LA Times - Science

Monday th 26th of December 2016

Pioneering astronomer Vera Rubin dies at 88; she helped find evidence of dark matter - 16:51

Friday th 23rd of December 2016

Raymond Heacock, JPL engineer who worked on Voyager mission, dies at 88 - 18:31

A young doctor tries to get comfortable with the 'C' word - 11:31

Thursday th 22nd of December 2016

Ebola vaccine is highly effective, final test results confirm - 22:31

3.5 trillion insects migrate high across southern England skies each year - 14:41

Wednesday th 21st of December 2016

17% of women with early-stage breast cancer have unnecessary mastectomies, and doctors want to know why - 17:21

Tuesday th 20th of December 2016

Chimpanzees may be helpful, but humans are the only primates that are kind to others, study suggests - 20:31

How to save at least 32,000 lives each year: Replace male doctors with female ones - 20:31

How demand for cellphones and computers threatens ghostly octopod known as Casper - 17:01

Dwarf planet Ceres is a really icy place, NASA's Dawn spacecraft shows - 07:31

Pregnancy brain is real, lasting - and probably good for baby - 07:31

Sunday th 18th of December 2016

Atmospheric rivers fueled by climate change could decimate wild oysters in San Francisco Bay - 09:31

The price tag for cleaning up nuclear waste at Hanford site just went up another $4.5 billion - 01:31

Saturday th 17th of December 2016

The world's largest diamonds reveal secrets of the inner Earth - 08:31

Friday th 16th of December 2016

Newly discovered soil microbes may have helped eat methane after Porter Ranch natural gas leak - 08:31

Abortions don't lead to long-term mental health problems for women, but being denied causes anxiety, study suggests - 07:31

If your gift choices seem to disappoint, psychology may explain why - 06:31

Thursday th 15th of December 2016

Depression symptoms are common among active airline pilots, international survey reveals - 07:21

Wednesday th 14th of December 2016

Santa's Christmas gift-giving has nothing to do with whether kids are naughty or nice, study shows - 21:31

New Zika findings reveal how virus does its damage, and two weapons that might help fight it - 17:32

Seahorses are some of the strangest fish in the sea. Can their genome tell us why? - 14:31

Tuesday th 13th of December 2016

Sorry, Pokemon Go addicts, playing the video game doesn't count as a real workout - 20:51

Hundreds of species are already going locally extinct because of climate change, study says - 18:51

E-cigarette use falls among teens for the first time, study finds - 00:21

Monday th 12th of December 2016

To mobilize Trump's America for environmental protection, invoke the past - 21:01

Friday th 9th of December 2016

Cooling cap helps cancer patients preserve their hair during chemotherapy, clinical trial shows - 21:01

Optimistic women are less likely to die prematurely of cancer or heart disease, study says - 20:31

Personality trait or mental disorder? The same genes may weigh in on both - 07:21

Thursday th 8th of December 2016

E-cigarettes are a 'major public health concern,' especially for young people, surgeon general says - 16:52

Feathered baby dinosaur tail, mistaken for a plant, found trapped in amber - 13:31

Life expectancy in the U.S. was 36.5 days shorter in 2015 than in 2014 - 03:31

Wednesday th 7th of December 2016

Cassini sends back intriguing pictures of Saturn from new ring-grazing orbit - 17:01

Scientists find antibody that hinders the spread of certain cancer cells - 16:31

Flickering lights may illuminate a path to Alzheimer's treatment - 13:31

Earth's spin is slowing at a rate of 1.8 milliseconds per century - 06:12

Tuesday th 6th of December 2016

States with background checks for those who buy guns and bullets also have fewer school shootings - 20:21

Saturday th 3rd of December 2016

Here's something Americans disagree about that has nothing to do with partisan politics: food - 06:21

Thursday th 1st of December 2016

Explosives detector works 16 times better when it can 'sniff' like a dog - 21:31

Ingredient in magic mushrooms is shown to ease anxiety and depression in cancer patients in one dose - 01:21

Wednesday th 30th of November 2016

Our ancient relative Lucy spent more time in trees than previously thought - 20:01

Scientists design living organisms that make chemical bonds not found in nature - 19:01

Experiments with embryos suggest ways to make 3-parent IVF safer for babies - 19:01

Pluto's distinctive 'heart' was bound to be icy, scientists say - 14:01

Tuesday th 29th of November 2016

For a long life, consider picking up a tennis racket - 20:31

NASA's Cassini spacecraft is about to get a taste of Saturn's rings - 06:31

Monday th 28th of November 2016

For high school football players, just a season of play brings brain changes - 15:31

Thursday th 24th of November 2016

Why yo-yo dieters often can't keep the weight off - 13:31

Wednesday th 23rd of November 2016

Move over, elephants. Dogs have remarkable memories, researchers say - 21:01

Don't mess with the coconut crab, one of the strongest pinchers on land - 19:31

Tuesday th 22nd of November 2016

Gravity signals may provide a little extra warning before an earthquake strikes - 22:01