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Thursday th 9th of July 2020

With coronavirus surging, bars and indoor dining could remain closed for the foreseeable future - 07:30

Wednesday th 8th of July 2020

L.A. County records highest daily coronavirus death toll in at least a month - 19:40

A nurse's plea: 'Please tell me my life is worth a LITTLE of your discomfort?' - 08:40

Monday th 6th of July 2020

Coronavirus crisis disrupts treatment for another epidemic: Addiction - 13:20

Saturday th 4th of July 2020

Scientists say WHO ignores the risk that coronavirus floats in air as aerosol - 07:30

Friday th 3rd of July 2020

Californians are losing their fear of the coronavirus, setting the stage for disaster - 07:30

Thursday th 2nd of July 2020

It's not just coronavirus: America repeatedly fails at public health - 18:10

The coronavirus has changed since it left Wuhan. Is it more infectious? - 14:40

Wednesday th 1st of July 2020

How secret deals could keep a COVID-19 drug out of reach for millions - 20:00

COVID-19 deaths in the U.S. may be 28% higher than official count, study estimates - 13:54

Now you can see the relationship between reopening policies and COVID-19 cases - 08:20

How the nation's newest doctors are coping with disruptions caused by COVID-19 - 07:20

Tuesday th 30th of June 2020

Can at-home tests reduce rates of cervical cancer? - 08:11

Sunday th 28th of June 2020

AIDS activists feel sense of déjà-vu as they watch the coronavirus policy battle unfold - 09:30

Saturday th 27th of June 2020

Who doesn't trust Lucy Jones in a crisis? Here's what she has to say about the coronavirus pandemic - 12:20

California Latino, Black residents hit even harder by coronavirus as white people see less danger - 09:30

Coronavirus infection rate spiking in California, a troubling sign of community spread - 07:30

Friday th 26th of June 2020

The list of who's most at risk for severe cases of COVID-19 just got longer, CDC says - 15:30

Inside the body, the coronavirus is even more sinister than scientists had realized - 10:10

Despite alarming California coronavirus spike, don't expect stay-at-home orders to quickly return - 07:40

Wednesday th 24th of June 2020

How will the COVID-19 pandemic end? - 10:30

Tuesday th 23rd of June 2020

You could use a hug. Here are some safe options - 15:10

California summer fun collides with coronavirus danger as hospitalizations, new cases keep rising - 07:11

Monday th 22nd of June 2020

Mike Pence says America is 'winning the fight' against COVID-19. Is he right? - 14:30

Saturday th 20th of June 2020

Will asymptomatic spread turn Trump's Tulsa rally into a COVID-19 party? - 07:30

Wednesday th 17th of June 2020

China aims to 'lead the world' by winning the coronavirus vaccine race - 23:30

How dexamethasone might lead researchers to better COVID-19 treatments - 18:00

Dexamethasone can improve COVID-19 survival, study says - 13:03

As America reopens, here's how to assess the risk of shopping and dining out - 13:03

Tuesday th 16th of June 2020

Six charts show how Americans have been affected by COVID-19 - 17:30

Monday th 15th of June 2020

Companies like Tesla won't report coronavirus cases. Why aren't the numbers public? - 07:31

Friday th 12th of June 2020

As the economy reopens, scientists still have a lot to learn about coronavirus immunity - 16:01

Some shun wearing masks even though they're essential coronavirus protection - 14:20

Americans are having less sex now than they did 20 years ago - 10:21

Nearly 160 coronavirus vaccines are in the works. Here's a closer look at the science - 05:30

Thursday th 11th of June 2020

A coronavirus vaccine in 2020? Maybe. Here's what has to go right - 07:11

Wednesday th 10th of June 2020

Can we get a vaccine for COVID-19 by next year? - 12:50

The politics of coronavirus: Who gets the blame if major new outbreaks come as California reopens? - 07:20

How doctors use stories to help them cope with the coronavirus crisis - 03:40

Tuesday th 9th of June 2020

For EMTs, there's no 'rule book' for facing a pandemic and protests at once - 13:00

The coronavirus entered Northern California many times, from many places - 08:10

Monday th 8th of June 2020

Get tested for coronavirus if you've been to a protest, health officials urge - 15:40

This fantastical sea creature helps remove planet-warming gases from the atmosphere - 03:20

Friday th 5th of June 2020

Coronavirus kills black people at twice the rate as white people: Here's what we can do about it - 18:20

How many people in L.A. actually have the coronavirus? Why health officials still don't know - 07:30

Thursday th 4th of June 2020

How the coronavirus will change your next dentist appointment - 17:40

Wednesday th 3rd of June 2020

California braces for second coronavirus wave even as first wave is far from over - 07:30

Hype and science collide as FDA tries to rein in 'wild West' of COVID-19 blood tests - 07:30

Tuesday th 2nd of June 2020

By firing rubber bullets at protesters, police risk killing, blinding or maiming them - 19:00

Cause of death: COVID-19, police violence or racism? - 18:10