LA Times - Science

Tuesday th 25th of October 2016

Too many mothers stop breastfeeding too soon, and task force says doctors should change that - 15:11

Monday th 24th of October 2016

Neuroscientists show how tiny fibs snowball into big lies - 21:25

You can blame cigarettes for nearly 3 in 10 cancer deaths in the U.S., study says - 16:31

Species may be listed as threatened based on climate change projections, court says - 15:31

Saturday th 22nd of October 2016

In the motions of distant solar system objects, astronomers find hints of Planet Nine - 07:51

Friday th 21st of October 2016

Scientists may have a cure for jet lag: Temporary oxygen deprivation - 13:31

Pictures show that Mars probe may have exploded during crash landing - 13:01

If I let my kid play Pokemon Go, does it make me a bad parent? - 12:31

Thursday th 20th of October 2016

Here's the latest advice from pediatricians for managing your kids' screen time - 23:31

Pediatricians weigh in on a fraught issue facing parents today: How much screen time is OK? - 23:31

Scientists unearth new species of titanosaur that roamed Australia 95 million years ago - 20:31

Wednesday th 19th of October 2016

Mars probe enters atmosphere and word on landing awaited - 12:32

Wild monkeys make sharp stone tools, but they might not realize it, scientists say - 12:32

See how beautiful the world can look through a microscope - 10:21

Tuesday th 18th of October 2016

5,000 years ago, rodents were apparently considered food in part of Europe - 19:41

More than half of U.S. kids don't get dental sealants, and the CDC wants schools to change that - 17:41

Monday th 17th of October 2016

Science explains why refrigerators sap the flavor from ripe tomatoes - 20:01

Why infants pay more attention to people who speak their native language - 19:31

Friday th 14th of October 2016

No, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia is NOT dead. But it is in trouble. - 17:31

How to counter extremist views: Try agreeing with them. - 16:01

Thursday th 13th of October 2016

By adding an antibody to HIV treatment, researchers send virus into 'sustained remission' in monkeys - 21:11

Surprise! The universe has 10 times as many galaxies as scientists thought - 18:51

ZMapp, experimental Ebola drug, falls short in clinical trial that couldn't find enough new patients - 06:52

Wednesday th 12th of October 2016

Tiny craters, big impact: The moon's surface may be more dynamic than once thought - 21:01

Majority of women diagnosed with breast cancer after screening mammograms get unnecessary treatment, study finds - 18:11

With CRISPR, scientists correct genetic mutation that causes sickle cell disease - 13:42

Tuesday th 11th of October 2016

To improve the world's health, officials recommend a soda tax of 20% to 50% - 15:03

Cosmic radiation may leave astronauts with long-term cases of 'space brain,' study says - 11:01

Monday th 10th of October 2016

Your phone may be smart, but your doctor still knows more than an app - 14:51

How 'Goldilocks fires' can give rise to vibrant bird communities years after a forest blaze - 06:41

Friday th 7th of October 2016

Two Nobel-winning scientists left their mark on Southern California - 15:31

After Rosetta's amazing close-ups of a speeding comet, Kepler gives us the long view - 15:01

San Clemente Island faces dire threat from lowly earthworms, scientists say - 06:31

Thursday th 6th of October 2016

Apes prove it: You don't have to be human to understand what someone else is thinking - 17:31

As cities get warmer, their trees lose some of their ability to take carbon out of the atmosphere - 06:31

The bigger an animal's yawn, the bigger its brain, study finds - 05:31

Wednesday th 5th of October 2016

This is what can happen if an e-cigarette blows up while you're using it - 17:21

When, and why, must we die? - 15:51

The Nobel Prize in chemistry is awarded to three chemists for 'design and synthesis' of molecular machines - 06:03

Tuesday th 4th of October 2016

When it comes to views on climate change, liberals and conservatives are still worlds apart - 19:01

Nobel Prize in Physics honors 3 for 'discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter' - 05:26

Monday th 3rd of October 2016

With $1.1 billion in new funding, U.S. health officials outline plan for fighting Zika - 19:51

The care you get from your doctor may depend on his or her political views - 17:51

Japanese scientist Yoshinori Ohsumi is awarded Nobel Prize in medicine - 05:51

Friday th 30th of September 2016

Bees buzzing on sugar can experience emotions like happiness and optimism, scientists say - 14:01

How science would fare under a Clinton or Trump administration - 09:31

Rosetta's final moments: Watch live as the spacecraft closes in on comet 67P - 05:01

Thursday th 29th of September 2016

Astronomers spot spiral arms swirling around a young star, offering clues to early planet formation - 21:01

An unusual 'black moon' is coming Friday, but it's not the end of the world - 06:01

Goodbye, Rosetta, and thanks for all the comet science - 05:31