LA Times - Science

Thursday th 13th of April 2017

Saturn’s moon Enceladus has deep-sea hydrothermal vents much like the ones that sustain life on Earth - 13:22

Wednesday th 12th of April 2017

Archosaur fossils found in Tanzania are forcing scientists to rethink the evolution of dinosaurs - 12:31

Tuesday th 11th of April 2017

Benefits of PSA test to screen for prostate cancer are roughly equal to its harms, expert panel says - 19:31

Monday th 10th of April 2017

Your fitness tracker can count your steps, but it's not that good at monitoring your heart - 17:41

Friday th 7th of April 2017

Is this the end of U.S. participation in the Paris climate deal? Not necessarily, says Obama's former envoy - 23:01

Gliese 1132b: Astronomers find a super-Earth that may have a watery atmosphere, just 39 light-years away - 22:01

Gov. Brown declares California drought emergency is over - 13:01

Thursday th 6th of April 2017

Facing a tight deadline, state outlines initial repair plans for broken Oroville spillway - 21:11

A deadly fungus that's killed millions of bats in the Northeast has spread to Texas - 18:51

Softball-sized spider species discovered in Baja California caves - 15:51

Speed up drug approvals at FDA? It's already faster than Europe's drug agency - 13:56

Wednesday th 5th of April 2017

Natural Brexit: Britain's original separation from Europe left scars on English Channel - 09:31

Trump administration throws lifeline to controversial desert water pumping project - 05:31

Monday th 3rd of April 2017

Even in choosing science books, Americans seem divided by politics - 19:32

Friday th 31st of March 2017

How did Mars lose so much of its atmosphere? MAVEN has an answer - 14:02

This is how much global trade costs, not in dollars but in premature deaths caused by pollution - 05:31

Thursday th 30th of March 2017

Having a common cold feels worse if you're lonely - 20:01

Drastic cuts to NIH budget could translate to less innovation and fewer patents, study argues - 20:01

Spacewalking astronauts lose a piece of shield needed for International Space Station - 13:11

Wednesday th 29th of March 2017

Biology explains why men kill big game like Cecil the lion — and how that behavior might be stopped - 14:12

Here's what gives kingsnakes the edge in snake-to-snake combat - 09:51

Tuesday th 28th of March 2017

Hepatitis B and C can be wiped out in the U.S. by 2030. Here’s how - 19:31

For at least $675,000, you can own a handwritten page from Charles Darwin’s manuscript of 'On the Origin of Species' - 06:31

Monday th 27th of March 2017

For babies, breastfeeding is still best, even if it doesn't make them smarter (though it might) - 18:31

Defying man and nature, the sea otters of Morro Bay have made a comeback - 05:31

Thursday th 23rd of March 2017

‘Bad luck’ with random DNA errors is responsible for two-thirds of cancer mutations, study says - 16:01

Exploring the magic and mystery of mushrooms with the L.A. Mycological Society - 06:11

Wednesday th 22nd of March 2017

New view of dinosaurs could radically reshape their family tree - 17:31

Why would beetles want to look, act and smell like army ants? To eat them, of course - 16:02

Gun injuries cost Americans $730 million a year in hospital bills - 05:31

Tuesday th 21st of March 2017

Ancient relative of crabs, shrimps and lobsters is named in honor of David Attenborough - 19:31

Sorry, moms: Prenatal vitamins with DHA won’t boost your kids' IQ after all - 18:01

Monday th 20th of March 2017

Why global warming could lead to a rise of 100,000 diabetes cases a year in the U.S. - 20:31

The Great American Eclipse - 13:21

Friday th 17th of March 2017

Extreme heat has caused the Great Barrier Reef to bleach three times in the last 20 years - 18:02

Thursday th 16th of March 2017

20% cut to NIH budget would leave Americans more vulnerable to cancer and other diseases, experts warn - 18:51

Trump budget proposal would cut NASA's role in climate science - 17:31

Wednesday th 15th of March 2017

As the planet gets hotter, some mammals may get smaller - 20:01

New take on Milgram experiment shows regular people still follow orders instead of their conscience - 05:31

Tuesday th 14th of March 2017

People overestimate the size of black men, perceive them as more threatening than white men, study finds - 14:02

Dying patients want easier access to experimental drugs. Here's why experts say that's bad medicine - 05:31

Monday th 13th of March 2017

Your kids aren't killing you; one day they may actually help you live longer - 19:51

George Olah, USC scientist who won Nobel Prize in chemistry, dies at 89 - 03:11

Friday th 10th of March 2017

Even you can have the memory of a champion memorizer - 07:21

Orange County pimp known as 'Ro Dinero' is convicted of 15 felonies - 01:02

Thursday th 9th of March 2017

Vegetarian Neanderthals? Extinct human relatives hid a mouthful of surprises - 12:51

These three drugs may boost your thinking skills, but may cost you time-wise - 06:31

Wednesday th 8th of March 2017

An outbreak in Brazil has U.S. health experts wondering if yellow fever could be the next Zika - 19:21

Bill in Congress aims to take shark fins off the menu throughout the United States - 15:31

When it rains, Los Angeles sends billions of gallons of 'free liquid gold' down the drain - 06:31