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Friday th 31st of August 2018

Caught in a political echo chamber? Listening to the opposition can make partisanship even worse - 09:30

Thursday th 30th of August 2018

For nursing home residents with breast cancer, surgery actually may hasten death - 14:00

Wednesday th 29th of August 2018

FDA to California: Cancer warning labels for coffee would be 'misleading' - 21:20

It seemed like a done deal, but new efforts are underway to open Hollister Ranch to the public - 20:00

Tuesday th 28th of August 2018

In some countries, the odds of getting shot are 1 in a million. In the U.S., it's 1,000 times higher - 15:50

Monday th 27th of August 2018

Climate change will be deadlier, more destructive and costlier for California than previously believed, state warns - 12:40

A blunt warning from pediatricians: Pot and pregnancy don't mix - 04:20

Friday th 24th of August 2018

NYU's decision to make medical school tuition-free sparks multimillion-dollar debate - 14:00

Scientists blast EPA effort that would discredit health research in the name of 'transparency' - 05:40

Wednesday th 22nd of August 2018

Found: An ancient hominin hybrid who had a Neanderthal for a mother and a Denisovan for a father - 14:30

Tuesday th 21st of August 2018

The more you do to promote your cardiovascular health, the lower your risk of dementia - 16:30

Monday th 20th of August 2018

It’s come to this: A checkup with the pediatrician may soon include a prescription for play - 05:31

Friday th 17th of August 2018

Climate change is helping crank up the temperatures of California's heat waves - 06:30

Thursday th 16th of August 2018

A rich scientific harvest is in: Long, complex bread wheat genome is finally sequenced - 15:40

FDA approves first generic version of EpiPen - 13:50

Fentanyl drove drug overdose deaths to a record high in 2017 — about 200 a day — CDC estimates - 13:00

Wednesday th 15th of August 2018

First came the proclamations against Trump's offshore drilling plan. Now comes the legislation - 19:30

Why is cancer so rare in elephants? They might thank their 'zombie gene' - 05:24

Sunday th 12th of August 2018

NASA spacecraft rockets toward the sun for our closest look yet - 04:14

Friday th 10th of August 2018

In the game of online dating, men and women try to level up, study finds - 16:50

Amid backlash, Coastal Commission asks state to 'explore all potential options' to open Hollister Ranch to the public - 07:34

NASA's Parker Solar Probe aims to bring the sun's mysteries to light - 06:40

Thursday th 9th of August 2018

Coastal officials vote to tear down sea wall protecting Laguna Beach mansion - 21:10

Dear Dr.: Coroner's letter telling of a patient's overdose death shifts prescribing habits - 17:00

U.S. appeals court orders Trump administration to ban pesticide harmful to children's brains within 60 days - 13:20

Wednesday th 8th of August 2018

For Zika-exposed babies, trouble may emerge in their first year - 15:20

Seaside mansion or public beach: Which will California Coastal Commission save? - 14:20

Tuesday th 7th of August 2018

For Zika-exposed babies, trouble may emerge in their first year - 14:00

Friday th 3rd of August 2018

A vicious climate cycle: Droughts are becoming hotter, raising risk of wildfire, scientists say - 17:02

Thursday th 2nd of August 2018

Human remains buried at Stonehenge 3,000 years ago offer a clue to where they came from - 22:10

Hurricane Maria claimed 1,139 lives in Puerto Rico over 3 months, new report estimates - 10:20

Wednesday th 1st of August 2018

When Hong Kong commuters take the subway, their microbes mix – and spread - 15:30

These blue diamonds may hold clues about the history of water on Earth - 12:30

Tuesday th 31st of July 2018

Look up! Mars is closer to Earth than it's been in 15 years - 06:10

Sunday th 29th of July 2018

Water wars head upstream as state considers cutbacks for senior Central Valley irrigation districts - 08:44

How pregnancy and childbirth may protect some women from developing dementia - 08:44

Coastal advocates challenge deal that bars public from reaching Hollister Ranch by land - 08:44

Scientists detect a body of liquid water beneath a Martian ice cap - 08:44

Another reason to keep your blood pressure down: It can lower your risk of dementia - 08:44

The longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century is coming on Friday: Here's what you need to know - 08:44

Precision medicine offers a glimmer of hope for Alzheimer's disease - 08:44

In attempt to save the rarest marine mammal, court orders a ban on Mexican seafood imports - 08:44

Thursday th 19th of July 2018

Research suggests another way Neanderthals were like us: They could start their own fires - 08:30

Wednesday th 18th of July 2018

Researchers find no difference between kids raised by two moms and kids raised by mom and dad - 19:40

Tuesday th 17th of July 2018

Los Angeles high school students reveal a link between copious amounts of screen time and ADHD - 22:00

Surprise! While hunting for the elusive Planet X, scientists discovered 12 new moons orbiting Jupiter - 09:40

Thursday th 12th of July 2018

Though he lived 5,000 years ago, Otzi the Iceman was not a strict adherent to the Paleo diet - 15:40

After years of searching, scientists finally trace high-energy neutrinos to a blazar - 10:20

If you're an adult in America, there's about a 50-50 chance you've been on a diet in the past year - 05:20

Wednesday th 11th of July 2018

Santa Cruz neighborhood rejects state orders to open beach for free - 18:25