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Wednesday th 8th of April 2020

A virologist answers the coronavirus questions you are too embarrassed to ask - 18:40

With ventilators in short supply, here are some alternatives - 15:30

Coronavirus or not, the party must go on - 11:10

California won't be lifting coronavirus stay-at-home rules anytime soon. Here's why - 10:10

Calm resilience at a time of anxiety: An Ebola veteran doctor joins the coronavirus fight - 06:10

Tuesday th 7th of April 2020

Researchers look for ways to divert patients from ventilators as shortage looms - 15:00

Stay out! 10 images of caution tape in places you wouldn't expect to see it - 11:34

Southern California outpacing Bay Area in new coronavirus cases. So where's the peak? - 07:10

Take a coronavirus break and check out tonight's supermoon - 06:10

Los médicos extranjeros en la trinchera contra el coronavirus ahora temen ser deportados de EE.UU - 01:30

Monday th 6th of April 2020

Coronavirus patients can benefit from blood of the recovered, new study shows - 22:00

Trump administration is battling coronavirus without a war room - 11:40

Foreign doctors on front lines of COVID-19 fear deportation from U.S. - 06:30

Sunday th 5th of April 2020

How a discovery that brought us Viagra could help those battling the coronavirus - 06:40

Saturday th 4th of April 2020

How to keep your coronavirus face mask clean - 14:40

Coronavirus kills some people and hardly affects others: How is that possible? - 09:11

The new coronavirus might spread when people talk, but scientists say masks can help - 06:10

Friday th 3rd of April 2020

CDC recommends wearing face masks during the coronavirus pandemic - 17:10

Malaria drugs aren't the only ones on the shelf that might help coronavirus patients - 14:10

How badly will the coronavirus hit San Francisco? - 10:40

Thursday th 2nd of April 2020

Why China's wildlife ban is not enough to stop another virus outbreak - 19:40

Trump administration ended pandemic early-warning program to detect coronaviruses - 18:50

A coronavirus immunity test is essential for the U.S. But will it work? - 14:50

Pentecostal church in Sacramento linked to dozens of coronavirus cases - 14:50

Blood centers begin collecting coronavirus antibodies from COVID-19 survivors - 13:00

Coronavirus at California beaches? Surfers, swimmers should stay away, scientist says - 09:30

Wednesday th 1st of April 2020

Q&A: Behind the scenes of The Times' coronavirus tracking effort - 19:20

Can pets get the coronavirus? - 16:40

A visual look at the coronavirus pandemic - 16:10

Attempt to take a second photo of a black hole is canceled due to the coronavirus - 15:10

California may face 5,000 coronavirus deaths a week if social distancing eases too soon - 10:10

Photo gallery: Life in Southern California during the coronavirus pandemic - 09:40

Tuesday th 31st of March 2020

Seven patients were an early sign the coronavirus was on the loose in L.A. County - 19:50

Bay Area hospital desperately needs coronavirus supplies: 'I see a disaster on the brink of happening' - 18:20

New coronavirus death rate estimates show risk rising sharply with age - 16:51

Social distancing may have helped California slow the virus and avoid New York's fate - 07:10

Monday th 30th of March 2020

Conditions at San Francisco nursing home deteriorate rapidly amid coronavirus outbreak - 19:10

San Francisco Bay Area to extend coronavirus shelter-in-place order through at least May 1 - 18:50

Saturday th 28th of March 2020

Coronavirus patients in California's ICU beds double overnight - 19:20

Risks of using malaria drugs off-label to treat COVID-19 - 10:11

Whales are dying, but numbers are unknown. Coronavirus has stalled scientific fieldwork - 07:30

Isolation is hazardous to your health. The term 'social distancing' doesn't help - 06:30

Friday th 27th of March 2020

What does COVID-19 stand for anyway? - 15:10

Thursday th 26th of March 2020

Silicon Valley could face 2,000 to 16,000 coronavirus-related deaths, new estimates show - 12:00

Pregnant women with coronavirus infection can pass it to their babies, study finds - 11:10

Which patient gets the ventilator? Doctors may have tough choices ahead - 07:30

Wednesday th 25th of March 2020

New coronavirus warning: Don't visit family; exercise only in your area - 20:11

Nearly half of all patients at one Kaiser hospital believed to have coronavirus - 16:00

They already had an anxiety disorder. Then the coronavirus pandemic hit - 15:30

Loss of smell or taste may be a symptom of coronavirus infection - 15:30