorful new maps reveal the hidden diversity of life in Peru's Andean and Amazonian forests - 06:31

Thursday th 26th of January 2017

Grocery store tomatoes taste like cardboard — Florida researchers are fixing that - 19:01

By age 6, girls are less likely than boys to think that they can be brilliant, study shows - 15:51

Trump administration moves make scientists nervous. Here's what they're planning to do about it - 10:31

It's possible to 'vaccinate' Americans against fake news, experiment shows - 06:31

Wednesday th 25th of January 2017

Here's what primary care doctors really think about Obamacare - 21:01

Fossil hunters discover an ancient iguana that lived in a dinosaur nesting site in Montana - 13:31

Tuesday th 24th of January 2017

Death rate from cancer down 20% since 1980, but clusters of high mortality remain - 21:31

Monday th 23rd of January 2017

Addicted to Facebook? Your genes may be to blame - 20:31

Did jet lag cost the Dodgers the 2016 National League pennant? - 16:51

Saturday th 21st of January 2017

UCLA scientists mark Trump's inauguration with plan to protect climate change data - 20:21

Psychologists ask: What makes some smart people so skeptical of science? - 06:31

Friday th 20th of January 2017

On Trump's White House website, no mention of climate change - 20:21

The last time the oceans got this warm, sea levels were 20 to 30 feet higher than they are today - 07:31

Thursday th 19th of January 2017

For teens, a higher minimum wage could be an effective form of birth control - 23:01

City devastated by OxyContin use sues Purdue Pharma, claims drugmaker put profits over citizens' welfare - 15:51

California scientist names moth species after Donald Trump - 14:51

Wednesday th 18th of January 2017

Here's how rising temperatures have already had an effect - 19:01

Earth sets heat record in 2016 - for the third year in a row - 12:31

Using lasers, scientists turn mice into ferociously efficient hunters - 09:11

Tuesday th 17th of January 2017

Your heartbeat modulates your racial biases. Here's how - 21:21

Saturday th 14th of January 2017

Scientists discover that white rhino dung has a lot in common with a Facebook post - 07:31

Friday th 13th of January 2017

By forcasting routes along the California coast, researchers work to keep blue whales safe - 22:51

Scientists solve a whale of a mystery: Why orcas have menopause - 17:01

Thursday th 12th of January 2017

Experts have only a hazy idea of marijuana's myriad health effects, and federal laws are to blame - 21:01