LA Times - Science

Thursday th 5th of December 2019

Drug helped dementia patients curb their hallucinations and delusions - 14:40

Eating only during a 10-hour window improved health for those with metabolic syndrome - 11:20

Police shootings of unarmed black people linked to health problems for black infants - 09:20

NASA's sun-skimming spacecraft has surprises for scientists - 00:10

Wednesday th 4th of December 2019

Climate models are often attacked, but most of the time they're remarkably good - 15:20

Atmospheric rivers cause $1 billion in damage a year, study shows, and are getting worse - 14:20

Tuesday th 3rd of December 2019

Q&A: Carbon emissions will reach record high in 2019, thanks to the burning of fossil fuels - 21:10

A troubled ex-USC football star died at 31. His family hoped that studying his brain for CTE would help others - 13:50

Saturday th 30th of November 2019

Day-Glo masterpieces are fading. A conservator and her team are racing to save them - 12:28

Why does so much news seem negative? Human attention may be to blame - 12:28

A giant mass of warm water off the Pacific Coast could rival 'the blob' of 2014-15 - 12:28

DNA findings suggest the Loch Ness monster might be a giant eel - 12:28

HIV prevention is making progress. And a breakthrough vaccine appears within reach - 12:28

Q&A: How the future of medicine looks to the FDA's top drug regulator - 12:28

Firefighter study links time spent at 9/11 site in New York with risk of heart problems - 12:28

Economic hardship tied to increase in U.S. suicide rates, especially in rural areas - 12:28

'It's not working': An FDA insider's view of where medical innovation falls short - 12:28

Column: Trump's trashing of NOAA's scientific reputation is part of his war on science - 12:28

UCLA's Dennis Slamon wins Lasker Award for helping develop breast cancer drug - 12:28

Even gun owners agree on measures that would reduce gun violence, survey shows - 12:28

Column: A stem cell clinic under fire by the FDA and ex-patients files for bankruptcy - 12:28

The world is watching as California weighs controversial plan to save tropical forests - 12:28

Trump and the hurricane: How much damage did he do? - 12:28

Scientists taught these adorable rats to play hide and seek - 12:28

About 1 in 16 U.S. women say they were forced or coerced into losing their virginity - 12:28

Air pollution gets closer to a fetus than scientists had realized, study suggests - 12:28

Abortion rate in the U.S. falls to a 46-year low, data show - 12:27

Who's to blame for the nation's opioid crisis? Massive trial may answer that question - 12:27

Ocean robots take the pulse of our planet by measuring microbes - 12:27

Column: Court reinstates lawsuit against Catholic hospital for refusing transgender patient's surgery - 12:27

A daily combo pill can boost the cardiovascular health of poor and minority Americans, study suggests - 12:27

Column: Can Trump legally revoke California's clean air waiver? Probably not - 12:27

What's behind the youth movement to tackle climate change? Fear — but also hope - 12:27

DNA lets scientists peer into the faces of our ancient cousins, the Denisovans - 12:27

Missing: Nearly 3 billion birds that used to live in North America - 12:27

Q&A: What is the U.N. climate change summit? - 12:27

Here's how 6 countries are stepping up to meet the Paris climate goals - 12:27

Niche drugs become victims of their own success as off-label use leads to shortages - 12:27

The oceans are taking a beating under climate change, U.N. report warns - 12:27

New UCLA institute will study — and spread — kindness - 12:27

'Rapid DNA' promises breakthroughs in solving crimes. So why does it face a backlash? - 12:27

Congratulations, America, you're eating better. But you still have a ways to go - 12:27

Review: 'Jim Allison: Breakthrough' salutes a one-of-a-kind Nobel Prize-winning Texan - 12:27

Review: 'Chasing Einstein' documentary dives into scientists' pursuit of big brain ideas - 12:27

Babies have been drinking milk from bottles for thousands of years. Here's the proof - 12:27

Why flavored vaping products are this era's Big Tobacco menthol cigarettes - 12:27

Resnick explains $750-million gift to Caltech for climate research. 'The kids are concerned' - 12:27

A big planet orbiting a tiny star? Here's how it can happen - 12:27

Small strips of nature in just the right places can keep plants from going extinct - 12:27

Despite known health risks, researchers question the need to cut back on red meat - 12:27